Complete #SaveThePowerRangers Tweet List

Hi All,

This is the master list that I was able to come up with.  Please tweet out and again let’s make some noise!!!  Obviously, I’m not perfect, so if there are other companies, individuals, Cylons, etc… that I missed, please feel free and add them below.  #SaveThePowerRangers













@BrianTylerMusic (The Music Composer)





@jdfffn (Jason David Frank Original Green Ranger)

Andre Meadows aka The Black Nerd


Jeremy Jahns


Ecomog Media Group


Jody’s Corner


Malika Lim -


Grace Randolph















Angel - Tommy Shelby

hello! So i was listening to the song Gods and Monsters by Lana del Rey and though the lyrics were good for a Tommy/reader imagine where the reader is really innocent like never drank etc well educated, but when she gets involved with the peaky blinders she gets completely consumed by the lifestyle, drink, drugs, fighting etc and she ends up being one of those most feared members, always alongside Tommy. Hopefully when if u listen to the lyrics u will understand where i’m coming from, thank you!

Angel - Tommy Shelby | part of the Gods + Monsters series

You sat in your family’s pew in church, listening to the Father preach about the troubles the neighborhood of Small Heath was facing. He spoke of the corruption that was violating the streets and called for the people of the congregation to steel themselves in the bible.  

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