Okay so we should probably do this whole intro thing
  • Kate: I run this because everyone else is clueless. 19, highschool dropout, archer, acrobat, feminist.
  • America: I'm here to keep Kate in line. I don't understand why boys are so weird. 18, physics defying, fight now, talk later.
  • Teddy: What am I supposed to say here. 21, alien, shape shifting. I've never actually met the hulk, tommy named me.
  • Billy: I'm the one that tells people im an only child. Hogwarts lost my application. 19, the actual normal one.
  • Tommy: Speed is my thing, what's yours. The hot one, wiccans cool brother, 17.
Emergency Money

Michael Gray/Shelby x reader

Request: Can I request one where you’re friends with Michael and after the charlotte situation he tells you that you’re the only one he’d want to have kids with?

Author’s note: This one is a little rambly but was super fun to write so hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Warnings: Lots and Lots of swearing, fluff.

“What the fuck is going on, Michael?” You ask as your best friend or ex-best friend you weren’t really sure. Michael had been off with you for about a month now, you knew there was business, family business going on. But usually, he would tell you about all that. I mean you two had literally been inseparable for the past two years (much to the dislike of your boy/girlfriend’s through the years)and now all of a sudden you barely saw him and when you did it was like he wasn’t really there.

“Where’s that money I gave you? The money i told you to keep for emergencies?” He said searching through your cupboards in your kitchen pulling things out and making a mess as he did so.

“Calm down I’ll get it now.”

“I need it now (Y/N), hurry up.”

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About this “the ninja do not have ages” thing:

Yes, you are correct, they do not have official ages.. but, Tommy Andreasen has said the relative ages they are to each other. 

-He’s literally said that Lloyd is a minor, and that the ninja are legal adults, when asked if shipping him with the other ninja is wrong. 

-He’s said that Lloyd is 5-6 years younger than the other ninja.

-More recently, he confirmed that Lloyd’s mental age wasn’t affected by the Tomorrow’s Tea. That’s what ignited this whole thing again in the first place, if I recall.

I’m sorry, but I mean, come on… I get if you simply didn’t know that he’s said these things, but if not, then what’s your justification? Ignoring him?

Nightcap II

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Nightcap pt. 1 | pt. 2 - Tommy Shelby 

London was just what you expected it to be. Overwhelming and large. You’d sat through three meetings with Tommy and you were exhausted. Tommy was slow to speak but it seemed like no one else he did business with believed in talking slow. They all liked to talk at once and you were left with a page of jumbled shorthand that you had to decipher later. Which was what you were doing right now. Sitting alone in your room transcribing notes for Tommy to read later. You had organized the transcripts by conversation, trying to piece together the afternoon from scraps of shorthand.  

Tommy had invited you out to a club in London, suggesting that you might like some time to relax. You declined, wanting to get these papers done and not wanting to spend anymore time around Tommy. You had been anxious since you’d left Small Heath and it was only the first night in London. You were working on a third cup of tea when there was a knock on the door.  

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013. He slaps your butt in public

Tommy: “Fuck Tommy!” You squeal, pushing on his chest. “What is wrong with you? We’re in public!” He rolls his eyes, soothing the red spot with his hands through your dress. “They’re all drunk, they won’t notice a thing.”

Tommy’s hand comes back down onto your rear, “Oi, you’re annoying!” He chuckles, leaving a kiss onto your cheek.

Arthur: The boxes were heavy, way to heavy but you tried your best trying to lift, but before you could a hand swung against your butt. Quickly you pull your gun out pointing it to the man.

“Fuck darlin’” Arthur exclaims, chuckling after. “Arthur you need to introduce yourself I almost shot you. Arthur smirks leaving a kiss on your cheek, “What ever you say darlin’”

John: It was a much needed girl night. Which includes you drunk and dancing. Currently you were dancing alone, dogging every guy, and just loosing yourself.

“Don’t you look gorgeous tonight.” The hand came in contact with your rear making you growl. “First I’m taken, second you put your dirty -” “Relax my dove. ” You knew that voice, “Oi, my boyfriend!” You squeal wrapping your arms around him. He laughed at your drunkness.

Michael: The moment Michael’s hand met with your ass, you pushed him away. He only chuckled, kissing your cheek softly. “Aye love, you look too good tonight. ”

“I’m guessing you’re liking the new dress?” You smile, taking his hand into yours and dragging him to the dance floor. “Sweetheart you know I can’t dance.” He whines, “You dance with me I’ll let you take the dress off later.” He smirks taking your hand in his.

Finn: Finn was always shy, but couldn’t stand other men staring at you, you were his only. Finn walked behind the bar, as you served the sudden crowd of men, as he helped you serve the cups of beer.

He hated you getting so much attention. His arm wrapped around your waist, his hand coming in contact with your arse. The men whistled in front of you making you beat res “Watch yourself Shelby.” You warn earning a kiss on the cheek. Finn just wanted to show them you’re his.