The Question (2005) #5 (of 6)

“Wait! Wait! There’s something really important I need to ask you.”

“I’m listening.”

Luthor and Van Vliet brought in a feng shui master – supposedly to channel “Earth energy” into their science spire. Now she’s turned up dead. From a fall, they said.”


“Can you see chi?

I love these looks into married life with Lois and Clark – they behave like a couple but their conversations involve such bizarre and unusual turns of circumstance, not the least of which being that forever skeptical Lois can turn to Clark with her own doubts and curiosities about things she would otherwise dismiss. Which is not a small deal at all for as serious and outspoken of a character as Lois is. 

bopittothetop  asked:

Green Days new album Revolution Radio gives me a lot of killjoy vibes but like mostly Bang Bang

Yeah, a lot of Green Day songs can be very easily applied to the Killjoys.

I have a headcanon that the members of Green Day became sort of like Killjoy politicians (called Uno, Dos, and Tré), and they were super famous because they were the only people that could actually reason with BL/ind officials (irritate them so much that BL/ind would do as they asked)… Then, one day, after a series of mess-ups (all caused by BL/ind going back on their word, of course), no settlement really wanted them around after everything going on… So they just sort of disappeared.

The one thing that really freaks BL/ind out (and the majority of their loyal citizens, too) is sightings of the three of them. This is why Tommy Chow Mein (and other salespeople in the Zones) have invested in the production of Green Day masks so that Killjoys can wear them on missions… And then everyone waits for the eventual “What the fuck!? They are back!!?!??!?” headlines from all of the BL/ind-funded news networks.

What songs remind you of Danger Days?