Okay but Peaky Blinders AU set in Britain in 1919 where Louis is Tommy Shelby, Harry is Grace, Niall is the original bar tender, Liam is the Copper, and Zayn is one of the Shelby ‘brothers’ that takes an interest in the Copper (I’ve only finished season 1 so I don’t know what happens to all the characters yet and I’ve decided this).

But, following season 1 where Harry originally works for Liam and is sent undercover to find the stolen guns. He meets Louis, who’s jaded and and quiet and brooding, experiencing night terrors from the horrors of the war he just fought in. The lines between Harry’s allegiance to the Copper and Louis starts to blur as he gets to know Louis.

Lovett: …you can spend time with women [as a gay guy] and feel like you’re, you know, sort of part of that club and you have a little bit more access because you’re not–you’re outside of the, whatever, the male-female sort of sexual thing, whatever it is that I just don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense, you should date each other! […] I forget that men–like I’ll often try to set up my straight guy friends with another straight guy because like, you have so much in common, like why on earth–like it doesn’t make–the thing you do makes no sense, just think about it logically…who do you go to Star Wars with, you know?

lovett confirming (loli 10/21) that he’s spent the last seven years trying to get favs and tommy to hook up almost makes up for the outrage of claiming girls don’t like star wars

Tommy Shelby: Season 2, Vignette 3

Warnings: Language
Word Count: 527
About: Tommy Shelby and I were a thing. A big thing. Until he left for France. Watch through a series of snapshots at my life after he returns from the war. Requests are accepted.
Edited/Beta-ed: No

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The fact that Tommy Shelby had followed me back to my apartment, after watching me attempt to drink away my sorrows. He hadn’t tried to approach me, though I could tell he was pissed from the set of his shoulders and the carefully careless face.

He made it all the way up the front stairs before I rounded on him. My emotions rolled inside of me, happiness at seeing him again, the hurt from our parting, anger that we had let it end that way. But seeing him there, looking steady and… real, hands in the pockets of his black overcoat, standing in the foyer of my suburban apartment block, everything leeched from me.

“Tommy,” I said, “what do you want.”

“To know how you came to be working for Alfie fucking Solomans.”

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