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18+ Smut

Summary: Peter and i get married in secret. Few knew and many still had to find out. But what is to happen if the wrong person finds out? 


A/N: Another dun request by @shadow-hokage !! Seriously thank you for the requests!! I hope i am doing you justice! 

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I walk silently down the grocery aisle, scanning the shelves for Peter and i’s apartment. Tony bought us an apartment now that we were married. He was one of the very few people we told about it. It was simple, only a handful invited, wedding. And since we were married, he wanted us to live together. And that is how i got here.

I stop in front of the pasta, grabbing a box and flipping it to read the back. I hear a few footsteps here and there as a few people past me. I place the box in cart and look up to make eye contact with Liz’s father.

“Y/N?” He says, smiling at me. I smile back.

“Hello Mr. Allen.” I say as we hug quickly.

“How have you been? Liz hasn’t talked much about you in awhile. We miss you around the place.” Liz’s dad says.

“I’ve been good. Busy. But good kind of busy.” I explain. He smiles as i bring my left hand up to push a strained of hair behind my ear. He eyes my hand as he place it down on the cart.

“That’s a pretty ring.” He pauses to make eye contact with me. “Are you and parker still together?” I gulp as i feel a little sick to my stomach. I cover my left hand.

“Thank you… Yes we are.”

“That’s a curious finger to have the ring on. Don’t many people have that there to be married? I would know.” He says, pointing to his own ring finger. I smile nervously as i rub my hand.

“I was in such a rush this morning. I must have um put my ring on the wrong finger. I have been doing that um a lot lately.” I stutter over my words, trying to cover up the meaning behind it. But he knew. Oh he knew. He smiles wickedly, only causing the sick feeling to grow.

“Liz has done that a few times. Well it was very nice to see you. I hope to see you around more often.” He says.

“I will definitely give Liz a call.” I say, praying to escape this situation. He just smiles and starts to walk away. I sigh, realizing i was even holding my breath. Keeping this a secret will be the death of me.

After i had finished the shopping, i push my cart out towards my vehicle. I unlock the car, popping the trunk. I place my items in the back and shut it tightly. I push the cart into a cart corral. I open my door and place my purse on my seat. I search for my phone, unaware to the figure sneaking up behind me.

I pull my phone out right as a massive arm wraps itself around me. I go to scream but soon a hand wraps a cloth around my mouth and nose. Holding it tightly to my face a hear a familiar voice whisper in my ear.

“Shh don’t fight me.” Liz’s dad’s voice fills my ear. I feel my eyes get heavier as my arms start to slow down. “Aight a girl.” was the last thing i heard before my head went blank and my body shut down.

Peter was sitting happily on his new bed that he assembled for us. He was very proud of his work and could not wait to show me. Thinking of me, Peter reaches for his phone to call me. He hits my number and puts the phone against his ear.

“You reached my phone. Sorry i couldn’t pick up! I’m probably busy but i will get back to you the moment i can!” My voice says as my phone goes to voicemail. He huffs as he waits for the annoying beep.

“Hey babe! Hurry home! I miss you and would love to break the bed in! I love you!” Peter says happily. He hits end and places his phone on the bed. He begins to stand from the bed but his phone starts to vibrate.

Unknown. The word was splayed across his screen, earning his curiosity. Maybe it was Mr. Stark calling from a burner phone? He did that when he wanted to check in on Peter. Ever since him and i gotten married, Tony likes to check to make sure we are liking the married life style. It made Peter happy that he cared so much. He didn’t get that feeling a lot. So it was always nice when he actually did. Peter slides answer and presses the phone to his ear.

“PETER!” My exhausted voice rings through the phone. “Please! Please don’t kill me! I did nothing wrong! PLEASE! PETER!” Peter stood, face formed into a horrific look as he heard my cries.

“Hello Mr. Parker. Here comes the bride. Unfortunately not dressed in white. Such a sad love story. Too bad it will all end soon.” A males voice took over.

“Where are you? Don’t you fucking dare hurt her! I love her!” Peter yells into the phone. The man just laughs at Peters cries.

“See you soon Spider-man.” and with that, the call ends.

“Please! I am begging you!” My hoarse voice cries out. I stand, tied to a pole in some junk yard. “Let me go-o!” I take a breath, very shaky breath. I let out another loud sob as tears rush faster and faster down my face.

“Shut up!” Liz’s dad yells in my face.

“I don’t understand, why me?” I ask, the tears streaming faster.

“Because. Peter is the worst excuse of superhero. It’s time someone taught that little boy a lesson.”

“Really? I like to think i’m a pretty amazing guy.” Peter says, leaning against a pole a foot away from us. We both turn our heads to face him. Peter’s face drops looking at my beaten state. But thanks to the mask, it didn’t give away that fact that tears were forming in his eyes.

“Ahh. So he does get a hint?” Vulture says, standing up straighter.

“Please..” I say, my voice getting weaker. Peter starts to run towards us, but the Vulture was one step ahead of him. And before Peter could even get a fist thrown, he sent flying backwards. He lands loudly against the concrete floor. He breathes deeply as pain shoots up and down his back.

Peter slowly gets up, trying to refocus. Right as he turns, a flash of metal comes right for him once more. He goes flying back, flipping over himself and landing hard on his back once again. I cry out, watching helplessly as Peter groans out in pain.

“So weak.” Vulture laughs out, flying for Peter once more. But Peter ducks, rolling a little. The vulture flies up in the air, Peter sending a string of web for him. But to my dismay, he misses him. Peter lays back as the Vulture flies for him once more. He stops just above and brings his metal, bird feet down hard onto Peter’s chest.

“Agh!” Peter cries out in pain as the sharp metal sinks a little. The vulture leans down and starts punching Peter with his metal hand. Hit over and over again. Peter groaning in pain with each hit. Peter, bloody sweaty and very bruised laid there. But the Vulture had other plans.

“You are weak! Stupid! The worst excuse of a man! No one should love you! You don’t deserve that!” Vulture yells. Peter just groans in response. Vulture lays another hit to Peter’s face. Peter spits out blood. “You can’t even fight like a real hero!” He hits him again. Peter tries to fling a web in his face, but completely misses thanks to his weakened state. Vulture just laughs at him. He then starts to fly up, pulling Peter with him. “Now Peter. It’s time to end the world’s suffering of you!”

Vulture is about to drop Peter but my words stop him.

“NOOOOOO” I scream out as i watch the man of my dreams floating, about to be dropped to his death. “PLEASE! I AM BEGGING YOU! DO NOT DROP HIM! I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART! YOU KILL HIM, YOU’RE KILLING ME! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!” My cries echo into the dark night. Peter coughs, looking down at me. Looking at my beaten face once more was enough for adrenaline to kick in.

Peter wraps his hands around the claw, pulling it open. He goes falling to the earth, but soon launches web at the Vulture. He pulls himself back up and punches him in the face. He wraps around his body and falls back to the earth. He lands on his feet as the Vulture falls. Vulture looks up at him and just smiles.

“I guess you ha-” Peter cuts him off by punching him once more. The Vulture stands up and moves his jaw around. “Never liked you Parker. First my daughter, now Y/N.”

“Don’t you ever speak Y/N name. You do not deserve that privilege.” Peter spits his words at him. Vulture just laughs.

“I can say who’s ever name i want.” Peter starts running at him. “Y/N is better off with you!” And with that, Peter launches in the air, sending web down to wrap around the Vultures legs. He lifts him into the air and flings him. The metal hitting concrete rang loudly in my ears as i watches sparks go flying everywhere. His wings go flying off in some direction.

“Is that the best you’ve got!” Vulture calls, huffing as he tries to stand up. Peter runs to him once more, launching himself again. He lands hard on Vultures chest. Peter lays punch after punch into his face till he was a bloody mess. Peter starts to slow down as Liz’s dad stops fighting him.

“Don’t ever piss me off.” Peter says tiredly as he steps off of Liz’s dad’s chest. Liz’s dad lays motionless as he tries to regain his breathing. “And don’t ever touch, think, or speak about Y/N ever again.”

Sirens start to roar as the draw nearer to the site of the fight. A few onlookers witnessed a massive flying, spark firing object in the night. It was alarming and a few people called the cops. But Peter already had me untied and wrapped around his body. I cry into his shoulder as he flings his web towards a building, taking us home.

Peter sits silently on the bathroom counter as i go searching for the first aid kit. I pull out a box and walk over to him. I place the box next to him as he spread his legs wide. I step between them and open the box. I pull out a few alcohol wipes and open their packages.

“This will sting.” I mumble as i look into his eyes. He searches mine. I press the wipe lightly to his forehead cut, Peter gasps slightly from the pain. I press a little harder, Peter cringing. He tries to sit still as i wipe the cut clean. He wraps his hands around my body as a comfort as i place the now bloody wipe on the counter. I open another packaged wipe and clean his cheek and nose cuts. He just clenches his jaw as i finish cleaning it.

“Y/N…” He mumbles as i push a bandaid to the bridge of his nose and his cheek. I leave his forehead wound to breathe and heal faster.  

“Peter..” I say as i throw the wipe away and close the box.

“We are going to have to talk about what just happened.” He says as i push his arms open and step out of them. I return the first aid kit to it’s rightful place and turn to him.

‘What is there to talk about..” I mumble as i try to push back the very fresh memories.

“I can see the broken behind your eyes, Y/N.” Peter says. I sigh as i feel the tears form again. I close eyes as a single tear streams down my face.

“Please just take the pain away.” I finally say, opening my reddening eyes. Peter’s heart breaks once more. I collapse against his chest as i start to cry harder once more. Peter’s arms wrap tightly around me, his lips pressed softly to my temple.

“I love you, Y/N. Till death do us part. For better and for worst. You are my world.” Peter whispers lovingly against my forehead. I stand there crying into his chest. “Baby, please.”

“I was so scared Peter. I thought i was going to die. Then when i watched him take your body into the air. I thought you were going to die. Too much death.” I spill as i look up at him with tear soaked face.

“I know. Fuck him! Don’t let this ruin you. Us. You are so important to me. When i heard your cries, i couldn’t die knowing i would be leaving the most important person behind. You are my everything. My light. My dark. My love. My world. My happiness. You are everything and more. I love you and that this is why i put a ring on your hand.” Peter says as he grabs my face softly. He wipes a few tears away. “Please. Do not let this tear you apart. Let me help you. Let me fix this. I know time will heal. But let me start the healing process. Let me show you how much i love you. How much i would be torn if i ever lost you.”

I sniffle a little as i search his eyes. I nod my head slowly, Peter smiling sweetly. Emotions were very high. So the moment Peter pressed his lips to mine, it turned into a tornado of movement and love as he walked me back into the bedroom, not breaking our kiss. I took my shirt off, tossing it. My bra soon following afterwards. Peter’s suit soon becomes lose, him shimmying out of it. He kicks his feet out of it, leaving him in his boxers. I pull away to look at the bruises scattered around his body.

“Peter..” I mumble as i trace one close to his collarbone. He takes my hand and kisses my knuckles to my bruised wrists.

“In time it will fade. The pain will dull and then disappear. But this. Us. Is forever.” Peter says after kissing my other wrist as well. He backs me against the bed. I turn and climb onto it. Peter bites his lip as he watches me reach the pillows. I turn and lay back against them. He smirks as the bed dips under his weight as he crawls towards and up my body. He presses his lips against mine, wrapping a hand under my back. He picks my body up and pulls my body to press against his. My hardening nipples press agaisnt his warm skin, a moan creeping from my throat.

Peter’s finger slip under the waistband of my leggings, ripping them fast down my legs. I gasp mostly at his strength even after such a massive fight. He laces his fingers under the band of my underwear, pulling them less harshly down my leg. He smiles as he flings them over his shoulder. I press my legs close as i try to form some friction.

“Hey now.” Peter says as he places his hands on my knees. I relax as he spreads them open. “That’s more like it.” He brings his pointer finger down and just above my sex. I squirm at the thought at how close his touch was.

“Peter..” I groan as i try to push my body closer to his one finger. How the thought of one finger touching me made me needy, wet, and ready.

“Very Needy.” Peter mumbles as he finally gives in. He runs his finger from clit to the bottom of my slit. I moan as my head rolls back into the pillows. “So wet.” He runs his finger to the top of my slit. He then dips his finger deep as my juices wrapped around it. I moan once more as he pumped it a few times to help fully lubricate me.

“Ready?” He asks as he strips himself from his boxers. I nod my head as he aligned himself with me. He sunk deeply into me, fitting perfectly. We both let out sighs of relief as he sat still as we adjusted to each other.

He gave no warning and started pounding harder and harder into me with each thrust. This was a mission he was excited to fulfil. It was to make us each feel good. Thanks to emotions being high after tonight, his anger was motivating each thrust. He pounds deeper, harder, faster till i could feel him practically hit the bottom of my stomach.

“FUCK!” Peter moans loudly as his orgasim was starting to rush him. “FUCking DAMN IT!” He cries out. I clench the bedding under me, pulling it in every direction as the knot was building in my vaginal area. “I will fuck you so ha-hard that you ca-can’t walk!!!” He grabs my knees and throws them over his shoulders as he pounds even harder.

I am a moaning mess under him. But we all know what really helps a girl go over her orgasim. Friction. On. that. Clit! So i try to push my hand down my body, reaches for my throbbing clit. Peter watches my hand, swatting it away as his thumb gets the hint. He slams it against my clit, sending my nerves into overdrive. He jerks it into a perfect figure out as he was pounding relentlessly into me.

“Peter… I-i’m going to cum!” I cry out as the sweat beads ran down the crack of my back. I lift my back up, my toes curling as my walls constricted and throbbed tightly around Peter’s cock. The squeezing siding him over his edge. He thrusts deeply into me as his semen buries itself deeply in me.

Peter pants heavily as he pulls out his soft cock. He collapses next to me, our chests heaving. Peter smiles as he pulls me closer to him. He traces simple spaces around my back as i trace them around his bruises. My eyes start to dip as sleep starts to take over my very tired body. Peter kisses softly around my face before he kisses my lips tenderly. We hold each other as the healing process starts.

“I was hoping to break this bed in.” Peter mumbles tiredly, laughing after at his comments. I laugh as well, my eyes shutting completely.

“So i heard.” I mumbled just before sleep over took our bodies.

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Roger Headcanons that I need out of my system
  • The only Newsie in Brooklyn Spot forgets about
  • When Jack met him he was so confused
  • “Who’s this?”
  • “Roger. Don’t ask when he joined cause even I’m not sure.”
  • He claimed to have been there for five years but Spot’s asked everyone if they knew Roger and they all are like “who???”
  • He legit sleeps on the streets
  • He and Les are friends
  • Somehow
  • “Hey, where’s Roger?”
  • “Whomst?”
  • - Spot, 1899
  • Wanna know why Blink doesn’t have an eye patch?
  • Roger stole it
  • Sorta
  • He just never knew who blink was nor where to find him
  • Also he has a small scar over his eye
  • He’s insecure about it
  • His favorite color is actually purple
  • Race makes jokes about him disappearing
  • Davey was always confused until he met Roger
  • It made so much sense then
  • He has a theory that Roger is a ghost or something 
  • Spot fully supports this
  • Crutchie is scared of Roger
  • He didn’t do anything to him, he just appears out of no where
  • “Spot, we’re starti-”
  • “Hello”
  • He actually got that scar from Spot
  • “Hey, Sp-”
  • Spot yelped and punched him
  • That’s why he doesn’t stay in the lodging house anymore
  • he’s a big softy
  • don’t let that tough look get to you
  • Now if he lived in our time 
  • His favorite movie is 50 First Dates
  • He is a flaming bisexual 
  • He had a crush on Spot once
  • He got over him a week later
  • He’s in a group chat with all the guys but never talks
  • when he does it’s when no one is on
  • he really just rants about some movie he’s watching
  • “can you believe Tobey McGuire played Spider-Man then some emo fuck in 2007 what happened???”
  • “Zac Efron did a great job in high school musical what does he mean he regrets it???”
  • “Roger, it’s 5 am go to fucking bed”
  • Let’s be honest he’d be the one guy they leave at a gas station all the time
  • “Guys, we left Roger”
  • “Who?”
  • Jazz Squares™
  • Currently likes Tommy Boy
  • Tommy knows he exists
  • he loves vines he quotes a lot of them daily
  • “Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does.”
  • Side note but when he found out that Zac wasn’t the one that sang in hsm his world was over
  • “Roger that wasn’t Zac singing in hsm”
  • “uhfweiurhbi342ufhweofihwoifh0ifoj3kjruowhidjq9eij1pijdw89ur193einfouehncwd”
  • he’s great at math
  • “Does anyone know the answer to number 12 on Pulitzer’s homework?”
  • “(3,7)”
  • he’s allergic to grass
  • he breaks out pretty bad
  • also he loves peanut butter