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Fic Recs #16

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A Bringer of New Things by @onanomotopoeia - Felicity has a passionate one-night stand to prove her mother and roommate wrong. They say she has no life, but she showed them. Didn’t she? She certainly did, until that mistake came back to haunt her six weeks later when she realizes she’s pregnant with the child of a future-CEO and billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Aka: what if Oliver had met Felicity instead of Samantha?

Broken Pieces by @jbuffyangel - I literally found this fic, read the first chapter, then went back and read Once and Forever Queen in 2 hours. Amazing and compelling. This story will suck you in and never let you go.

all eyes on you by @callistawolf - The sequel to “ready for the fall” that I never knew I needed in my life. I don’t want to tell you more unless you haven’t read the first one! GO READ IT NOW.

The Queen Series by @alayneni - Oliver and Felicity are dating. This is a series of one-shots that takes place in a no-island, no-Arrow universe in which Felicity and Oliver are madly in love and just trying to be a couple in this crazy world.

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Of the Wretched by @yellowflicker09011996 - Felicity, Tommy, and Oliver met when Donna married Malcolm Merlyn. It completely changes the course of their lives. Angsty, funny, and totally awesome! Also, Robert is the Hood and stuff because Robert took Oliver’s arc and Oliver took Sara’s, so there’s League stuff and it’s kind of confusing but awesome so just roll with it.

Brothers in Life by @alexiablackbriar13 - Part of the Man’s Best Friend Series where Oliver comes back from the island and isn’t as good at hiding how he’s changed: he gets diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and gets a service dog named Hunter. In this chapter, Hunter meets Tommy and Malcolm Merlyn. His reactions to the two men are as different as the men themselves.

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Elves by @realityisoverrated-fic - The cutest, fluffiest Smoaking Billionaires holiday story from the Infinite Love series. Our favorite trio is hosting a holiday party for QC’s investors, their first one since coming out as a three, and Oliver’s frustrated because his partners aren’t helping him decorate.

The Fire is so Delightful by @felicityollies - Sweet, fluffy, happy Olicity cuddles in front of the fire place.

Order Up by @smoakinitup - An oldie but a goodie! Felicity is waitressing to pay the bills while she finishes up MIT when an arguing couple takes one of her tables 10 minutes from closing.

A Second Chance by @bri617aroundtheworld - Bodyguard AU!!! Aka, one of my greatest weaknesses. Felicity helps out with A Second Chance – a program that helps people in prison get on their feet and find jobs after they’re released. Oliver Queen – disowned, cut off ex-billionaire – isn’t the right fit for her tech company, but John Diggle and Arrow Security may be just the place for him.

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We’ll always have the foodcourt by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity is the manager of an indie bookstore in the mall and Oliver runs the phone accessory kiosk outside it. It’s a tale as old as time, mall employee romance.

Holding Pattern by @somewhereelse - Oliver and Felicity have spent years basically being married - but Oliver still insists they can’t be together. Until he changes his mind.

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Fifty Bucks says by @entersomethingcleverhere - Oliver is trying to open a restaurant, so he gets a roommate to save money. No one in his life was expecting Felicity Smoak, and they can’t help but take bets on when she’ll get fed up with Oliver and move out. Unfortunately for everyone’s bank accounts, Felicity is way tougher than she appears.

Maybe This Christmas by @oyhumbug - Part 2 in the Oliver Dearden Series. It’s been a year since Felicity and Oliver met on his Christmas tree farm, and what a year it’s been. A marriage, a dog, and seven months of a pregnancy later, someone from Oliver’s past shows up at their cabin in the woods.

The Long Game by @adubbs47 - Canary and Oracle are notorious thieves. They each have their own reasons and their own code, but they’re a team in a world that’s entirely against them. One day, they chose the wrong mark in one Oliver Queen, secret vigilante. He’s bent on bringing them to justice, until they get in the middle of a mob war.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the fic recs where I tell you about what I’m writing. I’ve not had the time to write like I want because real life (new job, moving, writing an original novel, etc.) but I AM writing it! Felicity rolls into the tiny town of Star Beach, and she’s every inch a mystery. John Diggle offers her a place to stay, and she accidentally falls into friendships she never intended. And then there’s Oliver Queen.


The creauture had made them see their deepest and darkest desire. 

Jax had seen his mother; cheering at him at the bleachers as she scored the final point and made his team victorious.

Ray, had seen Anna, alive and next to him; leaving the life that they had planned together. 

Cisco had seen Dante; the only thing he wanted was his brother to come back. 

Felicity had seen her and Oliver, of course, leaving a happy and domestic life together. 

Mick had seen that his friend was still alive; kicing ass with him and being a king by his side, on 2046. 

Amaya had seen her team; her friends, oh how much she missed them.

Bary had seen a life free of metahuman powers; his mother alive an everything, perfect-just how he imagined flashpoint in his adolescent mind. 

Oliver had seen his team all together again; Felicity by his side and Laurel there, next to Tommy. 

Caitlin had seen her and her mother; spending time together and having the relationship they should have had.

Kara had seen that she made her mother proud and that her family was alive and in earth with her.

John had seen that his brother was still alive; meeting his nephew and being a part of his family. 

Winn had seen him and his father; going toy shopping together and him being there for the little boy.

Thea had seen Roy, coming back to her and Laurel being there to celebrate with her. 

Martin had seen that he returned home to his wife Clarissa, who was waiting for him as if he never left. 

James had seen him and Kara; something that seemed really far away now.

Alex had seen her and Maggie, and that was what confused her the most. 

Nate had seen that he was making an actual difference to the world with his work; helping people.

But, Sara, she had seen what no one thought she would have. 

She saw a normal life. 

Getting Laurel ready for her wedding with Tommy; Oliver being the best man, and she being the maid of honor.

And as the couple sawyed to the music, after the ceremony, Leonard Snart’s arms snaked around her waist and his lips grazed her ear. 

“You want to to dance, Sara?”

My Merlance Shipping Heart

One of my goals for HVFF Chicago was to meet Colin and Katie. My love for Merlance knows no bounds. I was super bummed they were not a photo op duo option. I did manage to get some autographs and I wanted to share my favorite. 

When I met with Colin and Katie, I asked them both to write down one word that came to mind when they thought of Laurel and Tommy’s love.

Exhibit A:

Colin gave me EPIC. Katie gave me PURE. And my Merlance shipping heart just about exploded with FEELS. 

Colin signed first, so when I showed Katie what he wrote down she smiled, said “of course he would” and I tried not to fangirl too hard. Lol. It was hard. It’s a happy accident that they signed on the other’s profile and not their own. 

I found Katie’s word choice particularly interesting. Mostly, because I am thinking of Laurel’s relationship with Tommy in comparison to the one she had with Oliver. From my perspective, given the history she had with Oliver I think their love was a bit tainted and weighed down with a lot of hardship. Laurel’s love with Tommy had more of an ease to it, a purity. It was genuine. Which is why it made me so happy when Katie wrote “pure” for her word. I couldn’t agree more. 

I shared with Colin how bummed I was that they didn’t get to resolve things and Colin said that he feels they did because Tommy loved Laurel. He was able to say it and show her just how much, by giving up his life for hers. He had already forgiven her. 

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(insert weeping here)

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To me, Laurel and Tommy will forever be an epic love story. Even though Laurel has never said it, I believe she loved Tommy. I just wish he had a chance to hear her say the words.

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