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(part 1) Okay speculation time: where did Gabe and Tommy get the chicken from? It's not like Gabe has any more money than Puck and Finn (unless he's keeping it from them, which is something I'm not willing to think about).

(part 2) and we don’t exactly know what Tommy’s financial situation is, but I imagine it wasn’t much better than anyone elses on the island. So was it Peg? Another mystery donor? (Tbh I can’t think of anyone but Peg now) (……..I’m gonna fic it)

(So sorry for just getting to this now! I was away and on mobile, but do you think the app let me know I had any messages??? NOOOOOO.) 

More so than just about any book I can think of, one gets the sense that the characters of The Scorpio Races have rich lives off the page. And I love that. What I love about YOU is that you notice those missing moments and see a story––a story that I didn’t know I desperately wanted until then. I love the idea that the chicken donor was Peg! Not only does it makes sense from a financial stance, the implications are fraught with meaning.


Dating Tommen Baratheon Would Include....

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-Ceresi hating you. With a passion. Make of that what you will….

-You and Tommen were in an arranged marriage. So technically you are courting

-You live in King’s Landing. Have since you were a child

-Matching colors and outfits

-A playfull, childish love

-”Tommy can’t we go outside? I am so bored…”

-”I can’t Y/N. I do have to finish this paper work. It is my duty.”

-”Well then I suppose Podrick will take me outside-”

-”Fine. Let’s go.”

-Lots of flirting

-L O T S  O F  F L I R T I N G

-Joffrey likes to tease you and torment and threaten you. Especially when Tommen isn’t around.

-Tommen is too scared to defend you until he’s older

-Jamie adores you. As does Tyrion

-Walks in the garden

-Him sleeping with you when you have nightmares and vice versa

-Dancing all night at balls

-Volenteering in the Kingdom together (without telling Cersei, of course)

-You guys are literally the OTP of the kingdom

-You are literally the light keeping Tommen from the dark and evil around him

-He likes to buy you things. A LOT of things no matter how you protest

-In return, you make him clothes

-He also likes you to read or sing to him

-You actually, fun fact, wore a dress of Lannister-Baratheon colors you made to match Tommen’s clothes and he actually cries

-You are about to bitch slap Joffrey for being an ass to his Uncle at the purple wedding but he held you back

-”He’s not worth it, my love, and I would like to have a bride with a head.”

-Tywin hiding you in Tommen’s neck while Joff chokes

-You both cry

-Shit… We are going to be Queen and King now


Right, boys, you’re all here. Today, this is my fucking wedding day. Despite the bad blood, I’ll have none of it on my carpet. Now, for Grace’s sake, nothing will go wrong. Those bastards out there are her family. And if you fuckers do anything to embarrass her, your kin, your cousins, your horses, your fucking kids, you do anything… to… What? No. No. No. No cocaine. No cocaine. No sport. No telling fortunes. No racing. No fucking sucking petrol out of their fucking cars. And you, Charlie, stop spinning yarns about me, eh?

Am I the only one who is deeply hurt by Philip Shea?

Yes, I mean, the two boys need to be protected. 

But just looking at what Philip has been doing, I just can’t help myself. He is literally forced to keep his emotions inside to protect Lukas. Tommy mistreated him at school but yet he was still very much concerned about Tommy’s safety. Even though Philip likes Lukas af he never complains about meeting secretly with Lukas. And then the whole “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want” thing was no jokes. He could literally say anything to cover the fact that he and Lukas met up in the cabin so that Lukas wouldn’t get criticized by other people. And yes, I know that Lukas is very scared and anxious and confused so he didn’t really know what to do with Philip, what to tell Philip and how to treat Philip right. So he randomly gets angry and violent towards Philip, not only once, and yet Philip never says a words about that. Philip is even mature enough to take care of Lukas. He asks if Lukas is okay, he says there is nothing wrong to be weak and cry for a moment. He keeps encouraging Lukas and tries to make Lukas feel better. And if I’m not mistaking, in the next episode, episode 4, when Helen asks Philip if he has anything that he hasn’t told them, probably he will come out and say he’s gay just to protect Lukas, AGAIN. He is loyal and kind enough to keep his words. Even though he is also scared, nervous, even lost, he tries to control his emotions because he “has to be cool for the people he loves.” Philip is the exact kind of friend everyone needs, or wishes to have one, in their lives. TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CONSTANTLY CRIES OVER PHILIP AND REALLY WANTS TO GIVE HIM A HUG SAYING HIS EMOTIONS ARE IMPORTANT AND THEY NEED TO BE EXPRESSED AND APPRECIATED TOO!!!


“He’s shutting me out, just like he’s shut out everyone else. I don’t know what I can do to stop it,” you confessed, your chest heaving with a sigh as you sipped your tea, basking in the calm silence that was not an often thing at 6 Watery Lane. Polly let out a sigh of her own from the other side of the table as she set down her own tea mug, reaching for a cigarette.

“You and I both know Tommy. He won’t change his mind unless he’s forced, and even then he might just not,” Polly scoffed, releasing a breath of smoke as she looked at you. “Go talk to him, there’s no doubt he’s at the Garrison at this hour. Convince him before out get shut out completely.” You finished your tea, muttering a goodbye and thank you to Polly before you grabbed your coat and headed out the door. It was dark out, a chill in the air as you turned down the street towards the lively pub. As you walked you felt yourself shiver, not just from the cold but the anticipation as you tried to figure out what yo would say to him.

Your mind was clouded with many different thoughts as your stepped up to the door of the pub, inhaling deeply before you ducked your head into the warm, stench soaked air. It was so loud, men chanting and singing in their drunken stupor. Some were even up dancing. You tried to hide our amusement as you watched a man fall flat onto his face, breaking the beer bottle in his hand on the way down. You shook your head as you scanned the crowd, trying to make sure Tommy wasn’t at the bar or a booth with friends before you turned to the private room, relieved to hear Arthur’s familiar laugh as you turned the knob and opened the door. The sight was no that unusual. Arthur was standing, a beer glass in his hand beside two pails of beer as John sat beside him, a glass in his hand as well though he was chugging it.

“Y/N!” Arthur shouted in greeting, taking a few steps towards you as you stepped away from the door and rolled your eyes as the drunken man.

“I wonder if I will ever see you sober and yourself at this time at night,” you laughed, watching as Arthur threw his arms around you and turned to John.

“She’s so pretty isn’t she John boy. If Tommy hadn’t gotten her first, I would’ve!” he shouted, stumbling over his words slightly in his drunken state. Speaking of the devil, your eyes scanned the room until they found Tommy, sitting in the corner with a very pretty blonde girl leaning over and whispering in his ear. He seemed oblivious to your arrival until his eyes flickered to you. While you raised an eyebrow, flickering your gaze to the woman who was still speaking, Tommy remained perfectly calm, not one feature of his moving as the woman finally finished what she was saying and stood straight. He said something low, his eyes still focused on you. You caught the woman’s gaze move to your for a moment before she left the room with a irritated huff, glaring at you as she did, holding an empty beer pail in her hand.

“Got yourself a new whore Tommy?” you asked, just loud enough for him to head as the door swung shut. Arthur heard as well, his arm still draped over your shoulder as he barked a laugh.

“The bar wench certainly is trying, you best look out Y/N, she might just steal your Shelby,” Arthur slurred, pulling his arm away from you as he looked over your head though you kept your eyes on him.

“If the Shelby in question keeps acting like a whore himself, she won’t be stealing anything, just taking what’s for grabs,” you shot back, smirking to Arthur as his eyes went wide with amusement.

Not a second later you felt a strong hand grip your upper arm before you were being pulled from the room. Arthur and John laughed, yelled their goodbyes and goodlucks as Tommy dragged you out of the pub and into the cold street. You knew there was no way to pull yourself from his grasp so you simply followed him. He was already pissed enough from your comment, no way in hell you were going to provoke him any further. He lead you back to your own house, pulling you up the stairs and glaring at the door while you found your keys. Once you were inside, your coat hanging on a handle and your keys on the small bench beside the door you felt two hands grab at your waist and suddenly you were pressed against the door, staring up into the blazing eyes of Thomas Shelby.

“What was that huh? What did you do that for Y/N?” he hissed, not able to control his temper as his hands moved to hold onto your upper arms, the tight grip resulting in a harsh sting that you chose to ignore for the time being.

“I was just speaking the truth Tommy. If you can’t keep it in your trousers you have no business being mine,” you said rather bluntly, feeling the grip on your arms tighten just a bit as head leaned further down so our nose were only a few millimeters from brushing against one another. “Did you do it Tommy? Did you fuck the barmaid?”

“Do you really wanna know the answer to that?” he asked, his face regaining its neutral countenance as your eyes dropped to his chest, your teeth worrying your bottom lip as you began to go limp against him. “I’ll tell you Y/N, just ask the question.”

“Why are you shutting me out?” your head shot up, seeing that you had caught him off guard as you continued, “Why do you act like this and then change on a dime? What do you want from me Tommy Shelby? Why do you make me wish I could hate you?”

Silence enveloped the two of you as Tommy’s hands slowly loosened their grip, falling to loosely grasp your waist as he took as step closer, letting his body brush flush against yours. Your own hands trailed up his arms, over his shirt sleeves and up his tense neck till they reached up into the long part of his hair, tangling your fingers in the strands. “I love you Tommy Shelby,” you whispered, pulling him down so that your foreheads pressed together for a moment before you closed your eyes, feeling your noses brush together. “Tell me Tommy, tell me and I’m yours.”

“I didn’t sleep with the barmaid,” he confessed, reaching his hands around you and pressing his warm palms against your dress. You let a small smile grace your lips are you opened your eyes, peering into his deep blue ones as you leaned closer.

“I know. I know.”

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A Brief Summary of Me Fangirling Over YouTube Rewind

Trevor Noah trying to look at his own butt: 10/10


I see a red floof. Is that…

*Tommy Wiseau voice* O HAI MARK

I see a smol green bean

Look at this precious child. 

What the fuck are they doing?

Are they…

YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! (cries for 10 hours cause I’m still not over Hodor)

Hannah’s hair: 10/10

Also Hannah: 10/10

Where did that gay little bean go?

Oh there she is… so smol

Kingsley in a Hamilton costume <3 <3 <3

RIP David Bowie </3

John Green looks like he got lost in the woods with Leonard DiCaprio

(jk John you’re great)



Yay YouTube Rewind! Not as shitty as the rest of 2016 so that’s a plus.


Jack and his doppleganger

Utter heartbreak

Not the name of any of his channels #whereishank #whotheeffishank

And Joey Graceffa being as confused about the hot mess that is 2016 as the rest of us

  • Tommy: Let’s play ‘Roommate or Dog’.
  • Tommy: What do you do at the park with Clint?
  • Kate: Oh, we just walk around. He gets antsy if he doesn’t get outside enough, and then it’s just yap yap yap, all day long.
  • Billy: Hey, what’s Clint’s favourite food?
  • Kate: Peanut butter! He’ll eat it right out of the jar!
  • Teddy: How old is Clint again?
  • Kate: Well, he’s getting up there, but he’s pretty spry for his age, especially considering he got hit by that car a year ago.
  • Tommy: Oh, that’s so awful. Was he chasing something into the street, or…?
  • Kate: Just getting me the newspaper.
  • Tommy: Alright, this is useless. Kate, is Clint your roommate or your dog?
  • Kate: *offended* How could you ask me that?
  • Tommy: I still don’t know which it is.

Michael x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Them Brummies are here.” You called out as you skipped through Alfie’s office and slumped into one of the chairs.

“Did you let ‘em in?” Alfie chuckled.

“No, there outside.” You smiled and jumped up from the chair, ignoring Alfie and headed out to the workers and started chatting with them about what they were doing.

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Dancing With Tom Holland Would Include..


PROMPT?:  Dancing with Tom Holland would include meme please. :)

A/N: more tommy ♥

  • Being really embarrassed about it at first, no matter how skilled you were.
  • Tom slowly easing you out of your shell, encouraging you that he’ll be supportive no matter what. 
  • Absolutely astonishing him when you finally dance for him.
  • “You’re that good? What? I would’ve made you start dancing with me a long time ago!”
  • Him singing the two of you up for couples dancing classes, whether you’re a couple or not at the beginning.
  • Being the best couple in the class.
  • Always coming home afterward and eating SO much food.
  • Ending up cuddling on the couch and watching Law & Order.
  • Tom setting up personal dancing days for the two of you.
  • Salsa Sundays.
  • Waltz Wednesdays/.
  • Slow Dance Saturday.
  • Saturday’s are usually your favorite.
  • They usually end up with deep conversations and your head in his chest. 
  • Lots of forehead and temple kisses.
  • Honestly, dancing with Tom is your favorite thing in the world. 

Reader X Tommy Shelby

(GIFs not mine, credit goes to the creators)

The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

A/N - I’m thinking of making a part two of this, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Tommy anxiously paced up and down his rented London apartment smoking his cigarette like a train. Five hours straight he spent searching the streets of London for you but to no avail. You had been there this morning but your demeanour was different, you were quieter and not as cheerful as normal. Not knowing what to do, Tommy rang Polly hoping that she’d know anything about your whereabouts.

“Poll it’s Tommy, have you heard from (Y/N)? I can’t find her, I left to do some business this morning and when I came back she was gone. I’ve searched everywhere.” Tommy stressed down the phone.

“Your wife’s here and safe Tommy, from what I hear you’ve got some bloody explaining to do, not just to (Y/N) but to all of us.” Polly snapped down the phone.

“What the fuck is going on?!? Put my wife on Polly.” Tommy snapped back.

You were emotionally spent as you walked through the door of the Shelby home, you had been crying on the way back for the past five hours straight.

“(Y/N) I didn’t think you were back until tomorrow, where’s Tommy?” Polly asked as she made her way towards you before noticing your tear tracked face.

“He’s still in London.” You said quietly as you dropped your bags on the floor.

“Have you been crying? Polly continued as if she hadn’t heard you.

"He lied to me Polly, he fucking lied to me.” You stated weakly as Polly pulled you into the kitchen.

“You need to tell me everything.” Polly demanded while gently pushing you onto a chair.

“Tommy told me we were going to spend a few days in London, y'know go for dinner and explore a little. He said he needed to tie up a few loose ends to some business deal while he was there but it wouldn’t take long. So while he was out ‘tying up loose ends’ a man called Campbell came round asking for him. When I introduced myself as Tommy’s wife he laughed and asked if I knew about his little rendezvous’ with that pretty little barmaid Grace. He said he was surprised Tommy was married because Grace is the only one he’s willing to protect. I don’t know what to make of this Poll. Does this mean he’s cheating on me? You said as you began to cry.

"Darlin’ I’m just as clueless as you are.” Polly sighed as she affectionately rubbed your hand.

A few moments later the phone in the office phone rang making Polly leave the room to answer it. You knew it was Tommy and you knew he’d be frantic - after all you left without a word.

“It’s Tommy, he wants to speak to you.” Polly said as she poked her head around the corner.

You had thought about refusing to talk to him but you knew you’d need to at some point.

“Tommy.” You answered almost emotionlessly.

“I was fuckin’ worried sick wondering where you were, what’s going on?” Tommy questioned.

“What’s going on between you and Grace?” You demanded choosing to ignore his previous question.

“Ah shit.” He exclaimed, taking a deep breath before he continued. “She got herself into some trouble with the wrong type of people so I’m helping her out.”

“You’re cheating on me aren’t you? Your voice cracked as you asked the dreaded question.

"What? No! It’s not like that (Y/N).”

“Then why didn’t you tell me then if it’s all as innocent as you’re making it out to be.” You cried.

“Because I knew you’d react like this.” Tommy countered.

“Fuck you Tommy Shelby!” You screamed slamming the ear piece down before dropping to the floor in tears. You loved him there was no question but could you really trust him.

making out with Tommy Holland would include

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  • it was simple: you wanted ice cream but the fridge was empty
  • “tommy, do you love me?”
  • “what do you want, love?”
  • “ice cream. pretty pleeeeaaaaseee”
  • making your best puppy eyes
  • and pouting your lips while looking at him
  • his eyes filling with adoration towards the cute human being standing in front of him
  • “But i’m busy, y/n. go buy it yourself”
  • “you’re playing video games!”
  • “yeah o’m busy playing video games”
  • “sebastian stan would not treat me like this”
  • “he’s double your age, y/n”
  • after a couple of pouts and a couple more of threats later, you both agree on playing “too hot” to decide who is going to store
  • “so who touches first loses?”
  • “yes, prepare to lose, holland”
  • “ohh we’ll see, y/l/n”
  • sitting on his lap and immediately kissing his lips
  • at first kisses are slow, but as time passes you both become eager to make each other lose the game
  • him biting your bottom lip
  •  grinding your lower half onto tom’s thigh”
  • him letting out a gasp
  • “it’s not fair”
  • “all’s fair and square in this game, tommy”
  • when he pulls away you get your tongue in his mouth
  • rubbing yourself slightly closer to his crotch
  • him tensing up beneath you
  • moaning onto his lips
  • him losing control over his body and putting his hands on your hips to pull you down harder against him
  • slowly pulling away but not before biting on his lower lip
  • “see, i won. now get up and get me my ice cream, loser!”
Imagine watching the police take Michael away...

Wait For Me?

“What the fuck Tommy?” everyone erupts into shouts as Thomas Shelby drops the news onto us. My behind stays plastered to the wooden chair, and my left hand squeezes around the arm of it. This cannot be happening. How could Tommy have been so careless. 
My body finally moves when there are several loud knocks at the door. I can’t do this. I can’t let him go. I can’t live without him. Pressure rests atop of my hand as the shouts continue around me, “Hey, it’s alright. You’ll be okay.” I look over to the mousy, brown-haired boy and feel a knot tighten in the pit of my stomach, 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I whisper, tears filling the bottom of my eyes as I take his hand into mine. He lets out a long sigh as his face hardens and glances left at Tommy.

“This is not your fault. None of it, okay? We did what we had to do, and this is payment. Just promise me you won’t go off with any other lads while I’m gone.” he smirks lightly from the corner of his mouth as he leans closer to me and wraps his hand around the nape of my neck, 

“Well, you’ll just have to get out of there as soon as you can, huh?” a cold tear runs down my cheek as we both let out a sort laugh, 

“Good plan.” he then leans in and encloses my lips with his. All the sound around me ends and all I focus on is him. His soft, plump lips, his mousy, yet glossy hair, his soothing hands holding onto my body like he never wants to let go. 
I reluctantly pull myself away from him and rest my forehead on his. He places a chaste kiss onto my forehead and we both jump slightly as the front door pan open. This is it, it’s happening. They’re taking him away from me.
He stands from his chair and pulls me with him. My fingers lace with his and I brush down my skirt as we exit Tommy’s study and move ourselves into the dining room; where both Arthur and John are pushed up against the wall, hands tight behind their backs. Polly is just being grabbed when I feel Michael’s hand leave mine. 

The police officer grabs him by his collar and tears him away from me, roughly they shove him up against the wall and pin his arms up behind his back. There is nothing I can do. My emotions are fired and my limbs cannot move at all. 
“Come along Miss. It’s not right for a lady to be in such a place.” an officer says softly as he reaches out to take me by the arm, but I instantly move away, 

“Don’t touch me! Don’t!” I scream, shoving him away from me. My head is spinning and all words are blurring together. However there is one that I hear above all others, 

“Y/N! Hey, just go, okay? It’s okay. We’re okay.” Michael calls to me as his face is pushed up against the wall. The same officer that tried before comes to me again and this time takes me by the arm. He begins to lead me out of the front door but I turn back, 

“I love you Michael, okay? I love you. I’ll wait for you and I’ll do whatever I can to get you all out of there. I promise.” I shout to him as the officer continues to pull me out of Tommy’s mansion. I hope he heard all of that. I pray that he heard it all, 

“I love you too Y/N!” and with that I’m out of the mansion and in an officer car taking me back to my home. Now it’s time to think of a plan. A plan to get them out.


Stiles: Hey (Y/N). Wasn’t this your last period?
(Y/N): Hi Stiles. Yes, it was. How you know that?
Stiles: Do you need a ride?
(Y/N): Uhm… No, sorry. I-
Thomas: She’ll watch me during athletics.
(Y/N): Oh Tommy. I’m sorry, I forgot.
Thomas: You promised.
(Y/N): I know, but I need to study.
Stiles: I can help you.
(Y/N): Thanks, but I need help in chemistry. That’s not your best subject. Besides…
Stuart: Hey (Y/N), are you ready for chemistry?
Stiles&Thomas: Stuart, really?
Stuart: What’s wrong?
(Y/N): Yes, I’m ready. Bye guys!
Stiles&Thomas: Bye…
Stiles: Okay Tommy, I know you also want to date her, but we need to stop him.

: I don’t get it. Sorry Stu, I’m wasting your time.
Stuart: It’s okay. Maybe we need a break.
(Y/N): Thank you.
Stuart: Always. Uh… May I ask you something?
(Y/N): Sure.
Stuart: Do you have… uh… any plans-
Stiles: Hey guys! What’s up?
Thomas: Sorry (Y/N), we have to kidnap him for a minute.
(Y/N): But-
Stuart: What are you do-
Thomas: Shut up!
Stuart: I’ll kill you!
Stiles: Wow, that was awesome. That was awesome. That was great. We saved you for your on stupidity, bro.
Stuart: What?
Stiles: You’re only playing dumb, right?
Stuart: What?!
Stiles: She won’t go out with you!
Stuart: Uh-huh? And you’re saying that because…?
Stiles: I’ll ask her out.
Thomas: No! I’ll ask her!
Stuart: Whoa, what? You dated Malia and you always wanted to date Lydia! And you! You flirted with Teresa!
Stiles&Thomas: And?
Stuart: Are you freaking serious?
(Y/N): That’s just what I was going to ask.
Boys: (Y/N)! Hey.
(Y/N): Hey?!
Thomas: No hey?
(Y/N): Have you idiots ever thought about who I want to date? Or whether I want to date an idiot of you? I’m no property!
Stiles: We didn’t want-
(Y/N): Shut up, Stilinski! I really like you dumbasses, but it’s my choice. And please stop fighting over me.
Thomas: I’m sorry…
Stiles: Me, too.
Stuart: Yeah, me, too.
(Y/N): Okay. Stiles, I’ll come to your lacrosse match at the weekend and Tommy, I promise, really really promise, I’ll come to your next athletics practice. How does this sound?
Thomas: Great.
Stiles: Yeah…
Stuart: What about me?
(Y/N): I really need your help to success the chemistry exam, if it’s okay for you to help someone who’s worse than useless.
Stuart: I’d love to!



“You are never leaving this bed again,” Tommy mumbled into your skin, wrapping his arms tight against your waist as if to emphasis the point as you tried to squirm from him.

“Tommy, come on, I’ll have to leave at some point,” you laughed, settling against him once it was obvious he wouldn’t let you go. You instead began to play with his hair, drawing little patterns where his head was shaved as he pressed kissed against your skin.


“What’s wrong Tommy,” you asked, frowning down at him as he snuggled closer to you in a completely non Tommy like fashion.

“I am not losing you again,” Tommy mumbled. You froze for a moment, processing his words as your gaze burned into his skin. You finally moved when you began to move your fingers again, softly massaging his scalp with your fingertips.

“You will never lose me, you know that.”

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I was tagged by @tafkas77 to name ten songs that are currently in my head. This was rather easy. Thank you my friend! (still haven’t listened to the new Radiohead album….I failed)

Tear Drop - Massive Attack
All I know - The Weeknd
Map of the Problematique - Muse (no surprise there)
Sober - Tool
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t - Brand New
I See Fire— Ed Sheeran (sigh, Kelena  R.I.P. )
Straight for the Knife - Sia
Do What You Have To do - Sarah McLachlan
Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
Doughnut Hole  - Tori Amos

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Finn x Reader

Warnings: oral, swearing, smut

Requested By Anon

“Fine, fine, I bet you a day at the races that you can’t make Finn late for work tomorrow.” Tommy chuckled as you stole Arthur’s drink.

“What’ll you do to him if I make him late?” You asked as you swirled the amber liquid around.


“Nothing, I’ll let him go with you.” Tommy laughed as you mulled it over.

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The Signs as “The Room” Quotes

Aries: I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did *not*. Oh hi, Mark.

Taurus: Haw haw haw. What a story, Mark.

Gemini: How can they say this about me? I don’t believe it. I show them. I will record everything. 

Cancer: You are tearing me apart, Lisa!

Leo: You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your *stupid* comments in your pocket!

Virgo: What do you want from me, huh? HUH?

Libra: Everybody betrayed me! I’m fed up with this world!

Scorpio: Anyway, how is your sex life?  

Sagittarius: You betrayed me! You’re not good. You, you’re just a chicken. Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep.

Capricorn: Of course, what do ya think? They already put my ideas into practice. The bank saves money, and they are using me, and I am the fool.

Aquarius: Don’t touch me, motherfucker.

Pisces: Hi, doggy.


Favourite Character meme (1/?)  10k [Z Nation]

“When my pa was wounded, he told me to tie him up before he turned. Made me promise to show him mercy when he died. Kill the brain, you know. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hurt my pa, no matter what he’d become. Stared into his eyes for the longest time, just… looking for some sign he was still in there.”