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The music for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are two of the most daringly brilliant TV soundtracks ever. Composer Jeremy Zuckerman and series co-creator Bryan Konietzko visit the studio to discuss their decade-long musical collaboration. Hector guides the duo song by song through a selection of inspired and memorable tracks, discovering how and why they created musical magic worthy of the epic Avatar universe.

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a happy shelby family post (7/???)

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In the preview pictures he seemed so nervous, I was concerned about him. I hope he is doing this because he wants to, because he maybe will learn more, grow more as an artist, make new friends, etc… As much as I know he is promoting TD, it makes me sad to think about him being there only because of that. It was so hard to listen to him not introducing himself as Topp Dogg’s A-Tom. But above all, lets suport this kid, he is such a talented & charismatic rapper, he is funny, handsome, hardworking, cute, can dance really good, has one of the most beautiful smiles/laughs, really… Could say more many things… Please suport him! I hope he won’t stress too much, about the competition or about what the fans think about this… I hope he can genuinely have fun, learn & keep growing. 



And also, having Stanley Tucci make me his famous martini in his trailer. Tommy Lee Jones, as well –  he recited some poetry to me on set. And we talked a lot about literature and opera, and he gave me his favorite book, Bel Canto. I read that on set. So there’s the work itself, but then the other side of it is you get to meet some extraordinary people.


Finn x Reader

Requested by Anon

Finn sighed as he walked through the party to look for you, he hadn’t wanted to come in the first place, he didn’t fit in among your friends and they made sure to tell him that or at least make it clear.

They could all read and whenever he tried to make polite conversation they’d catch your attention with the latest author or some book from a country he’d never heard of. He just wanted to find you and go home, putting the whole evening behind him.

“Let’s get going.” Finn grumbled when he found you and started to lead you out to the car that had pulled up.

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”… And really I just want to say thank you.”
“It’s been my privilege.”

Fire of Soul
Fire of Soul

“Fire of Soul” - by Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga 

And last but not least we have Avdol’s theme. Another great work by TOMMY, representing so well Avdol’s character.

If you can see these flames, I shall tell you
There is nothing to fear, it’s all part of destiny

‘Magician’s Red’ Burning Justice! 

Forget about what you lost
Just take back your lost pride

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Hurricane

Don’t get too hot
A calm flame has no place in the scorching heat
We’ll definitely reach our destination
Our journey ends with your scream
I’ll get you back, for sure!

The nightmare I saw that day, the fear that invites me closer
Next time I won’t run away, we’ll fight together 

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Bind

In order to advance, this is the best promise
To the men that fight, I give the Ankh’s blessing

‘Magician’s Red’ Crimson Hurricane

Aren’t you 10 years early? 
Experience guides my prophecies
If I were to fall…
…just keep going forward  
This is the noble way of life

Don’t get too hot
A calm flame has no place in the scorching heat
We’ll definitely reach our destination
Our journey ends with your scream
I’ll get you back, for sure!


: This of course refers to when Avdol met Dio in Egypt.
: Avdol says this to Polnareff when they are fighting (”You’re 10 years early to fight me, a fortune teller, with your predictions”).
: Again, the words he says to Polnareff when they’re about to venture into Dio’s mansion.