tommy ton photos


Tommy ton shot this photo of (what I assume is) a Visvim indigo dyed Aran sweater. I immediately thought two things 1. That sweater is badass 2. That sweater must be $1K+ and no way in hell can my broke ass afford that.

Fortunately I go thrift shopping all the time so I eventually found an Aran I liked, bought some indigo dye at a crafts store and tried it out myself. Vintage cottage knit Arans are surprisingly easy to find and should cost at most $10 + $3 for the dye this is a cheap experiment. I gave it two baths in the dye and it came out pretty nice. It’s not really the same as the one in the Tommy Ton shot. I have no idea how to distress/age a sweater so tastefully. I have to hope with some hard wear my struggle sweater will approximate the Visvim.