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Fanfic where Tom realises how cool humans can be. Like yeah dogs are wolves we tamed to be our companions or we don't need to remove limbs to heal them they just fix themselves

Okay! This was so fun to write and I loved the idea! I hope you like it and thanks so much for the request! I used a quote from Steven Universe (two actually) because I like the idea of Tom and Marco as Rose and Greg. I can see some parallels and I love it! So I tried a new way of writing this one. I hope you like it and it came out as good as I think it did. Enjoy!


Isn’t it remarkable?

Tom jumped down off the stairs to be next to Marco, he was holding one of the laser puppies. “Marco! Marco look!” He exclaimed.

“Yes I see, it’s one of the dogs.” Marco smiled warmly and pet the puppy’s head. “He’s a good boy.” Marco gushed. “He didn’t bite you or anything did he?” Marco asked, curious as to why Tom was running down the steps with the dog so eagerly.

“No! That’s just it!” Tom exclaimed. “He’s super nice and doesn’t bite! How do you get a wild animal to obey like this? Wolves are usually hostile.” Tom pointed out. Marco started laughing and took the little puppy.

“Tommy, it’s not a wolf. It’s just a dog.” He pointed out. “And we trained him to be housebroken and behave.” Marco explained. He held the dog up so it could lick Tom’s face and make happy little noises.

“So… are you saying you breed and train wolves?” Tom asked. “Marco that’s incredible!” He exclaimed. Marco shook his head.

“No, I don’t. Some people do but I don’t know how to do that stuff.” Marco explained. “There are other people who train and breed dogs.” He told Tom.

“Yeah but it’s the same. You’re both human. You both have that capability.” Tom tried to explained. “I guess the way I see it is a little confusing.” Tom decided. Marco nodded, but smiled all the same.

“I understand.”

This world is full of so many possibilities.

“You can decide whatever you want?” Tom asked, amazed. Marco nodded.

“Yeah, it’s stressful and a lot of work. But I can choose what I want to do.” Marco repeated. He was going through booklets and pamphlets for colleges. While Marco was feeling really stressed and confused about the whole ordeal, Tom was looking at them with wonder.

“Anything you want… it’s you choice?” Tom asked again. Marco nodded. “That’s amazing!” Tom exclaimed. “You can do anything you want! You can live any life you want! And nobody can tell you not to.” Tom mused. Marco smiled a little.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He told the demon.

“And you can decide where to go afterwards! You can change! You can… grow.” Tom looked at Marco with pure wonder.

“Tom? What is it?” Marco asked, scooting closer. Tom played with his hands a little bit.

“When a demon is born, they burst out of the flames already knowing what they’re supposed to be. And then that’s what they are… forever.” Tom shared, looking down. But he looked back up to see Marco, and had a new and wondrous light in his eyes. “But you! You’re supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.” Tom mused. He took Marco’s face and brought him closer. “What an incredible power… the ability to… grow up.”

Each living this has an entirely unique experience.

Tom ran to Marco after Star took care of the monster they were fighting. “Marco! Are you alright?” Tom asked, helping the human up. Marco stood up and leaned against Tom, he nodded, dusting himself off.

“Yeah I’m okay, just a little banged up.” Marco assured. Tom’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw Marco as bleeding.
“Oh no! Marco you’re hurt! How do you fix an arm!?” He asked, with a bit of a crazed look in his eyes. Marco began giggling and gave the demon a kiss to settle him down.

“It’s okay, Tom.” He assured. Marco brought Tom inside and he went into the bathroom to clean off the small cut. “I can’t believe you freaked out so much.” Marco teased. “It’s just a tiny cut.” He promised. Marco cleaned it off and put a bandage over it.

“So what does that do?” Tom asked. “Is that like, a spell thing? To heal it or something? I’ve never seen that before.” He told Marco.

“No, it’s just a bandage to cover it up. The cut will heal by itself.” Marco told him. Tom jumped up, shocked and amazed.

“You can just… heal? You don’t need any magic?” He asked. Marco nodded.

“Yup! I just heal.” Marco smiled. “And it;s a good thing I do, because if I didn’t I would be all permanently banged up from all our monster fights.” Marco giggled and nudged Tom. “Right Tommy?” He laughed. Tom’s ears seemed to drop.

“Y-yeah…” He trailed off. “About that… are you sure you want to keep doing this? It’s dangerous and I feel like I’m putting you in danger. You might get really hurt one day.” Tom stressed. Marco gave him a warm smiled and kissed his head.

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself. I wouldn’t give up my life for any other one.” He gushed, holding Tom’s hands. Tom perked up.

“Really? But, your life is so different from other humans.” Tom reminded.

“Exactly! Who wants a boring normal life?” Marco asked. “Maybe I used to… but not anymore. There’s so much more fun in the things that are a bit…” Marco trailed off and looked at Tom fondly. “Explosive.” He smirked. Tom giggled.

“Explosive? What kind of- Oh you were talking about me.”

The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live; are so complicated, and so simple!

“I… I can’t do it.” Tom took a step away from the door. Marco took his hands.

“Why not?” he asked.

“I-I’ve never done this before! I wasn’t made to do this. I’m the prince, I’m a soldier and host. I just tend to other people.” Tom explained. “I wasn’t made to do this so I can’t.” He told Marco, trying to pull away a little. Marco frowned and pulled the demon into a hug.

“It doesn’t matter what you were made for. It matters what you want.” Marco assured. “If you really don’t want to do this you don’t have to. But I don’t want you not to only because you think you aren’t supposed to. You have your own life you can live.” Marco promised. “If a year ago people asked me if I’d be doing this, I’d say they were crazy.” Marco giggled. “But people grow and change… you grow and change. You aren’t black and white, you have so much more to offer than what you think you do.” Marco smiled.

Tom just stared at Marco in shock. He didn’t expect him to tell him all the things he needed to hear. And he didn’t expect to believe him when he said it. Maybe his life was complex and colorful. With opportunities and decisions. And maybe it was as simple as doing what made him happy. Tom took a breath and smiled big. He extended his hand to Marco and grinned, showing off his sharp teeth.

“Okay. Let’s do it.” Tom agreed. Marco grinned and grabbed Tom’s hand.

“You want to?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I really, REALLY do.” Tom cheered, bouncing up and down. Marco pulled him out to the living room where his parents were sitting.

“Mom! Dad!” Marco called. He looked at Tom and grinned. “We want to get married!”

Cold Nights -- Newt Imagine

A/N: sooo i got way further with this than i expected. Thought it would be really short, maybe 500 words but NOOOO

Makes up for it taking so long, right? I apologize for that.

Pairing: Newt x Reader (female)
Words: 1,745
Warnings: INTENSE CUDDLING, loneliness, missing people, HAPPY ENDING
Request: Can you write a cute/sad Newt imagine? One where the reader and Newt had been separated when WICKED rescues them? Then Newt is informed by Rat man that the reader had been transferred to another base (without letting her say goodbye) and Newt gets mad and then cries because he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see her again? But then, when he and the others arrive a the Right Arm camp, the reader is there and happy-sappy reunion feels (with newt crying a wee bit?) thanks love! ❤️


“No! You didn’t!” Newt yelled into Janson’s face.

“It wasn’t my decision, Newt. They sent her to a different base, for her safety–”

“I’M her safety, you bloody shuckface! I promised I’d stay with her! You took her from me!” Newt’s face was beginning to redden, and just as he felt his fist raise to strike Rat Man in the face, two guards pulled him back, throwing him at the Gladers who held him back.

“Newt! Newt!” He faintly heard Thomas call to him. All of a sudden, his friend’s face was in front of his own, hands on his shoulders, shaking him. “They took Teresa, too!”

In an oddly calmed voice, Newt replied, “what?”

“They…” Thomas sighed, looking down. “They took Teresa too. Not to a different place, but she was moved. I understand, Newt.”

Feeling a sudden impulse of rage, Newt pushed him off. “No you don’t, Tommy. Your little puppy love with Teresa is no comparison to what Y/N and I have. Three years in that bloody maze together. Half the time you knew Teresa she was in a shuck coma. And even though Y/N and I have been through thick and thin, this is the worst of it. So leave me alone.” He got onto his feet and stormed out of the dining hall despite the calls from his friends.

All he could think about was Y/N, and all he wanted was to see her one more time.

After making his way back to the dorm room, he sat down on his bed, elbows on his knees and head in his hands. In that moment he did something he never would’ve imagined he would do.

He cried.

Tears fell into his hands and down his cheeks, his throat closing up as he tried to stay strong and push the tears down.

The Gladers filed in one by one, surrounding Newt. Minho looked at him wide eyed, surprised to see his best friend crying. He told everyone to go to their bunks.

“Get some sleep everyone. It’s been a long day.”

After everyone seemed settled, he sat next to Newt on his bed. “Hey, bud.”

Newt slowly looked up at him, sniffling. Minho had never seen him look so devastated. When he heard the news about Y/N he knew Newt would be angry, but he never expected him to be so sad.

“Alby, Chuck, shucking Y/N. What next?”

“Hey, she’s not dead,” Minho told him, putting a strong hand on his shoulder. “They’ve been nothing but kind to us here. Food, showers, beds. You really think they’d kill Y/N?”

Newt looked away from him, wiping his face. “I can’t… I can’t live without her. I need her. I didn’t even get to say goodbye those shanks! They just snatched her right up!”

“I know, man. But listen, you know Y/N. No matter what’s happening to her, you know she’ll stay strong. For you. You’ve gotta do the same for her. Stay strong, don’t give up, and maybe we’ll find her.”

“Right. Maybe,” he answers, refusing to look at Minho.

After a moment of silence, Minho spoke. “Newt you–”

“Go to bed, Minho. I’m not going to get any sleep tonight so it’s not worth it to try and stay up and talk with me.”

“Okay, man. Try to put it off your mind. We all need sleep so–”

“This’ll be the first time in almost two years we haven’t slept in the same bed. I’m not going to sleep, Minho.”

“Alright, Newt. See you tomorrow.” Minho hesitantly got up and climbed up on his bed above Thomas.

When Newt laid down, he couldn’t handle the empty feeling next to him, so used to Y/N being by his side. He couldn’t shake the feeling of not holding her, kissing her head and stroking her hair, lulling her to sleep. He slept very shortly at one point, only to wake up in the middle of the night. He felt the cold air hit his arms, and he smiled lightly, remembering how on cold nights in the Glade, Y/N would desperately cling to him for warmth, and he would pull her in close, pulling the covers up to her chin and just holding her there, watching her breathe evenly as she slept peacefully, eventually going to sleep himself.

Not tonight, though. This night, he had no one to hold, feeling uncomfortably lonely and cold the entire night.

After an eventful escape from their “rescuers” and WICKED, the remaining Gladers arrived at a large campsite, mountains overlooking the big complex of tents, tables, and people of all ages.

Newt felt something like a wave of reassurance pass through him as he looked over the landscape. He was unsure about these Harriet and Sonya people, let alone this place they called the “Right Arm.” Although he had thoughts of doubt, he was somewhat hopeful that they had finally escaped WICKED.

Thought it all, though, one thing struck him. He hadn’t managed to forget Y/N. Maybe that was the hopeful feeling he felt.

After a strange encounter with Thomas and a strange woman with long, dark hair, Brenda collapsed suddenly, and was rushed to a tent, hopefully to be tended to. As this onslaught of events began to happen suddenly, Newt and some of the other Gladers decided to go on a small hike up the mountain.

On his way, he heard a piercing scream. Everything went silent as everyone turned their heads to the sound. He narrowed his eyes on a small figure with Y/H/L, Y/H/C hair, her hand over her mouth.

In that moment, he realized two things. One, she was crying. Two, it was Y/N.

Your POV

You woke from a strangely peaceful slumber, the first one you had had since you arrived at the odd place.

WICKED sent you to another base, where you met a different group of Gladers. They were all girls, and Harriet and Sonya led you to the Right Arm camp. To freedom. But as you had begrudgingly thought, most likely further away from Newt.

You couldn’t stop thinking about him, about how he must have reacted. You wondered if he stayed up all night, crying because you weren’t there to keep each other company as you had been for almost two years. A tear ran down your cheek thinking about your love, as Sonya came to greet you at the door to your tent.

“Hey, girl. Look, a new group of guys just got here, callin’ themselves the Gladers. They were tagging along with my old friend from our maze, Aris. Odd group of kids.”

You stood up suddenly, feeling an uncomfortable pull on the back of your legs. “Odd…in what way? Who were they, what did they look like?! How many were there?!”

“Woah, woah, hold your horses, Y/N. I didn’t count, I was mainly focused on catching up with Aris. But their ring leader was some stick named Thomas. One of the guys walked kinda funny.”

Your eyes watered as you came to realization as to who they were. “That’s my friends. A-and my boyfriend, the one with the limp! Where did they go!” You yelled, running out of the tent in a hurry, whipping your neck around trying to find them. Trying to find him.

“They’re climbing up the mountain there,” she pointed to the group, and you saw Minho walking in front, Newt limping behind. You ran as close as you could before you couldn’t move any more. You had to get their attention, so you screamed.


You watched in delight as their faces all turned towards yours, and you couldn’t help but slap your hand over your mouth to keep from crying out as Newt’s eyes met yours.

He immediately came towards you, running as fast as his legs could take him, and you knew he was struggling, so you ran to catch up with him, tears falling out of your eyes.

You were so close to each other it seemed almost impossible when he ran even closer, and even closer, until you met, jumping into his arms and wrapping your legs around his waist, sobbing as he held you to him, pressing his face into your neck.

“Oh my god, Newt!” You sobbed. You pulled back after having waited long enough to do this, pressing your lips firmly onto his. He slid you off of him and your feet touched the ground. You were forced to stand on your tip toes, reaching up to run your hands through his soft hair as he gently grabbed your waist. He pulled away and you looked into each other’s eyes. Tears were running down both your faces. You wiped his cheeks with your thumbs and settled your hands on his chest.

“You’re…you’re here…bloody shuck you’re here…” He leaned forward and gave you what felt like hundreds of butterfly kisses all over your face, finishing by lightly pressing his lips to yours.

“I’m okay, Newt.”

“I know angel, I know. But now you’re safe. Here, with me.”

That night, you woke up to find Newt sitting on the bed, looking down at you. You smiled, saying, “It’s the middle of the night. What’re you doing?”

“I can’t sleep. Doesn’t matter, you need rest,” he said, stroking your cheek.

“I’ve missed you. I know you’ve missed me too,” you smirked, causing him to chuckle.

“Of course I have,” he smiled.

“I want you to come to sleep–”

“Shhh. I don’t need–”

“Yes you do. Newt, I’m cold.”

He sighed lightly and whispered to you. “Scoot over.”

You smiled and moved to the side. He crawled into the covers beside you, getting under the thin blanket. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest. One of the things you really missed was his scent. You loved the way he smelled, but mainly love the way he felt to be pressed up against him.

You smiled as he gently pulled you in as close as possible, your bodies fitting together perfectly. He pulled the blanket up to your chin and kissed your forehead lightly. He began to stroke your hair and whisper into your ear, “you’re mine. They’re never taking you from me again. I love you darling.”

“I love you too,” you murmured sleepily.

While he gently caressed your hair, lulling you to sleep, you knew that for the first night in a while, you would be warm as you slept in his arms.


REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN! I got into my school musical (yay!) but will only have one rehearsal next week. Then, BREAK! Next week is my last week of school, so i will have lots of time to write. Love you guys!

(Btw ONE.MORE.FOLLOWER.TO.MY.NEXT.HUNDRED. Exciting stuff!! <333)


Requested by anonymous

Tommy had refused to tell you where he was taking you. You just knew that according to Clint, who Tommy had roped into flying the two of you there, it was a good choice. Though, when you stepped off of the jet, there was no mistaking it.

“Paris?” you asked Tommy with an eyebrow raise.

“Yep!” Tommy said with a cheeky smile.

“I didn’t think you’d be the type to pick Paris,” you commented. “I expected Disneyland to be more your style.”

“I’m not much of a romantic person, so I figured I’d let the city do it for me,” he commented, glancing around. “Though, I’m not sure how romantic a place can be when there’s bars on every window like it’s a prison. Also, there’s a Disneyland here if you still want to do that.”

You looked, and sure enough, pretty much every ground-floor window had bars covering them, and every window above that had bars over the lower half.

You punched Tommy playfully on the shoulder. “Hey, don’t ruin it,” you scolded. “Paris is beautiful and we are so going up in the Eiffel Tower. Where is it?”

“I got it,” Tommy said, picking you up bridal-style and suddenly, everything but him was a blur. You squealed in surprise, still not used to suddenly going super-speed.

Barely a second later, the two of you stopped. You looked up to see the Eiffel Tower looming above you.

“Are you going to make that noise every time I take you somewhere?” Tommy teased, setting you down.

“Hey, I’m not as used to going super-speed as you are,” you replied. You grabbed his hand and pulled him over to where the booth was to go up into the Eiffel Tower. “Wait, do you even have euros?”

“I had Steve convert some money to euros for me,” Tommy said. “And you know I’m not one for hand-holding.”

“It’s Valentines Day. You can slow down enough for me to hold your hand for one day,” you said, giving Tommy your best puppy-dog eyes.

Tommy huffed, turning away so he could try to hide the blush on his cheeks. He didn’t know his ears turned red, too. “I guess,” he replied. He would never admit it, but your puppy-dog eyes always worked on him.

“Thank you,” you said, letting go of his hand to give Tommy a hug.

Tommy chuckled a little. “Yeah, yeah,” he said, patting your head. You pulled back from the hug and again pulled him to the ticket booth.