tommy speed


Superhero Aesthetics // Young Avengers

We’ve got a super-soldier, a giant girl, a robot from the 30th century, a Skrull/Kree super-soldier, Billy (who, yeah, is kind of lame, but can cast spells), an Olympic class archer and martial artist, and… me.


ok but young avengers au where billy forces everyone else to play dnd with him. including but not limited to:

  • kate pouring all of her attack points into archery before her character even gets a bow
  • tommy purposefully not understanding the rules and making billy explain them over and over and over
  • america has the only human character - a huge strong fighter rogue who kicks every ass she comes upon
  • they team up on eli and make him dm
  • billy tries to be the coolest, most powerful wizard ever, but all his rolls are really low and he end up always making a fool out of himself
  • tommy’s half elf flirts with every single npc, even the ones he should be fighting. tommy “i roll to go over and smooch him” shepherd
  • kate consistently insisting that her orc and teddy’s orc are siblings, even though there was nothing about that in either of their character sheets and he denies it every time
  • eli is 100% done with all their bullshit to the point where he’d let them roll to do literally anything
  • teddy’s orc has a tendency to scoop billy’s wizard up and carry him away from a fight
  • kate “i’m an orc, but the god damn prettiest orc you guys have ever seen, alright?” bishop