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Billy can do food with his magic, but if you eat it; weird stuff happens. Like your hair will change color, or your skin will glow in the dark, or your voice will become an animal sound, or you can even something like a tail or wings. So, the young avengers decide to make a contest of who eat more of this weirdness.

America saw Tommy speed out of the kitchen with something hidden behind his back. Do I want to know? she asked herself. Probably not, she decided.

But she asked anyways.

Tommy looked smug. He brought the mystery item out from behind his back to reveal… a sandwich? America stared at it, dumbfounded.

Tommy leaned in close and whispered, “Billy made it.”

“What, and Billy has a hidden talent for sandwich-making?” America asked, squinting her eyes at the speedster.

“No, listen. When Billy makes food, it’s weird. I don’t think he does it on purpose, but last time he made me some food, it made me talk in duck quacks for, like, a week!” Tommy rambled excitedly. “So, what do you say?”

“No way in hell, Shepherd,” America scoffed. “Who knows what that thing’ll do to me.” She eyed the BLT suspiciously.

“If all goes to shit we can always get him to fix things? Pleeease?” Tommy begged. “C’mon, I’ll take a bite first.” Tommy bit a chunk out of the sandwich and swallowed. When nothing drastic happened, he held it out for America.

She rolled her eyes. “I must be going crazy,” she said as she accepted the food, biting out of it.

“So? Do I look any different?” Tommy asked. America checked him over briefly before shaking her head.

“No. You either,” Tommy sighed disappointedly. “Maybe last time was a fluke.” America agreed.

Later on, however, it was proved that last time wasn’t a fluke, when the gang switched off the lights to watch a movie and a green source of light emitted from both America and Tommy.

  • Tommy:Let’s play ‘Roommate or Dog’.
  • Tommy:What do you do at the park with Clint?
  • Kate:Oh, we just walk around. He gets antsy if he doesn’t get outside enough, and then it’s just yap yap yap, all day long.
  • Billy:Hey, what’s Clint’s favourite food?
  • Kate:Peanut butter! He’ll eat it right out of the jar!
  • Teddy:How old is Clint again?
  • Kate:Well, he’s getting up there, but he’s pretty spry for his age, especially considering he got hit by that car a year ago.
  • Tommy:Oh, that’s so awful. Was he chasing something into the street, or…?
  • Kate:Just getting me the newspaper.
  • Tommy:Alright, this is useless. Kate, is Clint your roommate or your dog?
  • Kate:*offended* How could you ask me that?
  • Tommy:I still don’t know which it is.


It’s almost Chanukah so here are some Marvel icons with Jewish or Jewish-coded characters!

If DC comics are more your speed I have a bunch of Chanukah icons with DC characters right here.

(If for some reason or another you don’t think a certain character belongs here do me a favor and keep it to yourself, thank you.)

As you can see there are a lot more than 10 icons so I put them all separately under cut! (really sorry if you’re on mobile)

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