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Oliver Queen

heeeey guys! Anyone want to talk about what went down in the episode?! This episode by far is one of the top episodes that is on my list ✌👌

What are your thoughts on this episode?

How can you not want a musical episode from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Like, you have Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist from Glee (and Blake Jenner now, too), and then you have Jeremy Jordan, Jesse L. Martin, Laura Benanti, Ciara Renee, Arthur Darvill, Victor Garber, Colin Donnell, and John Barrowman who are theatre/Broadway people (Colin and John played the same fucking role in Anything Goes, btw, like father like son), Colton Haynes who can sing, Caity Lotz and Keiynan Lonsdale who are dancers and singers, Carlos Valdes whose a singer and musican, AND Andy Mientus is a theatre/Broadway person who was ALSO on Smash with Jeremy.

Just imagine a musical episode from each show and then think about a giant crossover.

I mostly picture Barry doing a huge tap number, there being a flashback/hallucination/dream where Tommy sings about being Oliver’s best friend, and Hartley having a dramatic ass soliloquy about anything (probably some angsty stuff with Wells).

Guys, the possibilities.

Ok so in 3x14 we got:

1) Oliver training Thea


3) Slade back

4) Oliver & Thea bonding

5) Digg’s brother


7) Merlance

8) Tommy x Thea

9) How to get away with murder: a handbook by Oliver Queen


11) Quentin with hair (aaaand drunk)


13) Ollie’s first steps towards becoming a vigilante

14) Slade mentioning Felicity


16) Thea basically giving Malcolm the middle finger

                        I’d say that’s pretty damn good

Mina’s Monday Recs

Hi again! This is my second week of recs. Just to be clear, the focus will always be Olicity, but I’m always going to include any other Flarrow things too. And while most of my recs are fanfiction, I will also include other fanworks – fanvids, tag fics, gifsets, graphics – too. I hope you like what I’ve chosen this week :)

Jealous kiss prompt by absentlyabbie (Toliver) - ahhhhh, jealous!Oliver is seriously my favourite. I love seeing pre-island Oliver in fanfic, and it has always been part of my headcanon that he has shared at least one kiss with Tommy at some point. :D I love the boyishness, the inexperience on Oliver’s part, his jealousy. So beautifully done.

Hanging Pictures by hopedreamlovepray (Olicity) - I love how the author incorporates things Emily and Stephen have shared about Olicity lately - about them moving in together, the photo of them hiking, the fact that Felicity at least is getting kind of restless and misses her life in Team Arrow. This fic has a really lovely, quiet, understated sexiness to it as well, and you can feel the familiarity between them and the intimacy, too. 

Hiking is Stupid by machawicket (Olicity) - this is one of my favourite fics ever. I had no idea what Olicity-spotting was, and this was such a great fic, perfectly capturing the moment in the picture Stephen shared recently. I love the unique and fresh perspective on Olicity from an outsider’s view, especially how adorable and shy and cute they both seem. And my favourite thing is the fact that her seeing Oliver and Felicity kind of gives Gemma, the outsider looking in, a completely new perspective on romance and happiness and love, which makes this fic all the more beautiful. 

Ceci n’est pas un conte (NSFW) by susannahmccormick (Olicity) - duuuuuuude. This kind of fic sometimes makes me question everything – in the best way possible. The way this author has with words never fails to astound me. I love this fic – it’s hot and sensual and so incredibly intimate, while also kind of angsty but also, in another way, ultimately a hopeful fic. I adore road trip fics, and I love this one because I can really see Oliver getting closure, in a truly beautiful way, from all his emotional baggage.

Just Oliver (NSFW) by dettiot (Olicity) - I will never get enough of 3x20 fics, especially when they’re from Oliver’s POV. This was so hot and is one of my favourite fuckening fics (and believe me, I’ve read a lot of them, lol) ever, and I have wanted to rec it since forever. I love how Oliver is finally able to part with his masks and realises that he doesn’t need them that just being Oliver was enough.

we’re born with millions of little lights shining in our hearts (they’ll all burn out one day) by emiliebett (Olicity) - this is such a gorgeously poetic story and another road trip fic favourite of mine. I can’t get the image of Oliver and Felicity just lying on the hood of that fucking Porsche looking at the stars out of my head, and oh boy, it is a lovely image. And, of course, Oliver is his usual soppy self, hehe.

There’s also this gorgeous tag fic (NSFW) by effie214 (Olicity) - HOT DAMN THIS IS PERFECT. Also set during the road trip, this is just pure poetry, sinceriously, so lush and sensuous and gorgeous. I love the idea of Oliver being nervous about going down on Felicity and just getting lost in her. *shivers*

That’s it for fics. :D Additionally, I found this wonderful graphic by kawusia25 featuring Oliver, Barry, Laurel, Thea, Roy, Felicity and Diggle with the lyrics from Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Such a fitting song and amazing colouring. <3

Then there’s this lovely graphic by the ridiculously talented fe-li-ci-ty​ which shows Oliver Queen’s evolution into the Green Arrow. I love the different stages - from the Hood to the Arrow to al-Saheem to, finally, the Green Arrow.

In honour of Emily Bett Rickards’ birthday, there was also a fabulous tribute to some of my queen’s funniest moments by menna essam. Emily is honestly so adorable and fun-loving, not to mention absolutely beautiful, so this was a joy to watch.

Additionally, vigilantelawyers​ did a gorgeous tribute to the gorgeous Katie Cassidy. Her smile is just so infectious and lovely, and I believe this video was done to honour her award for portraying alcoholism on TV. It was so well-deserved, because it was actually one of my favourite storylines for Laurel and she did an amazing job with the material she was given. Not to mention Katie Cassidy is just a wonderful ray of sunshine. <3

Lastly, there was a really insightful and beautiful video about Oliver’s journey as a hero by PoupaKG. What an amazing homage to Oliver Queen’s heroism and character growth. And it’s set to one of my favourite songs - Flares by the Script. I am a sucker for well-chosen voiceovers, especially when they talk about Oliver’s loneliness and how he has to overcome his demons to finally become a hero. And this is what I love about Arrow as an origin story- that focus on identity. It is just beautiful to watch that journey unfold.

That’s it from me this week! :) Please try and leave a comment in a reblog or directly on AO3 or YouTube. All the above people are incredibly talented, and I’m sure they would love to hear your comments and thoughts about their work. 

Also, though I can’t guarantee anything (tumblr doesn’t always notify me when someone tags me, for some reason), by all means tag me in your work if you want me to signal boost it, either in a reblog or in my weekly rec list. Provided it’s canon (I’m just not a big fan of AUs) and features a pairing/character I like, I am all for it. :D (And if we’re mutuals and you haven’t got a response from me, you also can send me the link through fanmail.)

Recs from last week

My fics

See you next week! (I’m posting a little earlier because I’ll be busier this week, but my recs will always be around this time every week.)

Superheroes Con 2 (Paris) Tweets

Another amazing convention!!!! Thanks to all the fandom members who tirelessly share their tweets and photos with the rest of us. It lets us feel like we are there with you. Special thanks to my girls @olicity-i-believe-in-you and @kalichica12. Miss you both! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

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Oliver & Felicity | The Movie | Of Arrows and Ponytails [OFFICIAL TRAILER] (Olicity) by AnneSoshi

“How awesome would it be if Arrow was a romantic comedy for Oliver and Felicity?" 
What to do when you fall in love but everything gets in the way? Will they ever make it? Of Arrows And Ponytails coming soon as never.


‘’You know, earlier today, Thea told me that she literally has to put up with me because family is precious. And that it’s love, in spite of everything, that makes it precious.’’ - Oliver Queen 3x05

Happy National Siblings Day on Arrow.