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The creauture had made them see their deepest and darkest desire. 

Jax had seen his mother; cheering at him at the bleachers as she scored the final point and made his team victorious.

Ray, had seen Anna, alive and next to him; leaving the life that they had planned together. 

Cisco had seen Dante; the only thing he wanted was his brother to come back. 

Felicity had seen her and Oliver, of course, leaving a happy and domestic life together. 

Mick had seen that his friend was still alive; kicing ass with him and being a king by his side, on 2046. 

Amaya had seen her team; her friends, oh how much she missed them.

Bary had seen a life free of metahuman powers; his mother alive an everything, perfect-just how he imagined flashpoint in his adolescent mind. 

Oliver had seen his team all together again; Felicity by his side and Laurel there, next to Tommy. 

Caitlin had seen her and her mother; spending time together and having the relationship they should have had.

Kara had seen that she made her mother proud and that her family was alive and in earth with her.

John had seen that his brother was still alive; meeting his nephew and being a part of his family. 

Winn had seen him and his father; going toy shopping together and him being there for the little boy.

Thea had seen Roy, coming back to her and Laurel being there to celebrate with her. 

Martin had seen that he returned home to his wife Clarissa, who was waiting for him as if he never left. 

James had seen him and Kara; something that seemed really far away now.

Alex had seen her and Maggie, and that was what confused her the most. 

Nate had seen that he was making an actual difference to the world with his work; helping people.

But, Sara, she had seen what no one thought she would have. 

She saw a normal life. 

Getting Laurel ready for her wedding with Tommy; Oliver being the best man, and she being the maid of honor.

And as the couple sawyed to the music, after the ceremony, Leonard Snart’s arms snaked around her waist and his lips grazed her ear. 

“You want to to dance, Sara?”

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September Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Nine: Favorite cover(s)

These are, no question, my favorite covers of the books I own. So much pretty!


Bold what you prefer [Arrow edition]


Oliver or Diggle or Roy

Felicity or Laurel or Thea

Tommy or Sara

Ray or Barry

Tommy or Diggle

Laurel or Sara

Felicity or Laurel

Moira Queen or Quentin Lance or Donna Smoak 

Helena or Nyssa

Thea or Sin


Malcolm Merlyn or Slade Wilson or Ras Al Ghul 


Olicity or Lauriver

Thearoy or Dyla

Olicity or Raylicity or Barricity

Oliver x Sara or Nyssara

Lauriver or Merlance


The Foundry or Verdant

Queen Consolidated or The Queen mansion

Felicity’s apartment or Diggle’s apartment or Laurel’s apartment

Oliver and Thea’s loft or Roy’s house

Lian Yu or Hong Kong or Nanda Parbat


Oliver’s motorcycle or Felicity’s car

Bow and Arrow or Sword or Atom Suit or Canary Cry

The League of Assassins or The Bratva

The Hood or The Arrow or Al Sah-Him or Green Arrow

I need to be someone else, I need to be something else or You have failed this city


1 | 2 | 3 

Sacrifice (1x23) or Unthinkable (2x23) or The climb (3x09) or My name is Oliver Queen (3x23)