tommy hilfiger bag

The only boys I need in my life:

- Michael (Kors)
- Christian (Dior)
- Louis (Vuitton)
- Yves (Saint-Lauren)
- Tommy (Hilfiger)
- Giorgio (Armani)
- Louis-François (Cartier)
- Christian (Louboutin)

Finding Balance

Dress: Harlan + Holden | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger

Balancing priorities has always been a struggle for me, especially this time around when I literally have less than a month to finish my thesis. I always do what I think is good for myself, may it be going out with my friends or just a quiet day of painting. Unwinding from time to time is great, but lately I’ve been doing more unwinding than actually working and I’m starting to question whether or not it’s still good for me. I mean, we should take breaks because that’s the mentally healthy thing to do when you’re stressing out, but there’s a fine line between taking care of yourself by giving yourself breaks and just being completely distracted. As I’m writing this, I’m extremely anxious about the amount of work I’ll have to finish tonight and the following weeks. I already want to give up right off the bat just thinking about it but we all know that can’t happen. There’s a big chance that I’m really just overreacting (because when have I not overreacted) and everything’s going to be just fine, so here’s to hoping.

A sunny day by the sea! It’s cold, but we dress warmly!

A big Isabel Marant cardigan wool with cashmere and silk sweater Raf Simons and a jean “look coated” Sandro and boots Allsaints. Tommy Hilifiger messenger bag to complete the outfit follows me everywhere, because very practical, original because wool!

Isabel Marant is a French designer who created women’s collections but mostly she released last winter a men’s capsule collection. I really hope that soon it will create for men as well as it does is original, comfortable and stylish. 


Trip to London! I love this city ! For shopping it’s perfect! And beautiful monuments to visit !

I wear a gray ripped jeans Asos. As the weather is unforeseeable : a Balmain leather jacket ! Complete the outfit: a scarf Kooples. The essential accessory for walking in town, a messenger bag Tommy Hilfiger. I chose to wear desert boots Opening Ceremony because they are very comfortable. I like the combination of gray and black in this outfit !