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The Older Man *smut*- Thomas Shelby

Request// Can you do a imagine of Tommy where the reader is younger than him? @yomairagotpb

Request// Would you consider doing a Tommy Shelby imagine where the reader is quite a bit younger than Tommy and a family friend that helps with the business killing. The reader doesn’t date or anything until Tommy finally professes his feelings and takes her virginity A bit rough Dirty smut pretty please

*You asked for smut and I’m about to hella deliver. Cover your eyes if you can’t handle dirty words! In all honesty, it’s my best attempt after a week of contemplation. Someone please teach me the secret to writing good smut!! I’m going to try to put out at least one more work before Friday because I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out and no one would want to read anything I right then haha. xoxox*


Same time every week. Like clockwork. Tommy knew to have your pay ready and on his desk by noon every Wednesday so you could pick it up before going to the market. This had been ‘the usual’ for years, and it seemed you had fooled Thomas into even enjoying your momentary visits. Of course, all the men in the shop had if he were to be honest. There was only one notion that had kept him from lashing out passively in a jealous pique or even pursuing you further when he realized just how enamored he’d become with you: you were younger buy some extent, nearby 10 years.

It didn’t help that your family was one of very little the Shelbys could call friends because if a rendezvous were to come about, all secrets would come to light in the eyes of your mother and father. In truth, your position in the company was no longer what it used to be, though they didn’t need to know that. Your father had served in the war, and while he would never be able to walk again, you thanked the Lord everyday that he even came home, consumed at the time on how his older age than most boys he fought with would not excuse him from enemy fire. Your mother had worked in a factory while your dad was away, but to make ends meet, you took up a position at Shelby Company Ltd. the woman you knew as you own aunt Polly had offered you while her nephews were on the battlefront. When the war had ended and the boys had come home, you were sure you would be unemployed. In truth it had been a surprise to all how useful and imperative you became. The only catch was that you duties became more than just helping keep the books like when you were 14. Tommy had gotten you in on exporting malt whiskey to the United States and even ending a couple of the sad lives of those who fucked over the Peaky Blinders. Not that you would say so, but you liked to think of yourself as the first ‘peaky boy.’ Now you were a lone wolf, only ever stopping in when you were called and for your pay as well as weekly updates.

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Thomas Shelby

It was the weeks proceeding the war that were the hardest. Cries from the boys’ rooms shook the house, each of them waking throughout the night from nightmares that no one could know the horrors of. You’d started sleeping at the Shelby home since they’d started, not for the boys, but for Finn. Hearing his brothers cry out after knowing nothing but how strong they were, it was jarring. You laid next to the small boy, covering his ears and shushing him back to sleep. Only ten years old and already having to deal with all of this. 

“Y/n, I’ll take him, you go see Tommy,” a voice said from the door. You looked up to find Ada walking over, smiling sadly at her little brother. You nodded and stood, taking a second to watch as she slid in next to him. “Stop stalling, he was going to ask for you eventually,” she whispered, Finn had already started to dose off on her lap. 

Before the war, you and Tommy were inseparable, so in love that nothing could push you apart. It had changed after the war, as everything seemed to. He’d been distant, weary of your presence in general. As you walked to his room now, you couldn’t help but remember the first night when he’d pushed you out of his room, not wanting you anywhere near him despite not seeing you for almost four years. Taking a deep breath, you finally placed your hand on the handle, creaking the door open ever so slightly. 

“Tommy?” You asked. He sat at the end of the bed, staring at the wall as if something were there. He made no move to acknowledge you, not even when you sat down next to him. “Tom?” 

“How’s Finn?” His voice startled you, it had been a couple of days since you’d heard it so quiet, still raspy from his waking screams. You went to brush his hair off his face but quickly pulled back when he flinched away.

“He was scared but we got him back to sleep,” you assured him. 

The three of them worried about their little brother more than they worried for themselves, in any other circumstance it would have been something you found cute. You sat silently again, listening to Polly talking to Arthur and Ada to John. John hadn’t gone back to his own family yet, only dropping in when he felt up to it, unwilling to put his own kids through what was happening. He’d go back to live with them when he was better, he assured them. You didn’t know how long you sat there, Tommy never looking away from the wall and you taking the opportunity to study his him. He was much thinner than before, his cheeks hollowed and his eyes sunk in. He hadn’t cut his hair since being back either, his usually shorn sides growing long around his ears. The colour of his eyes seemed to have changed, the blue gone dull and almost transparent, any liveliness completely gone. He was Tommy, but not the Tommy that you used to see smiling every day before he left for the war. This one had experiences that he could not hide behind jokes and wit. He wore those experiences now, where everyone could see them. 

“You can go now,” he said, his voice low and even. You learned not to fight his requests, it was better to give in than to argue. Slowly, you stood, giving him one last look before leaving the room and shutting the door behind you. However, you didn’t move when you heard it click, the tears you held back for him finally starting to flow as you slid down the door to the floor. With knees drawn up to your chest, you silently cried for him, for all of them. You could only imagine the images they see when they shut their eyes, only guess what they heard when everything else was quiet. The war changed their lives, and all you could do was cry for them and pray that everything would be better. 

When your eyes opened, you found yourself in a bed you hadn’t been in for a long time. The pillows smelled like him, the same smell you used to wake up to almost every morning. Though, the smile it brought on quickly faded when you realized you laid there alone, he’d probably carried you in that morning after finding you asleep outside his door. It was Finn at the door that finally had you sitting up, the task of taking him to school had fallen onto your lap when Polly and Ada took over the business and the job stuck. you’d become his free caretaker when no one else had time to pay attention to the poor boy. 

“Get your things, then, I’ll be down in a second,” you told him, he only nodded and ran off. He was old enough to walk to school alone, but after everything he didn’t really like not having someone with him. It was lucky you were around.

You finally stood, stretching out and hearing the cracks of your neck that sleeping on the floor at caused. As you made the bed you couldn’t help but think of the nights you used to spend there, curled up at Tommy’s side, just talking about the days you had and the business and really anything until you finally fell asleep. There were also nights when you didn’t do so much talking, just panting each other’s names, whispering breathy words of love and praise. You missed nights with Tommy the most, it was when he wasn’t Thomas Shelby but just your Tommy.

“You’ve been staring at the bed for five minutes,” his voice surprised you, making your heart beat a million times a minute. John stood at the door, a tiny smile on his face, it was all he could ever manage now. You missed his contagious grin. “He’s trying, you know, he really is.”

“I know, I really do, but-”

“It doesn’t seem like it.” 

You smiled sadly at him, nodding your head. Last night showed he was willing to get back to how things were, after weeks of not even being able to be in the same room as you, he finally let you sit next to him for an hour. Even if you didn’t speak, it was a lot for him. John gave you one last smile and walked off, Polly had them getting back into routine to try and normalize life again, part of that routine was taking back the business. Even if she was the one running it for so long. 

When you’d washed up and changed, you finally headed downstairs. Only you didn’t see Finn anywhere. 

“Ada took him, she had to run some errands,” Polly explained, handing you a plate, “how was Tommy last night?”

“We didn’t really talk,” you shrugged, trying to ignore the sad look she gave you, “he let me sit with him, that’s an improvement.” She only hummed, leaving you in silence as you filled your plate with breakfast. It was when you sat down at the table that she spoke again, looking at you in a strange way. 

“Have you two,” she made a motion with her hands and you raised an eyebrow, knowing what she was getting at but wondering if she’d say the world, “have you two done anything since he’s been back?” 

You were always open with Polly, even back in your teenage years when you and Tommy were exploring. The questions you wouldn’t dare ask your own mother were thrown her way, and she happily answered them all. She’d known the toll of not having Tommy around was taking on you. Not being able to even touch someone for years after being able to without any barriers in the past was something that few could bare. You were faithful, the lack of young men in the area making it easier, seeing them would have just made you think of Tommy more than you already were. 

“Nothing more than the hug on the platform,” you said, over four years of being apart and not even a kiss to celebrate the reunion. It was hard on the platform that day, looking all around at all the others kissing their husbands and lovers, nothing stopping them from being with them like you hadn’t had the chance to. He noticed you watching but said nothing, it was better than saying anything and hurting you more than you already were. “I don’t want to push him but, fuck, Pol, it’s hard!” You finally confessed. “I don’t even need a fuck or anything, I just need something to know he still loves me.” 

“I do still love you.”

Both you and Polly snapped your heads to the door, surprised by the sight of Tommy leaning against the frame. He wore his usual suit, cap pulled low, if it weren’t for the hair it would seem like he was all back to the old Tommy. Polly stood and gave him a once over before moving into the shop, going back to her duties as if your conversation never happened. Your eyes moved from Polly when you noticed Tommy step in, the grim look that plagued him still evident on his face as he moved to shut the large doors. It was finally quiet when he did, just the two of you in the same silence that you had found yourself in the night before. 

“I do still love you,” he repeated, “how could I not after knowing all you did for my family while I was away?” 

“They’re my family too,” you said quietly. “I wasn’t going to abandon Finn-”

“Like his brothers did?” He added, but you quickly shook your head.

 You’d thought it in the past, asking why they volunteered to fight knowing they still had such a young boy that needed them more than he needed anyone else. The thought had angered you back then, whenever Finn woke up crying asking for one of them, whenever he had questions asking when they were coming back, you thought it was unfair and that no boy should have to be put through it. But now, with the three of them back, the anger was replaced with relief that they were all safe. Finn wouldn’t feel so alone anymore. 

“You act like us leaving only effected Finn, but what about you?” You couldn’t help but feel angered by the question. After weeks of not saying a word, not doing anything but being alone and focusing on the business, he just walks in and asks you if them leaving you took any toll on you. As if there was a chance it hadn’t. 

“The love of my life, my best friends, and all of fucking England goes off to war and you ask me how it effected me?” 

The anger seemed to shock him, no one had dared raise their voices around them since they’d stepped off the train. Stay calm and they’ll feel welcome back into their homes, it was an unspoken rule that you followed. However, he’d let something out and there was no putting it back until you’ve said everything you’ve had bottled up for his sake. 

“I cried myself to sleep outside of your door last night! I didn’t cry a single fucking day you were gone, bottling it up for your brother’s sake, trying to show him it would all be alright. I slept on your bed every night, thinking they’d call off the war any minute, that you’d be back there next to me soon and I hadn’t nothing to worry about. Polly took over the business with Ada, leaving me to raise Finn while everyone else was busy. I was only twenty-four! Too fucking young to be raising a fucking child!” 

You could feel your voice going but you couldn’t seem to stop, not even when you felt the tears rolling down your cheeks and your hands start to clench at your sides. 

“Five years! Five bloody years, half of that boy’s life! And then you come back and I think I’ll get a break. Arthur, John, fucking Tommy, they’ll all be back! Things might go back to normal! You guys willingly took back the business, the thought of a woman running things was obviously too much for you boys to handle, but then Polly and Ada were busy taking care of you when you all forgot to. Leaving me again with Finn! Finn Fucking Shelby! Your baby brother who’s been forced to wake up every fucking night because his brothers decided to volunteer for a fucking war! Finn Shelby who was so excited to see his big brothers again because he couldn’t even remember the sound of your voices, but is cast aside the second you all step into this house. I don’t fucking care about the hell you all put me through when that little boy had it worse than me! Of course it all effected me but I didn’t know it because of what it did to him!” 


“Not finished!” You yelled quickly cutting him off, it was your turn to speak, not his. “I didn’t realize how I felt about it all until I saw you step off that train, Tommy was back, my Tommy was back. I waited my turn, watched you hug and kiss you sister and Aunt, watched you finally hold your brother again, I waited so long for that moment and all you fucking do is hug me. Five years and all I get is a fucking hug? I said nothing thinking it was just because of where we were, thinking I’d get a proper hello when we got home. But you went straight for your room, I still said nothing. You needed time, I understood the best I could. I tried again, you pushed me, literally pushed me out of your room. Ada stayed up with me, assuring me you still wanted me. Two weeks went by, nothing, not even a good morning or a hello on most days, you shut me out. Five years of nothing and all of my waiting was to get doors slammed in my face!”

“Okay! Okay, okay.” 

You were still fuming, still not finished, but you stopped. His hat was gone, thrown carelessly on the table, his hair sticking up in tufts from where he gripped it. He looked frustrated, and tired, but the way he looked at you made you finally relieved that he understood. The men from the war had unimaginable struggles, but those who stayed back had a few of their own. 

“I’m sorry,” he finally said, “I’m just not, I’m not the same as I was but the one thing that hasn’t changed is how much I love you, okay? I love you, y/n, and not even a bloody world war could change that.” 

You huffed and crossed your arms, refusing to look back at him. It was the first time he said your name in weeks and you couldn’t help but start to calm down by the sound of it. You heard him move, blocking the light from the window as he stood next to you. But you still refused to look up. 

“Y/n, please.” Sighing, you finally did, looking up at him now you felt the anger completely diminish. You shouldn’t have been angry in the first place, how you felt meant nothing when Tommy was the one that had to be put through it all. For the firs time since the day he returned, Tommy wrapped his arms around you. You melted into him, burying your face into his chest as he did the same to your neck. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“Me too.” 

You stayed like that for what felt like hours, just holding each other to make up for the years you weren’t able to. 

“I love you,” he said again when he finally pulled back.

His arms stayed around you, your noses almost touching and he finally smiled. A Tommy Shelby smile that did not mean he was up to no good, did not mean he had a trick up his sleeve, a Tommy Shelby smile that meant the person he was looking at meant the world to him and he was the happiest man in the world to be able to looking at them. What came next had you stiffen in surprise, his lips met yours and the now foreign feeling shocking you. It took you a second to realize what was happening before you gave in. Over five years, after weeks of being in the same house, you were finally kissing the love of your life without anything stopping you. 

“God, I’ve been stupid,” he mumbled, barely lifting his lips from yours, “why did I put this off?” You grinned, kissing him again as best you could with both of you smiling so hard. Your hand found it’s way up to his hair and you paused.

“If you’re feeling better can you go get a haircut now?” 

If seeing Tommy smile had you feeling some ways, his laugh had you floating on air. 

“You can do it tomorrow, right now, I have some catching up to do.” You squealed when he lifted you, laughing as he walked up the stairs. It was only a few weeks, weeks he needed to finally get back to this point again. Loving you and being able to show it.  


You mean to tell me that you went home and swiped a ball that was signed by Babe Ruth and you brought it out here and actually played with it?
Yeah, but I was gonna bring it back!
But it was signed by Babe Ruth!
You keep telling me that, who is she?


One Night

Hi fam! I know I’ve been MIA for a little bit, but it’s because I’ve been writing this new story for the @olicityficbang. I’ll be posting a new chapter every Friday, so let me know if you want to be tagged. Enjoy!

Thank you so much to my amazing beta @nvwhovian and artist @the-silverforked-sky.


Felicity paces back and forth in her bathroom, fingers playing with each other in front of her stomach and her bottom lip pulled between her teeth. How the hell did she get here? She prides herself on being smart – on being a genius, actually. Hell, she skipped eighth grade! So how in the hell had she ended up here, burning a hole in the floor of her bathroom, waiting for a flimsy plastic stick to tell her if her life is over?

An Olicity AU

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Chapter 1

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Not to have a go at the Sunday Herald, but wasn’t this the plan the entire time?

It’s hardly breaking ranks from party leadership when it was quite literally the whole plan. We wait until Brexit negotiations finish and then Scotland can decide for its own future.

I mean I suppose it does make it sound a bit sexier if they frame Tommy as daringly rebelling against party leadership, but to anyone who’s been listening that’s been the idea all along.

I finally received my gorgeous Peaky print from this shop today. Please consider giving this a reblog to spread awareness of her shop, she is an incredible artist and very professional. She has almost 300 products displaying her beautiful & original work, but her Peaky work is by far the best. Not that I’m biased xx


i’ve done some bad things and they get easier to do

What's a Kiss Between Roommates?

From otpprompts:

Imagine your OTP having their faces show up on Kiss Cam.

Set in the New Girl AU: Idea / 1

“This cannot be happening,” Felicity mutters under her breath, flinching reflexively as the 30'x50’ screen hanging over centre ice mirrors back her displeased grimace. The “about to undergo multiple root canals” face-crumple was not a good look on her. Especially in high definition.

Oliver and Tommy exchange amused looks over her head. “Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for,” says the latter, “or expecting, to be honest.” He peers down at her, lips twitching. “The response to being caught on kiss cam with either of us is usually less… disgruntled.”

Felicity scoffs, eyes still trained on the Jumbotron, attempting to stare it into submission. “Yeah, well, I’m willing to bet no one’s ever been caught in a shot with the both of you.”

As if to underscore her point, the graphic heart framing Oliver, Tommy and herself begins to contract and expand, pulsing to the rhythm of whatever Top 40 hit was blaring over the speakers. Her glower darkens; she has never hated technology so much in her life.

“True,” Tommy concedes, fingers drumming idly against the armrest, “but there’s a first time for everything, right?”

She snorts humourlessly. “Not for a ménage à trois, kiss cam edition, there won’t be. Not today and probably not ever. At least not with me as a participant.”

Tucking her chin to her chest, Felicity pulls the Stars cap low over her eyes, shutting out Tommy’s pout and shielding her face from the camera hellbent on eliciting PDA from hapless, unsuspecting spectators. Arms crossing, she grunts, “Tell me when it’s lost interest.”

Oliver shakes his head, a small smile unfurling on his lips. “You might be waiting a while,” he says, ducking his head to catch her eye. “Because I don’t think it plans on giving up any time soon.”

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