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Please could you do something where the reader is married to Tommy but they have a bad fight and she storms off. She doesn’t come back hours later and Tommy is worried and sends everyone out to look for her. Arthur finds her passed out somewhere, panics, and can’t wake her up, so he carries her back to Tommy and Tommy looks after her until she wakes up.

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Things between you and Tommy hadn’t been the same since Grace had arrived in Small Heath. In all fairness, you had barely spoken two words to her so you couldn’t say that you hated her. However, the way that she acted around Tommy was enough to make you feel some negative feelings towards her. The way that she would wrap her arms around Tommy’s neck, or whisper things in his ear made you feel sick. It was obvious that she had feelings for Tommy and sometimes, you thought that maybe Tommy felt the same way. He wouldn’t tell her to back off when she got close to him and instead let her flirt with him.  

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Breaking The Bro Code (Requested)

Brett look across the lacrosse field as Tommy, someone he thought was his friend, shamelessly flirts with you, his ex-girlfriend.

You and Brett had dated for almost seven months during your freshmen year of high school, and things had been really great between you two. You were both good-looking, intelligent, charming people. You had so much fun together, and you two had had so much in common. Out of nowhere though, you’d broken up with him. Brett still didn’t understand it.

Brett uses his lacrosse stick to pick up the ball and then he flings it at the net as hard as he can. He had really liked you when you were together, and you had hurt him. He thought that all of his friends had his back. Friends weren’t supposed to flirt with your exes, and they most definitely were not supposed to try and date girls who had broken your heart, right?

Brett picks up another ball and flings it at the net. The more he thinks about you, the harder and faster he’s swinging his lacrosse stick. Before he knows it, the coach is calling practice. He grabs his stuff in a huff before heading towards the locker room, which unfortunately, takes him right past you and Tommy. “So, you’re going to that party tonight with me, right?” Brett watches as Tommy leans forward and pushes some of your hair behind your ear, letting his fingers linger on your skin longer than necessary.

Brett doesn’t wait to hear your answer. He doesn’t need to. He knew that look in your eyes. You liked Tommy. He had his hooks in you, and no doubt, that boy would end up breaking your heart. Brett scoffs under his breath, letting out a small smile. Maybe that’s what she deserves. She did break my heart after all.

But, the more that Brett thinks about it, the more he hates the idea of anyone hurting you. He didn’t want to see you in pain. He didn’t want you to hurt, especially not over a guy like Tommy. He so wouldn’t be worth your tears. As Brett is pulling his normal t-shirt over his head, he hears a pair of heavy footsteps stop beside him. Once the shirt is on, he turns around to see none other than Tommy standing there, changing at his own locker. “Hey Man, you were killing it out there today.” Tommy glances over at Brett with a grin on his face. “That championship will be ours for the taking this year.”

Brett clenches his jaw shut tightly while turning back to his own locker. He could smell the lust coming off of Tommy in waves. It was mixed with a scent of confidence, over-confidence if you asked Brett. “So, what were you doing with Y/N?” Brett asks as casually as he can. He didn’t want to tip Tommy off that he was upset… or checking up on you.

“Oh, I just asked her to come to AJ’s party with me later.” Tommy shrugs his shoulders and waves his hand at Brett. “She’s so sexy!” He tenses up his body quickly and then untenses it.

Brett turns slowly to face Tommy. “First of all, she’s beautiful. Secondly, stay away from her.” Brett’s features harden, letting Tommy know that Brett is serious.

“Oh!” Tommy chuckles under his breath while bringing his hand up to cover his mouth. A few seconds later, he lets his hand drop. “Are you not over her yet? Dude, I just figured that since it was two years ago, you wouldn’t care if I took a shot at her!” Tommy stands back and starts throwing some of his clothes in his gym bag.

Instead of engaging Tommy, like he wanted to, Brett just gathers his stuff and leaves the locker room in a hurry. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but there was no way he was letting Tommy get his hands on you. He knew that the boy didn’t have the right intentions. He could smell it.

“Screw it!” Brett sighs out under his breath when he sees you standing by your car with a couple of your friends. He throws his bag in his car quickly, and then walks over to you. “Hey Y/N, can we talk alone?” He glances at your friends, which sends them walking away.

You turn to look at Brett, crossing your arms over you chest. “What’s up, Brett?” You ask with a half-smile on your face. You and Brett hadn’t really spoken since you broke up with him. You ran in the same circles, but you both had always managed to avoid the other.

“You can’t go out with Tommy.” Brett tells you quickly. “He’s not a good guy.”

“He’s your friend!” You exclaim while waving your hand at Brett quickly.

Brett shakes his head. “He’s not my friend. He wouldn’t have been flirting with you if he were. That totally goes against the code.” Brett says, more to himself than you.

“What code?” You ask while crossing your arms over your chest again.

“The Bro Code.” Brett replies back quickly. “But, that doesn’t matter. Just trust me, he’s not someone you want to go out with.” Brett takes a small step forward and puts his hand on your shoulder.

You glance at his hand quickly before looking up into Brett’s eyes. “That doesn’t really mean a lot coming from you, Brett.” You tell him honestly while taking a small step back as casually as you can. You didn’t want to hurt Brett’s feelings.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks while crossing his own arms over his chest.

You shake your head while running your right hand through your hair. “It means that our relationship ended for a reason.” You lift your eyebrows while pursing your lips.

“Why did you break up with me? I never understood that.” Brett locks eyes with you.

You let out a soft sigh before biting your bottom lip. You run your hand through your hair again, and Brett smiles. He knew that was a nervous habit of yours. He loved that he still made your nervous. “You changed, Brett, and I didn’t like who you became.” You finally reply back.

“What? I didn’t change.” Brett shakes his head.

You nod your head slowly. “You did. You started playing lacrosse and getting popular, and you started buying into your own popularity. You acted like a total jerk, you cancelled plans at the last minute, you just ditched me a few times, and… The last straw was when I heard you bragging about getting laid to all of your friends.” You shake your head while rolling your eyes. “The only thing you didn’t do was cheat on me so thanks for that, I guess.” You shrug your shoulders.

“What… I don’t…” Brett shakes his head with a confused look on his face. “I don’t remember any of that. I would never tell the guys about me and you, not like that.” He looks back up at you, and he can see the truth in your eyes. He had done that.

“It was after that last lacrosse game of your freshman season. We went that that bon fire all the upperclassmen put together. I walked away to get us drinks, and when I came back, I heard you giving them all sorts of details. You even rated me.” You bite your lip while shaking your head. “In that moment, I hated who you’d become, and I couldn’t stand to be around you anymore, let alone let you touch me.”

Realization suddenly dawns on Brett. He does remember this night, and he feels like a jackass. “I am so sorry, Y/N. I honestly don’t know what got into me that night.” He shakes his head. “I would have broken up with me, too.”

“Yeah…” You look away from Brett and towards the fading sun. “I can handle myself, I don’t need you protecting me or warning me away from any guys.” You turn to open your car door, but Brett’s hand on your arm stops you.

“Wait!” He exclaims before stepping forward and turning you back around to face him. “If I promise that I can prove to you that I’m not that jackass anymore, will you give me a second shot?” Brett looks down into your eyes. “I still love you. I don’t think I ever stopped.” Brett confesses in a whisper.

Your eyes search Brett’s, and you can see the sincerity in them. You just don’t know if you can actually trust Brett. He had hurt you the last time, really hurt you. You didn’t want to feel that again. You had felt like such a fool, and you had been really embarrassed when you’d overheard all the things he’d said about you at that party. It wasn’t like you had put you down, but the things that he had shared had been private. And, that had just been the last straw after a long list of other bad things you’d seen him do.

“How are you going to prove anything to me?” You ask Brett.

The corners of Brett’s mouth pull out into a small smile. “I’m different now. You just have to let me show you. Go on a date with me tonight, and I promise, I won’t say a single word to anyone about the kiss you hopefully let me give you at the end.” He playfully grins down at you.

You roll your eyes while letting out your own smile. “Promise me that we’ll just take things slow, Brett.” You say when you look back into his eyes.

“As slow as you want, I promise.” Brett leans down and lets his lips hover just over yours. He could feel the air you exhaled, but he wasn’t going to close the distance.

You tilt your head just a fraction upwards and connect your lips to Brett’s in a sweet, soft kiss. When you pull away, you see his smirk. “Ugh, I hate you.” You push Brett away playfully.

“I’ll pick you up at 7:30.” Brett leans back down and kisses your forehead, making your smile widen. Then, he turns and walks back to his own car with a wide smile on his face. As he does so, he passes a dumbstruck Tommy. Brett turns and starts walking backwards. “Yeah, she’s not going to that party with you!” He shouts back at Tommy before turning back around and making his way to his car, laughing to himself all the way there.

Military law in the British Army during the Great War

Military law reinforces discipline

The maintenance of discipline in the army has always been considered a very serious affair. Whilst it is clear from statistics that there was much ill-discipline in the army throughout the war, most of it was of a non-serious nature. The instances of failure to obey orders are relatively few, and the number of men convicted and suffering from serious punishment was miniscule as a proportion of the whole. The acts of discipline outlined on this page were defined by the Army Act and the Field Service Regulations.

Small scale misdemeanours

These crimes included everything from matters of individual presentation such as being unshaven, untidy or losing kit; not saluting or addressing superiors correctly; dirty or incorrect equipment; being late on parade or after curfew, etc. They would be detected and dealt with by the NCOs and officers of a man’s own unit. NCOs often gave men extra fatigues or exercise as punishment for small matters. Being confined to barracks or losing a day’s pay was a torment too, for men who were eager for rest and amusement.

Moderately serious offences

For moderately serious crimes, a man could elect to be tried by a district court-martial, or be ‘convicted’ and sentenced by his Commanding Officer. The CO could sanction maximum punishments as follows: detention up to 28 days; field punishment up to 28 days; forfeit of all pay up to 28 days; for drunkenness, a fine up to 10 shillings. The CO could inflict minor punishments, with the offender having no right to a court-martial: confinement to camp for up to 14 days; extra guard duty; reprimand, severe reprimand or admonition.

Serious matters

These were tried by Courts-Martial. Some of these offences were ones that would have been tried by a civilian court if the man had not been on active service e.g. murder or rape. Other offences were purely military in nature, such as desertion.

Table of offences tried by Copurt Martial

Charge/Maximum penalty

Shamefully delivering up a garrison to the enemy/Death

Shamefully casting away arms in the presence of the enemy/Death

Misbehaving before the enemy in such a manner as to show cowardice/Death

Leaving the ranks on pretence of taking wounded men to the rear/Penal Servitude

Wilfully destroying property without orders/Penal Servitude

Leaving his CO to go in search of plunder/Death

Forcing a safeguard/Death

Forcing a soldier when acting as sentinel/Death

Doing violence to a person bringing provisions to the forces/Death

Committing an offence against the person of a resident in the country in which he was serving/Death

Breaking into a house in search of plunder/Death

By discharging firearms intentionally occasioning false alarms on the march/Death

When acting as a sentinel on active service sleeping at his post/Death

By discharging firearms negligently occasioning false alarms in camp/Cashiering or imprisonment

Causing a mutiny in the forces, or endeavouring to persuade persons in HM forces to join in a mutiny/Death

Striking his superior officer/Death

Offering violence or using threatening language to his superior officer/Penal servitude

Disobeying in such a manner as to show a wilful defiance of authority, a lawful command given personally by his superior officer/Death

Disobeying a lawful command given by his superior officer/Penal servitude

When concerned in a quarrel, refusing to obey an officer who ordered him into arrest/Cashiering

Striking a person in whose custody he was placed/Cashiering or imprisonment

Deserting HM service, or attempting to desert/Death

Fraudulent enlistment/First offence imprisonment; second penal servitude

Assisting a person subject to military law to desert/Imprisonment

Behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman/Cashiering

When charged with the care of public money, embezzling the same/Penal servitude

When charged with the care of public goods, misapplying the same (applicable to Quartermasters)/Penal servitude

Wilfully maiming himself with intent to render himself unfit for service/Imprisonment

Drunkenness/Cashiering or imprisonment

Committing the offence of murder/Death

Notes to this table: (1) offences where cashiering is shown as maximum punishment applied to officers only; (2) in order to enable a court-martial to award a field punishment, it was essential to allege 'when on active service’.

Types of Court-Martial

The courts-martial process was meant to be thorough, well-documented and carried out in accordance with law expressed in the Army Act which was subject to annual re-consideration by Parliament. Men on trial were supposed to be represented, and much evidence gathered and considered. In practice, especially at times of stress due to action, both of these principles were ignored or only barely adhered to. Documentation was often scanty, the process quick; men were often not represented, and indeed were often tried by officers of their own regiment or corps.

The outcomes of Courts Martial

In all, 5,952 officers and 298,310 other ranks were court-martialled. This amounts to just over 3% of the total of men who joined the army. Of those tried, 89% were convicted; 8% acquitted; the rest were either convicted without the conviction being confirmed or with it being subsequently quashed. Of those convicted, 30% were for absence without leave; 15% for drunkenness;14% for desertion (although only 3% were actually in the field at the time); 11% for insubordination; 11% for loss of army property, and the remaining 19% for various other crimes. The main punishments applied were : 3 months detention in a military compound - 24%; Field Punishment Number 1 - 22%; Fines - 12%; 6 months detention - 10%; reduction in rank - 10%; Field Punishment Number 2 - 8%.

3.080 men (1.1% of those convicted) were sentenced to death. Of these, 89% were reprieved and the sentence converted to a different one. 346 men were executed. Their crimes included desertion - 266; murder - 37; cowardice in the face of the enemy - 18; quitting their post - 7; striking or showing violence to their superiors - 6; disobedience - 5; mutiny - 3; sleeping at post - 2; casting away arms - 2. Of the 346, 91 were already under a suspended sentence from an earlier conviction (40 of these a suspended death sentence).

Field punishments

Field Punishment Number 1 consisted of the convicted man being shackled in irons and secured to a fixed object, often a gun wheel or similar. He could only be thus fixed for up to 2 hours in 24, and not for more than 3 days in 4, or for more than 21 days in his sentence. This punishment was often known as 'crucifixion’ and due to its humiliating nature was viewed by many Tommies as unfair. Field Punishment Number 2 was similar except the man was shackled but not fixed to anything. Both forms were carried out by the office of the Provost-Marshal, unless his unit was officially on the move when it would be carried out regimentally i.e. by his own unit.

Military Police

Military Police matters came under the office of the Adjutant-General. On his behalf, the Provost-Marshal supervised military police duties of the army in the field. At each level of the army hierarchy, the AG and the PM were represented. Each infantry Division, for example, had an Assistant Provost-Marshal, who received orders from the Divisional Assistant Adjutant-General, and who was responsible for organising the police under his command. The military police ('redcaps’ from the red cover around their service cap) were responsible for arresting all persons found without passes, plundering, making unlawful requisitions, or committing offences of any kind. They were also responsible for collecting stragglers, and for guarding against spies. In case of emergency they could call upon any troops in the vicinity to supply guards, sentries or patrols. In the Indian Army, the Provost-Marshal could order corporal punishment without trial, of up to 30 lashes.