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About my excitement over season 7 renewal when I regularly post ‘shit’ (anon’s words, not mine) about this show;

I’ll admit I am a big critic of this show. I nitpick little details that are wrong in the story and filming a lot. 

But I am also one of this show’s biggest fans. I think the time I put into making gifs and the cross-Atlantic travelling to see if I could have a shot at visiting the set and meeting the actors proves that. 

So why am I still excited over a new season? Other than the fact that it means more Sasha on screen? Because I so desperately want it to be good. I want this show to be as good as it once was. And no matter how many eff ups we see in the show, I still have that fool’s hope that it could, miraculously, get better.

This post will contain a lot of words and some gifs so I am putting it under a cut.

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