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The Guest Book (2017)

The Guest Book centers on the vacation home Froggy Cottage and its visitors. While the house and cast of characters living in this small mountain town remain the same, each episode will feature a different set of vacationing guests.

Starring:   Jenna Fischer, Michael Rapaport, Jaime Pressly, Lauren Lapkus, Danny Pudi, Michaela Watkins, Margo Martindale, Kellie Martin, Garret Dillahunt, Stockard Channing, Mary Lynn Rajskub, John Ortiz, Kimberly Hebert Gregory,Tommy Dewey

Release date:   August 3, 2017

honestly, having Ne-Yo guest star and Casey coming back made me realize that I don’t have a problem with Mindy being with someone other than Danny (despite being team dandy all the way) … I have a problem with Jody. I just hate him so much. I’m cringing. 

If we’re doing other guys, lets do this right.
Let’s bring back the best one.
Lets bring back Josh 2K16