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Dating Tommy End?

- He’s honestly one of the most intense people you’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
- Tommy is a firm believer in that actions say much more than words ever could and he makes sure you feel practically worshipped
- He’s taken to teaching you how to defend yourself, but even with how patient he is, he still laughs at your lack of coordination
- Tommy is so relaxed with you, that the first time he defends you, it shocks the living hell out of you
- you had been backstage at PWG, with Tommy and Roderick Strong had made some… colorful comments
- Tommy’s face went blank for just a moment, before the rage colored his face
- Tommy got a couple of good kicks and strikes in before he was pulled off of the bloody nosed Roddy by Chris Hero, Zack Sabre Jr, and Marty Scurll
- He was normally pretty affectionate, but for the rest of the weekend in Reseda was marked by overt displays of affection and almost possession in public
- Horror movies and tattoo dates
- late night philosophical discussions in the after glow


Quiet Company at Trees on February 8, 2013 (Part 2)

I’m still trying to get the hang of Lightroom, and I imported a bunch of shots there already, so I continued working on the Quiet Company set from Trees last week. There’s probably another post or three that I can get out of this, but I think my next one will be of another band.