tommy bb

Why should Tommy get to stomp around like a giant, while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? What’s so great about Tommy? Hm? Jason is just as cute as Tommy. Jason is just as smart as Tommy. People totally like Jason just as much as they like Tommy. And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that’s not what Power Rangers is about. We should totally just STAB TOMMY!

Whatever it is that you’re good at, believe in yourself and follow that path, and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do what you believe instinctively is right for you. Find anyone, anywhere who will help you develop that, even if it’s just one person, and badger them to help you get whatever you need, because you generally can do whatever it is you want to do, you just have to find the right people to help you implement that.
—  Tom Hardy

Look what I found in a german teen magazine!

Jared and Gen  are WINNERS.


[Picture: Actors Jared and Genevieve are proud parents.]

“It’s a boy” tweeted Jared Padalecki happily to the birth of little Thomas on March 19.

A real “Supernatural” baby. The 29 year old [Jared] met his wife Genevieve on the set of the mystery show [SPN] in 2008.