tommy and his boys

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn...

Think of them, standing at his mother’s funeral, with no idea of what death’s like except it takes away the people you love. 

Think of how they stand there and promise each other to always be there. They vow to be the other’s best man at their weddings, and vow to always get into mischief together, never alone.

And then Oliver disappears. Tommy, the boy who lost his mother and father, for whom Oliver had been his whole world in a way, his best friend and brother and partner in crime, dies at sea.

Tommy is lost. He gets even a speck of hint that his best friend is alive and he flies all across the world just to find him, to get him back.

Think of them when Oliver comes back. 

Of a friendship that had been the light for Oliver during some of his darkest days, 

of a friendship that had been the light for Tommy when he’d lost himself.

Think of them growing up together before and after Oliver came back, before and after all the mistakes they made.

They vowed to always be there for each other.

And think of the moment when Tommy Merlyn took his last breath in the arms of his best friend, 

the last face he saw being the man he’d loved as a brother all of his life, 

his last words clearing all differences away.

Think of Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen.

of two boys who’d spent all their lives getting into mischief and bailing each other out

of the two men who came back together, made mistakes and drifted apart, but never really broke

Of a friendship that believed even after death.

Of a friendship that never really left.

Or what Oliver would give to spend another minute with

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.

And cry with me.

Don't forget where you came from


Finn and I sat at the table in Watery Lane 6 with some paper and a pen. I was still trying to teach Finn how to write. He’s fourteen now and I’ve been teaching him for years, you’d think he would’ve gotten the hang of it by now. I think he secretly knows how to do it, but he just enjoys having me there to teach him. It’s no secret that he has a bit of a crush on me. He’s younger than me, I turned seventeen not too long ago, but it’s cute to see him get flustered when I lean in too close or I accidentally touch his hand.
“Look at that will you. Finn’s having class again.” Arthur grins when he walked in followed by John and Tommy.
“You’re either really stupid or you’re really enjoying your teacher’s company.” John adds. Finn sighs.
“Alright boys leave him alone.” Tommy places his hand on Finn’s shoulder. “He’s just trying to be a good student.” He adds, a ghost of a smile on his lips. I can’t help but grin at their jokes and the frustrated look on Finn’s face makes me let out a small laugh.
“You alright y/n?” Arthur asks as he sits down next to me. I nod. “Everything at home alright?”
I sigh as I remember how my father looked when I left this morning. “Yeah, everything’s alright.”
Tommy gives a look that says he doesn’t believe me and I quickly look away. “You need to tell us if you need help y/n.” He says.
“I will.” I answer but I keep my eyes on the paper.
I can just feel that Tommy doesn’t believe me and John seems a bit wary too.
“Y/n.” John starts. “Tell us.”
“It’s nothing really.” I shrug. “Just the usual. He got really drunk so I went to my room and locked the door. When I left this morning he was still sleeping.”
“You got a lock on your door now then?” John asks.
“Yeah, I put it there for her.” Finn answers for me. He surprised me with it after the last time my father hurt me.
“Good work Finn.” Arthur pats his brothers shoulder before he turns to me.
“He’s been getting drunk a lot lately then?” Tommy asks as he lights a cigarette.
“You want us to have a talk with him?” Arthur raises his eyebrows as he looks at me.
I shake my head. “No no you’ve done too much for me already.”
I always used to play with Finn when we were little kids and everything was still good. Sometimes we did little jobs for the older Shelby boys. I’m basically a part of the family, just not by blood. They look at me like a little sister, except for Finn. My mother died while my father was away at war. Her death combined with the horrible things he had seen in France made him start drinking. He’s a mean drunk. When he drinks he tends to hurt me. I managed to hide it for a while, but one time it was really bad. Polly found me that day, bruised and with several broken bones. She took me to a doctor and then back to their house. When the boys found out they had a rather rough ‘talk’ with him and he behaved for a while, but that didn’t last long.
“We’ll always help you.” Arthur says. “You’re practically family.” He throws an arm over my shoulders and gives me a squeeze.

Tom Riddle’s Nicknames

1. Tommy Boy - His caregivers @ Wool’s Orphanage, they say this fearfully

2. Satan Child - Children @ Wool’s Orphanage; they say this with rejuvenated spirits after Tom leaves for Hogwarts and are secure in the knowledge that he can’t kick their ass or kill their animals in retaliation 

3. Sweet Lips - Everyone @ Hogwarts that doesn’t actually know him

4. Tom M’Boy - Slughorn, usually said very tearfully when he’s deeply inebriated during one of his salacious parties 

5. Mudblood - Abraxas Malfoy until Tom swerved him

6. Tim Tam - Time-traveling Harry who falls deep under Tom’s charm

7. Little Shit - Dumbledore as he stares at Tom intensely from the head table through a pair of binoculars 

8. The Headboy - Headmaster Dippet, who doesn’t actually know the names of most of his staff members let alone some random ass student

9. Boy Who Gives Me Food - Basilisk that Tom hangs out with and occasionally kills his fellow students with

10. Not My Son - Tom Riddle Sr.; these were his poorly chosen last words 

i want to talk about tommy shepherd. i want to talk about when he said “they’ve kept me locked up for months… testing me… probing me… trying to turn me into a living weapon”, because i have questions. did anyone ever try to talk with tommy about this? asking him if he was okay? did tommy have nightmares? did tommy have fears of that the freedom he’d got wasn’t permanent? because yes, tommy is a tough guy, but he’s also 16, and he may have vaporized his school, but he is still just a kid. and he was kept locked up for months. all alone. not being able to use his powers. not being able to do something to get outta there. they had all these tests on him and he couldn’t fight against it. he couldn’t have known if someone would ever go to get him out.

i just need to know someone asks tommy if he is okay.


Imagine that you’re a teen mum - with twin babies - and Tommy loves to help take care of them…

“Come on you two” Tommy frowned, trying to stop the babies from fighting over the dummy “Please don’t. If your mother catches you doing this, she’ll get annoyed”

The two children looked up at him with confused faces, the dummy forgotten about. One edges closer, holding up his chubby hands for him to take.

Tommy smiled and pulled the boy up onto his lap, bouncing him gently. The other grabbed at a toy on the carpet, amusing themselves.

“Hey there. You missed me, huh?” he smiled, tickling the baby gently.

The child let out a happy giggle, grabbing at the boys shirt.

“Well I’ve missed you too Buddy”

(Y/n) watched from the doorway with a slight smile on her face. Tommy was a great help, he came around almost every day to help her. Some days it felt like she was in a war against the two babes. But with Tommy there, she had some backup.

“This is too cute” she giggled, catching the both boys attention.

The baby made grabbing at her, making her walk over to take him in her arms.



Starring Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Kevin McKidd

Directed by Danny Boyle

Scottish heroin addict Mark Renton (McGregor) introduces the audience to his four best friends: Spud, Sick Boy (Miller), Tommy (McKidd), and Begbie (Carlyle). At the start of the film, Mark decides to go clean. He soon finds the pressure from his friends, the reality of his life, and withdrawal symptoms to be all too much to bear and turns back to the needle, dragging Tommy down with him. After getting arrested, Mark is forced into a rehabilitation program. Worried by his friends’ continued trouble with the law and HIV risk, Mark tries to start over with a clean life in London. Just when Mark finally thinks he’s escaped his former life, an old friend returns to drag him back.

Boyle (dir) hints at the cyclical nature of heroin addiction throughout the film. For instance, at the start of the movie, Mark is explaining all the things such as “washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers” that come with “choosing life” over heroin. At the end of this film, Mark explains he’ll give up heroin forever and lists the exact same things in a description of his new life, essentially making the screenplay one big loop. Heroin is also cyclical because going clean fills their lives with problems, and the only way they know to cope is with mre heroin. First, Mark is hit with horrible pains and hallucinations associated with withdrawal. Next, he must deal with secondary physical problems such as diarrhea and increased sex drive. Lastly, Mark explains, “Once the pain goes away, thats when the real battle starts.” He is implying that the “real battle” is actually adjusting with the real world. He’s also made awful friends on heroin that he has to stick with once he’s clean. All of these factors create immense pressure for Mark, eventually submitting him to his addiction.

Boyle also illustrates how everybody is an addict in their own way. Mark’s mother takes Valium regularly, which he regards as a “socially acceptable” addiction. Begbie, who abstains from heroin, is addicted to fighting, which is even more destructive than the drugs. I also found it interesting how Mark says its the feeling that his job in real estate gives him that makes it to appealing, as if that is an addiction of its own. When Begbie is stressing Mark out, we see a pile of cigarettes accumulate outside of his apartment, yet another “socially acceptable” addiction. Also, it is important to mention how the boys get most of their drugs from scamming medical professionals, drawing attention how these drugs are used by the public. By pointing out the addictions we are all used to seeing, Boyle humanizes the boys.

One of Mark’s characteristic quirks is how articulate he is. He speaks with a vocabulary and candor that clearly indicates high intelligence. This highlights how he’s “wasted potential.” All of the addicts show this in some way. Sick Boys’ extensive and nuanced knowledge of James Bond prove he’s quite smart and intellectually curious, and could have amounted to more with proper education. Spud has a strong moral compass corrupted by his need for a score. Tommy is the clearest example of this idea, since we witness his entire downfall; he went from the gentle, successful one to the first to die.

Mark tells the audience that Sick Boy’s theory to life is that “at one point you got it, then you lose it and its gone forever.” Essentially, your life could be perfect, but the moment something goes wrong, it’s all downhill from there. For the guys, this moment is the death of Baby Dawn. Before then, Mark makes it clear that their heroin use is for the “pleasure of it” rather than escaping some dark feeling. However, in the scene following Dawn’s death, he explains that heroin not only no longer feels good, but it’s actually “misery on misery.” They’re now facing the reality of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, which is the beginning of their “downward trajectory.”

This film is another longtime favorite of mine. Boyle creates a fun vibe without sugarcoating the darkness and severity of the boys’ situation. He creates humor with outrageous, exaggerated moments while still keeping artistic integrity. 


You don’t have to be blood, to be family 1/?

Chapter 1 April, 1991

Summary: Tommy has some big news and he’s eager to tell his best friend

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“Hey Tommy!” Oliver said to his best friend as he opened the door to his room and entered. Tommy Merlin was smiling widely, showing off clearly the empty space left by the tooth that had fallen last week.

He was used to Tommy going into his room at any time of the day, the boys had been friends since any of them could remember; their parents were friends and Tommy being only three months older than Oliver –fact that he loved to remind him- they had become friends since the beginning. To add to that, four years ago, when the boys were only two, the Merlyn family had moved to a mansion that was only a five minutes’ walk from the Queen manor, so they became fairly inseparable, they even went to the same school and the same class, much to their teachers chagrin

“Hey!” Tommy jumped in Oliver’s bed, making all the toys he had in it, basically surrounding him made a little jump “I have big news!” exclaimed the 6 year old

“Yeah? What is it?” Oliver left the comic he had in his hand and looked at Tommy

“My mom said I’m going to have a sister!” Tommy seemed excited by the news

“Wow! Your mommy is going to have a baby like Thea?” he asked thinking about his baby little sister, Thea, that was born only one month ago and remembering how he saw the changes in his mom’s body. He thought it could be cool to see the same on Tommy’s mom

“No” Tommy said “mom said this girl is already born, but she said the this way is better because I can plan with her sooner and I will be funnier”

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So! Basically, for movie!verse Tommy, what’s gonna happen is that I’m gonna go with my own personal theory. Which is: Tommy & Jason were neighbors, close friends, and competitors. The night that Jason wrecked his truck, Tommy was with him. Both boys were drunk and when the wreck happened, Tommy was horribly injured whereas Jason walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. He ended up in a coma for a while and when he came out of it, his life was ruined. He had limited mobility and the doctors said that he wouldn’t gain full mobility again. Rita, shortly after her defeat at the hands of Rangers, approaches Tommy in true Rita fashion and manipulates him into accepting the Green Power Coin. He’s able to gain access to the morphing grid, unlike her, and transforms into her Green Ranger. Plus, the coin helps him regain full mobility again! He can go to school and lead a normal life! Under Rita’s control, of course. I’m still working out the kinks and we still need more Rangers, but yeah.

Fuck Boy Tommy™

You asked, I deliver. A very serious in-depth analysis of the character Thomas from the Maze Runner trilogy as that boy we all know: the fuck boy/fuckboy/fuckboi/fuccboi. College AU as always.

Meet Thomas, aka Fuck Boy Tommy™. A freshman in Glade Uni, majoring in being a lil bitch computer science. Surprise, surprise, your local asshole isn’t that much of a dimwit. In fact, he’s very bright cause he asks a lot of questions. But god fucking dammit, just look at his terrible attempt at getting into his senior’s pants.

  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ aims for the seniors and seniors only, especially after Minho, the Alpha Alpha Alpha (cause they aint got time for Betas tbh) frat house president, gives some speech at the beginning of the Rush Week saying some shit like, “Aim high, hit low.”
  • So he aims for the seniors and the seniors only and starts weighing the options he has. He’s gotta go for the hottest of the hottest: Teresa.
  • Teresa turns him down bc of course the hottest of the hottest has a bf/gf. Fuck Boy Tommy™ scoffs it off and turn his head to the second hottest girl (according to this fuccboi ok, the author thinks she’s the hottest. ok.): Brenda
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ tries to hit on Brenda after Teresa turn him down not knowing they’re dating because he’s as observant as a brick wall. Needless to say his attempt was embarrassingly unsuccessful.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ joins Tinder, Grindr and Brenda. He fakes a girl profile on Brenda under the name hottie250. No one messaged him.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ fancies Newt, they both minor in French. He successfully gets his Snapchat without the usual fuccboi issues, which gets him thinking he might be getting nudes this time. He can’t stop starring at Newt’s crotch tbh. “Eyes up here, Tommy.” the Brit smacks his head.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ tries to ask Newt for nudes, but Minho replies with this Snapchat. Holy fucking shit. He’s asking the President of Alpha Alpha Alpha’s boyfriend for nudes. Should learn to take a hint when Newt said “My boyfriend Minho is gonna pick me up after class.”
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ finds another target: Captain of the Wrestling Team, Gally. Captain Gally. He gets punched on his face after telling him “I can make your back arch further than your brows do.” Tommy pls.
  • Med student Jeff helps Fuck Boy Tommy™ because it seems like Gally broke his nose. Fuck Boy Tommy gets kicked out of the ER for hitting on Jeff and his senior physicians with the line: “Do you want a shot of my serum?”
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ wonders why he’s still single, complaining to his poor roommate Chuck. Chuck just sighs, and bury himself in his blanket, about this close to losing his shit. “Can’t believe my roommate is a fuckboy.”

Fuck Boy Tommy™, brought to you by yours truly, K.