tommy adderley

Jackie Edwards, Dinah Lee, Milli Small, Tommy Adderley @New Zealand 1965

Jackie Edwards was a 27 years old jamaican songwiter. He wrote and record the R&B superhit song “Keep On Running (Beverly’s 1965)”.

Dinah Lee was a 19 years old new zealander singer. Influenced by the new bluebeat jamaican sound, she records her second hit “Do The Bluebeat (Viking 1964)”.

Millie Small was a 19 years old jamaican singer. Leader of the new world musical sensation: the bluebeat (ska), and his top international hit “My Boy Lollipop (Fontana 1964)”.

Tommy Adderley was a 25 years old new zealander singer. A working-class singer just before jump into multimacional label RCA, record a blues version of “I Just Don’t Understand (viking 1964)”.