Request #4 10k x Reader

anon said: just a cute fluffy thing. so reader is with the group and when they go on a run someone finds a rubix cube. they’re all trying to figure it out when reader asks for it and she soLVES IT IN LIKE TWO MINUTES LIKE DAMN GIRL. and everyone is amazEd and no one understands how she does it. she tries teaching them but everyone is still lost. when everyone goes to do their own thing, 10k asks if he can try. she tries to help and like touches his hand to show him. Tbh I just want cute fluff. thanks

“why are we stopping at a thrift store?” murphy says annoyed from the front seat.
“because we need a place to stay for the night and getting some new clothes might not be such a bad thing” warren says with a half smile making it obvious that the comment at the end was directed at murphy “very funny” he says sarcastically opening the truck door and getting out “i mean it was pretty funny” you say smiling jumping out of the truck, 10k is by your side as always he has a smile across his face. “everything is funny to you” murphy snaps back at you taking a serious tone “hey knock it off we’re all just kidding” 10k says getting defensive, you put your hand on his arm to reassure him it’s okay murphy always gets like this and it isn’t a surprise to any of you. all of you walk into the shop and drop your stuff immediately noticing there aren’t any z’s to be found. you notice a couch that has been turned out to be a pull out bed and run to it, you jump on it and 10k follows seeing the almost childish smile on your face. “hey look what i found!” doc says excitedly holding up the multicolored cube. everyone comes to sit around you and 10k, “what’s that?” 10k says curiously “you’re kidding” you say shooting him a look “you don’t know what that is?” you add sounding surprised but, knowing you shouldn’t be surprised you knew how 10k grew up and you knew he missed out on little things. “it’s a rubix cube” you finally say as he nods and gets closer to you “i still can’t figure out how to solve one of these things” doc says twisting it around and ultimately tossing it to murphy who doesn’t even bother trying so he gives it to addy she tries and then tosses it to warren “i’m not even gonna try it” she says tossing it to you.
“come on it’s not that hard” you say laughing a bit you twist it and turn it until all of the colors are aligned. everyone looks at you shocked and impressed and you look up and see 10k looking down at you with a small smile on his face
“h-how’d you do that so fast kid?!” doc says eyes wide
“a lot of practice i guess” you say laughing
“i’m impressed” murphy says patting your shoulder “you’re a true talent” addy says laughing “alright come on let’s see what else we can find” warren says as everyone gets up but you and 10k are still sat down
on the bed as he pulls a blanket over you “you looked cold” he says with a little smile on his face “thank you” you say putting some of the blanket on him he smiles at you and sees the rubix cube still in your hand “can i try it?” he says softly you nod your head yes and give it to him. he has a puzzled look on his face as he twists and turns it and you can’t help but laugh a little bit “hey i’m trying here” he says “i know i know” you say “do you want me to help you?” you add 10k nods and you put your hands on top of his, your cheeks start to turn red and you notice that his are as well.
you start to twist it around “y/n” he says softly “c-can we just lay here for a bit?” he adds looking down at you and intertwining his fingers with yours “of course” you say resting your head on his shoulder and he wraps his arms around you. “you have no idea how long i’ve waited to do this” he says “oh trust me i do” you say looking into his eyes and seeing the smile on his face and you realize that you’re probably smiling just as wide.


Little present for my darling friend bluealaris, with her cute little skunk boy Tommy! I imagine he’d love to go to the farmer’s market and buy a bunch of colorful root vegetables, even he knows nothing about them or cooking. c,:

Arches hot press paper 300g, fine watercolors, gouache, colored pencil, scarlet red ink and turquoise ink.

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More bi!10k headcanons, love your writing btw

I love these <3 

10k wonders if he’ll ever love a girl again after Cassandra. He can’t imagine ever finding someone so beautiful in looks and character. He still dreams about her, but he goes about finding himself a boyfriend to take his mind off of her. 

Then he falls in love. 

He falls in love twice in one day. 

He falls in love with a tall dark skinned girl, black hair cut short, freckles sprinkled across her nose. As soon as her dark eyes meet his, he melts. He follows her everywhere, saving her life multiple times in one day because she tends to space out. 10k finds this so endearing, he likes watching her stare into the distance, making guesses about what she’s thinking. 

Then, they’re by the river, and his heart stops. A body is floating on the water. He drags him out by his soaked shirt, a beautiful body, blonde hair plastered to his forehead, a matching blonde beard. He works over him, performing cpr, begging for him to come back. Then his eyes open, a silvery grey. 

He falls in love twice. But he doesn’t have the guts to tell either of them. 

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if you have time, i was wondering if you had any headcannons about 10k getting it on with his boyfriend

bi 10k maKES A RETURN 

10k really likes his boyfriend’s legs, and I mean he really likes them. When they’re making out his hands always go over his butt and around his thighs, He lifts him up onto his hips to make this easier if he’s standing. 

10k is a top. Fight me. He’s gentle and awkward the majority of the time, but as soon as he gets his boyfriend into bed, he changes. He’s confident and dominant as he tells him what he wants him to do and what he’s going to do back to him. 

He’s not a biter, but he loves being bitten. He enjoys the game of his boyfriend biting him in more and more obvious places and then him having to try and hide it without looking suspicious in the process. 

He’s not a moaner or a groaner or a screamer. He’s a whimper. Tiny, adorabel little whines and breathy squeaks. His boyfriend is louder, and the sounds that he makes turns him on so much. He loves making him groan aloud, and he doesn’t care who hears. 

He gets kinky. He never used to be, but one night his boyfriend calls him sir. From then on, he craves the sound of the title leaving his lips. 

Afterwards he goes back to quiet, awkward 10k again, not looking his boyfriend in the eye for a moment, and then when he does, his cheeks go red and his eyes are wide. 

Afterthough: 10k bites his lip a lot, He finds it hard to concentrate on anything afterwards, because of how heavily damaged his lip is, it’s hard to use a sniper rifle when you’re dabbing blood from your lip every few seconds.