Heyo its Marianne here for my updated follow forever and if you were tagged in this it means i love you and your blog a lot

and if you weren’t tagged in this i still love you but i’m trying to make this follow forever smaller than my last one


grace (pastelmikey) : AYOO ily grace and you were my first tumblr friend and i cant believe you even wanted to be friends with me but ily. because of you i now scream ‘fuck you pablo’ at my phone and no one understands. you also enhanced my hedgehog obsession but i can’t even get into that right now. ILY AND YOUR SINGING VOICE BYEEEE

ashlyn (buhsteal) : ayeee ashlyn ily and you’re an amazing friend and i just want to say you helped my through a lot even when you could’ve just ignored me. i wish i could just go on tour with you and your band and just party and meet others bands because that sounds amazing. ily and i wish we lived near each other so we could get drunk and talk about bands.

erin (ashhdamn) : BABE, ily you’re one of my best friends and i remember they day we stated talking bc it was the day of the livestream and i messaged you and we started a fangirl group. you’re amazing and i know that i can always come to you for advice and also when i need someone to fangirl with. ILY and i hope we get to go to a concert together soon

holly (letsgohemmo) : HOLLY AYEEE ily holly and you can either make me crack up or cry from luke feels there’s no in between. i love how whenever you try to type you always make a spelling error and it so funny holly ily. also, #LULLY4LYFE and TIME ZONES SUCK OKAY THATS ALL I LOVE YOU HOLL BALLS. p.s i love luke more than you k byeeeeeee

vilde (calumisinthehood) : V BRUH CHILL, v you’re amazing and my favorite norwegian. ilysm v you’re so funny and i love torturing you with mikey pics because i’m just mean like that sorry. i ship you with michael so hard you guys would be so perfect together. ANYWAYS i cant even believe im best friends with the famous vilde. ily regina george byeeee

hannah (mashtonpotatoes5sos) : HANNAH bruhhhhhhh ily and you’re so sexual its scary sometimes. you’re an amazingly talented artist and i know you’re going to become a famous artist one day. you’re also really hilarious and did i say you were sexual?? SO SEXUAL HANNAH AND ALSO VERY THIRSTY FOR A BOY I WONT MENTION but ily anyways

lucy (booksarefoodforthesoul) : LUCY YOU’RE GONE RN AND IM SO SAD BC WE CANT TALK AND I MISS YOUR ACCENT AND TIME ZONES SUCK STILL BUT I MISS YOU AND ILY AND YOU’RE SUCH A CUTIE. and i love your hair and i wish i lived in england with you so we could go to 5sos concerts together, ILY LUCY YOU’RE AMAZINGGG


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