Tomorrowworld. With My Mom.

As some of you may know, I am going to Tomorrowworld. With my mom. As well as my two uncles and three aunts. She’s pretty awesome and is way cooler than I could ever dream to be. She doesn’t do drugs, has never been to a festival but has heard about the latest Odesza album before me and knows Lane 8 better than the most avid Anjuna Beats fan I know. 

She loves EDM. She could care less about the sex, drugs and alcohol. I so admire her love for the music - but being the woman she is makes it all fairly humorous. This blog will be dedicated to tracking the pictures, quotes and general happenings of my family at Tomorrowworld. Hope you enjoy and I cannot wait to see what happens. Don’t worry my friends, I will be go-pro and iPhone equipped. 

PS: Mom, if you’re reading this I obviously love you and your vibrant way of life. Keep at it.