tommorow is monday

This can be used for everything

When you make a joke to your mom but then she starts lecturing you 

When your having fun at lunch break but notice you have a test next period

When you and you friends are having a good time but you see that bitch you hate 

When your going through memes and you see a smut 

 When you send a derpy snapchat and then they screenshot 

When your getting into a new group and then find out your a noona


*When you are enjoying nct-u but then remember Hansol Yuta and Johnny*

*le cries*

not my gif 


This is connected with No hero academia anime and i wonder if u can guess who is in Midoriya’s outfit?

Btw i need u'r help!Should i fix somethin’ before its too late? Pleeease be free to tel me in comments!I got inspirated by one person…hehe

Tomorow i will color it and then reveal who is in Midoriyas outfit!(nahh its easy u will guess it…why am i even trying TuT)

Oh btw Crystal!Tale page 3 is gonna come out tommorow or on monday!


Hey guys! So I wanted to give you all an activity that would help relax and calm you especially since tommorow is Monday!So I thought what better than some coloring!!😊I hope you guys enjoy today’s activity!☄I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

~Ravenclaw Prefect Yary😸

Original used and unused tracks for the audio drama, “Attack on Space.” Music is composed by Nate and Tav of the 104th Voice Squad ( They took time out and created fantastic music inspired by the series! Check out this track by Nate, and be on the lookout for another one tommorow on Monday! Go say Hi to this nerd for us too while you’re at it :)