shahid: i have sam smith on my cv
louis: i have 4 tours, including a sold out MSG, 4 albums and 5th in the making, ronnie wood, robbie williams on my archieve and not to mention my own company, besides i have part in everything 5sos does bc hey i “discovered” them and now they’re out there doing their own tours. lets not forget people actually know who im rite?


Hahahaha remember when Zouis were so tight they got a Mystery Machine together

anonymous asked:

hey would you mind explaining the current 1D drama thats going on at the moment? with naughty boy, zayn, and louis?

ah yes! so last time on keeping up with 1d we have zayn leaving the man band and nasty boy latching on to him like your favorite leech (matching track suits included) and now we have twitter world war 1d (TWW1D)!!! 

so it all started with this ratchet photobooth pic of our fav pair “zaughty”

and then we have this mature lil tweet from ur fav sassy man band member, louis “the tommo” tomlinson

right okay fair enough but then of course nasty boy knew louis was talkin bout him and zayn so he fires off this arbitrary response directly to the sassmaster from doncaster

yes the sunglasses emoji makes you v v cool nasty boy and then more shots are fired into the chaos

AND THEN as if things couldn’t get anymore heated, your very own bradford bad boi came to the defense of his……. nasty boy??? zaughty rises in scary ways

yes that’s right zayn malik v. louis tomlinson, the partners in crime, bus 1 buddies… are at war

and zaughty is further solidified

and louis gets the final blow, ignoring z might i add, with this

so basically the entire fandom, nay, the entire world, is channelling a bit of 2012 harry styles with this: