tommie makinen


Favorite EVO.

Although I like them all equally, these are the ones that have won my heart. I should point out that even though I like the EVO series, the EVO VIII (8) is the one that I dislike the most. No better than the EVO VII (7) and it looks too much like the stock Lancer. The black sheep of the EVO family.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR 1996 - Scotia White
I would leave it as stock as possible. Would drive it to car shows and such.
Why the GSR and not the RS? Because the RS is focused on performance, while the GSR is for road use.

/// EVO VI Tommie Makinen Edition 2000
Would fit some aero package and use it mainly for track day or tarmac rallies.
Or maybe even use it every day. If so, then I would live the looks of the car stock and modernized the performance and interior as much as possible.
I would have THE Tommie Makinen version with the ralliart black/white across the side.

/// EVO IX FQ-360 2007 - Medium Purplish Grey Mica
I really like the EVO VII (7), so, the EVO IX (9) for me is the ultimate edition of that model. Would go for the UK exclusive FQ-360. Just look at that ass! Love everything about it. You can never have too many rear diffuser, plus, those mud flaps are just right.

/// EVO X FQ-400 - Lightning Blue Mica
The ultimate EVO for the track. The bodywork may look familiar, and that’s because it’s inspired by the Tommie Makinen EVO VI. Realistically speaking, probably my favorite EVO. If I had one, I would use it for EVERYTHING. And why not? It has four door, plenty of space for luggage and so much more. My dream is to take this car on a road trip around europe visiting famous tracks. But with a price tag of £50,000 (20.000 more than a stock EVO X) I’m not so sure if I will ever own one.