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My Husband’s Brother- Tommy Shelby/ John Shelby

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Request// A peaky Blinders imagine where the shelby’s father comes back and he assumes you’re married to john even though you’re with tommy because everyone always assumed you and john would end up together. And it brings conflict between the brothers.

*Did, I write this on my phone while I was busy at school? Definitely. Is it riddled with typos just because of this reason? Of course not. Hope you enjoy! xoxox*

“Tommy,” you whispered to him in giggles, brushing your fingers through his hair, “We’ve got to get up.”

“Says who,” he grumbled out against your stomach, placing a kiss on the small bump that had begun to show behind your nightgown.

“Says me. We’ve got a family meeting at noon and Polly’ll have your head if we’re late.”

“It’s probably just about Billy Kimber, and that will be taken care of soon enough.” Tommy rose from the bed in all his naked glory, and you couldn’t help but blush when remembering the night before and recalling every inch of his body that you held to memory.

“I don’t know, Tommy. I’ve… I’ve just got this feeling. Something is happening, and it won’t be good for any of us.”

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Just Roses Tommy Shelby x Reader

Hi everyone! If anyones listening… Sorry, this took so long! SO many tests this quarter! I still have loads more requests to do, so don’t worry I haven’t forgotten.

Request: Request where Tommy keeps spoiling the reader with gifts and luxury items because he is afraid to lose her???

Hope you Enjoy!

Tommy has always radiated confidence and power but as you got further into your relationship with him you realized a fair amount of this exterior was fake. 

You came to Tommy for a job at his business. You had great skills in keeping the books straight. Making a correct budget for each year and keeping track of the imports and exports.  He had immediately hired you when he finished looking at your resume and you had started that very next day.
It was an easy and peaceful job. It was never too much and the pay was good. Over time you met the Shelby family and became friendly.
Polly would sometimes bring you muffins from the bakery, Ada would sometimes drop by and have a cup of tea. John and Artur would pause at your desk to joke around with you. I was nice having people around you that were happy to see you. You and Tommy would interact a lot. You had daily meetings with him to discuss the daily exports and without fail he would always bring you a cup of tea in the morning. You had thanked him profusely and had tried to get there earlier than him on multiple occasions to make him a cup of tea but no matter what he would always be there before you.
Over time you and he developed more than a friendship. The whole Shelby family whooped for joy as they caught the two of you sharing a passionate kiss in Tommy’s office. And it only went uphill from there.
The two of you were incerdibly happy together. You learned to analyze Tommy’s deadpan expression more and realized if you looked closely it was overflowing with emotion.
Many times you would just sit on Tommy’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck and just stare into his eyes. He would always have a hint of a smile at the edges of his lips when you would do this.
Over time you noticed a certain emotion resurfacing in his eyes. Vulnerability.  
It first started with just a single beautiful rose. He would walk up to you with an arm behind his back and then bring it forward suddenly, watching your face light up with surprise. You would always be so delighted at the spontaneous rose Tommy would give you. You would put them all in the blue vase by your bedside table so you could fall asleep next to the sweet scent.
When the roses would start to dry out you would press them into a book so you would never lose them.  
Soon the singular rose turned into a bouquet of wildflowers. You were, of course, flattered at the idea that Tommy thought of you but you were as well a little confused as to why he had suddenly started to give you more.
Over the weeks the flowers turned into a beautiful bracelet.
“Tommy! How much did this cost?” You exclaimed as you saw the row of emeralds along the edge of the bracelet.
“Nothing.” He responded giving you a swift kiss on the cheek and turning away to go back to work. You stared after at his retreating figure.
Next came a ring. You were pinning up your hair for an evening dinner party when Tommy came over and sat next to you at your vanity.
You looked at each other through the mirror. Admiring the flawlessness of the other’s beauty.
“I have something for you,” Tommy said. Delicately stroking your exposed shoulder.
You finished pinning the final pieces of your hair and turned to him, grasping his hands in yours.
“Tommy, you really shouldn’t. I don’t need these gifts.”
“Nonsense.” He said slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out a simple but absolutely stunning silver ring.
“I think it completes your outfit, love,” Tommy whispered, taking your hand and slipping the ring onto your finger.
“Thank you, but Tommy how much-” You were cut off by Tommy placing his lips on yours.
The evening was enjoyable, you spent it sipping expensive champagne and talking to the richest people.
“Oh, Tommy! Greg and I were just talking about his family. They live in the country, how lovely is that?” Tommy had just come up behind you slipping a hand around your waist to see what you were up to.  For most of the evening, you had been talking to this absolutely riveting gentleman.
“With two kids.” he chimed in with a smile.
“It must be gorgeous out in the countryside, so safe and beautiful.” You said your voice sounding wistful.
“Oh yes, lovely. Everyone knows everyone in the town. And you should really see the sunsets.”
Tommy watched silently as you took in every word the man said. He watched as you warmed at the sound of homemade salads and pet chickens. He saw your smile grow even wider at any mention of the man’s kids. And soon something shifted in Tommy. An emotion surfaced, an emotion he hadn’t had to deal with in a while. Insecurity.
A few weeks passed since the party and you were cleaning up your desk to get ready for the weekend when you suddenly felt to arms wrap around your waist.  You smiled and turned around in Tommy’s arms.
“Hi.” He whispered.
“Hi,” you whispered back. “How are you?” You asked.
“I’m fine,” Tommy said as he rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“How are you?” He mumbled.
“Tired,” you said with a sigh, stroking his hair.
“I have something for you,” Tommy said pulling away from you.
He drew a small blue box out of his breast pocket. He handed it to you.
He gestured for you to open the box as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.
You delicately unwrapped the blue tissue paper to find a white box underneath, you opened it up to see a silver necklace with a turquoise diamond in the middle of the chain.
You stared back up at him in shock, “This is too much, Tommy!” You said to him.
“Way too much.” You carefully put the necklace back in the box and handed it back to him.
Tommy stood there smoking his cigarette just watching you.
“Tommy, why are you getting me these beautiful, expensive gifts.” Realizing he wasn’t going to take the box back, you set it on the table.
“So you don’t like them, then?” He said, retreating back to his monotone voice.
You sighed, “Of course I like them Tom, but I don’t need them. Spend this kind of money on something more useful. I’m happy with just a few roses.”
You smiled at him and reached forward to caress his cheek, but he quickly grabbed the box and muttered, “I better go return this then.” And he left your hand hanging in the air.
“I think somethings really wrong, Pol. He hasn’t been himself.” You were over at Polly’s having a cup of tea and chatting. When Polly had asked how you and Tommy were doing you answered truthfully.
“He’s really mad at me, I know it. He won’t say it but I know.”
“Wait, wait, wait, why is he supposedly mad at you?” Polly questioned taking a sip of her tea.
“Tommy kept on buying me these incredible gifts, expensive gifts, and I said not to because of the money and he just turned incredibly brisk and cold.” You said frustrated.
“Well, the best word of advice I have is to talk.”
And you did.
You closed the door to the apartment you and Tommy shared. You walked into the sitting room to find Tommy, relaxing on the couch reading the paper. You sighed as you noticed Tommy not attempting to acknowledge your arrival. You set your coat and bag down and walked quietly over to the seat directly opposite Tommy’s and sat.
“Tommy.” You said in a low voice.
He paid no attention to your attempt to interact. So you waited. You new eventually Tommy would get tired of this game and give in. And soon enough you were right. Tommy sighed and put the paper down and looked over at you.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, knowing very well he wouldn’t answer you.
He sat there looking back at you, you could see him contemplating his next remark. Measuring what to say.
You suddenly grew very frustrated and angry with him.
“I am not a fucking client! Do not look at me as one!” You snapped at him. Only catching him off guard for a minute.
“Then what are you, exactly (y/n)?” He asked regaining his empty composure.
“I am someone who cares very deeply about you and I am asking you what is wrong and you are supposed to answer.”
“Cares very deeply!” He scoffed glancing away from you. “You don’t act like it.”
You looked at him, opening your mouth in surprise, “You don’t think I care?”
Tommy wouldn’t look at you, instead, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.
“Don’t smoke in the house, Tom.” You muttered.
Your comment went unnoticed.
“I give and I give, (y/n). I give you all these nice things, and all you do is say how much you don’t want them. That I should return them.”
He blew out a cloud of smoke.  "Do you know how frustrating that is?“
"I love all the things you give me! I just-I don’t-. Forget it.” Tommy silently wilted at the sound of your voice cracking at the end of your sentence.
You leaned forward and rested your elbows on your knees and rested your head in your hands.
“No, don’t forget it. What were you going to say?” Tommy couldn’t help the harsh tone coming into his words.
You sighed and let your hands fall. You continued to stare at your feet not bothering to look into Tommy’s eyes.
“I don’t want you, and others thinking the only reason I’m with you is your money. I don’t want people to think I don’t love you because I do, Tommy, I really do. I love you”
You sat there for a few moment before suddenly feeling an urge of fatigue.
“But you know what? I’m going to bed.”
You walked off before he could respond.
You sighed as you slid in between the soft sheets of the bed. You groaned silently as you felt your muscles relaxing after being so sore all day. You didn’t know how long you were lying there in the darkness but you heard the door creak open and Tommy shuffling in.
You were facing away from the door and you didn’t make any acknowledgment of him entering. You heard the sounds of him removing his clothing and putting things away, eventually, he slid into the empty spot next to you in the king-sized bed.
“I know you’re awake.” He mumbled to the back of your head. He started to play with the tips of your hair until you reached back and guided all of your hair over your shoulder so he had no access.
“(y/n).” He sighed. He finally relented.
“Look, I-The only reason I was buying you those things was because I realized there were so many other men out there, that you could love and be happy with besides me.”
He sighed, rubbing his face.
“And I shouldn’t have gotten mad when you returned the gift, I was just anxious that you finally realized the truth. And I’m sorry.”
You both lay there for a few moments before you turned over to be met with his gloomy glacier eyes.
“The truth?” You whispered.
“That, I don’t deserve you. You should be living in a bigger house, on a farm with kids and a husband that can guarantee your safety.” He mumbled back. Not really meeting your gaze.
You stroked his face, tracing his lips, nose, wrinkles, and eyebrows. You softly smiled to yourself.
“I love you.”
Tommy just pulled away from your hand shaking his head.
“No.” You said guiding his face back to yours, you moved even closer.
“No, I love you. I love you, I would not be happier with anybody else. Nobody but you. Because I love you.” You made sure to stress every syllable looking into his eyes, drowning yourself in them.
“We might not be able to have kids, I just can’t promise you a family.”
You shrugged, “Then we won’t have kids.” You quietly said back. “I’m happy as long as you’re by my side.”
“I don’t need a bracelet, or a ring, or a necklace from you Tommy. I just want you, and maybe a rose once and awhile.” You both chuckled not breaking eye contact.
As if the two of you could read each other’s minds, both your lips met with a feverish kiss. Your tongues fought both trying to communicate to each other the love you felt. As the kiss escalated you rolled on top of Tommy. Stradling his hips. He leaned up to make sure your lips still met in a passionate kiss.
Soon you started to slowly grind your hips into his, causing the both of you to moan in pleasure. Tommy broke the kiss off to start his assault on your neck. Sucking and biting all the way back up to your mouth.
“I love you.” He whispered into your ear, bucking his hips up to match your grinding.
“God, I love you so much.” He stated before he quickly flipped the two of you over.

All of my cartoon pops.

Front, L-R: Amethyst, Peridot, Mabel, Dipper, Steven, Connie, Garnet, Lapis, Lion, Squidward

Middle, L-R: Rick, Morty, Pearl, Grunkle Stan, Rose, Bill, Tommy, Chuckie,

Back, L-R: Patrick, Sandy, Spongebob

  • Rose: I think it's time to tell all my cousins that we're dating.
  • Scorpius: I don't think that's a good idea. Do you remember what James did to your last boyfriend?
  • Rose: No.
  • Scorpius: Tommy McAllister disappeared for two days! For TWO DAYS no one could find him.
  • Rose: Tommy had dragon pox. He was isolated in the Hospital Wing.
  • Scorpius: Oh. Looking back that makes a lot more sense. Whoops.

Imagine tho a Star Wars/The Room crossover skit.

*Adam wailing like a banshee and smashing his helmet in the laziest most limp-wristed fashion possible*

Poe: So, what’s the plan?

Holdo: Let’s see… Poe, don’t plan too much. It may not come out right.

*The Hut Scene*

Ben: Uncle Luke, do you have something else to do?

Luke: I just like to watch you guys.

Ben: Uncle, two’s great, but three’s a crowd.

*The Elevator Scene*

Rey: I like you. very. much. lover. boy.

Kylo: What’s going on here?

*Throne Room Scene*

Snoke: I got the results of the test back. I’ve definitely been cut in half.

*cue tuxedo football game with the praetorian guards*

Rose: That’s how we win Finn. If a lot of people love each other, the galaxy would be a better place to live.

*The Last Stand*


Part II