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Power Rangers + Pet Names

You know they use em. (In this imagining, Tommy is a Native American girl played by Devery Jacobs.) Pairings are pretty clear, lol.

  • Jason Lee Scott
    • Generic Nicknames: Red, Jase, Scotty
    • Employed by Trini: Steve Rogers, Jackass, Blue Eyes
    • Employed by Kim: Honey, Jay, Jason Lee (when she’s mad at him)
    • Employed by Zack: Panini-Head, Bossman, Captain America
    • Employed by Billy: Sweetheart, Darlin’, Boyfriend (when he’s mad at him)
    • Employed by Tommy: Wonder Boy, QB, Red Leader
  • Kimberly Ann Hart
    • Generic Nicknames: Kim, Kimmy, Pink
    • Employed by Trini: Princesa, Mi Amor, (says nothing when she’s mad at her)
    • Employed by Jason: Kay, Rosy, Kimberly Ann Hart (when he’s mad at her or wants her to share her feelings)
    • Employed by Zack: Hart-On, K-Annie, KY Love,
    • Employed by Billy: Kay-Kay, Pumpkin
    • Employed by Tommy: Guns and Roses, Regina George, Lightning
  • Trinity Rebecca Gomez
    • Generic Nicknames: Trini, T, Yellow
    • Employed by Kim: Pop Tart, Baby, Gomez (when she’s mad at her)
    • Employed by Jason: Trin, Trini Sweetie (when he’s trying to get her to not kill somebody)
    • Employed by Zack: Crazy Girl, Yellow Lightning (despite Trini insisting that ‘All lightning is fucking yellow’)
    • Employed by Billy: Tinny, Lil’ T
    • Employed by Tommy: T-Becks, Thunder, Metal Bunhead
  • William Lee Cranston
    • Generic Nicknames: Billy, Blue 
    • Employed by Trini: Bebé, Hermano, Doll
    • Employed by Kim: Angel, Poppet (Billy said he liked it during the Ranger Movie Night watching Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and she hasn’t stopped using it since)
    • Employed by Jason: Babe, Beautiful (when he’s done something he shouldn’t have like burned dinner), William (only in really intense moments during sex)
    • Employed by Zack: Little Boy Blue, Val Kilmer (after some obscure 80′s movie reference)
    • Employed by Tommy: Billy Jean, Boy Genius
  • Zachary Walter Taylor
    • Generic Nicknames: Zack, Z, Black
    • Employed by Trini: Idiota, Homeboy, Hermano
    • Employed by Kim: Zachary Walter (whenever he jumps off of random stuff, or conversely, onto random stuff)
    • Employed by Jason: Panini-Head, Zay
    • Employed by Billy: Zack Attack, Prank Master (Actually a commentary on how horrible Zack is at pranks)
    • Employed by Tommy: Rhyme King (because every nickname possible can rhyme with Zack), Asshole, Babe
  • Tommy Sarah Oliver:
    • Generic Nicknames: Tommie, Green
    • Employed by Trini: Wild Child, Queen of Obnoxious Jackets (because of the very loud green dragon jacket Tommy constantly wears)
    • Employed by Kim: Soccer Goddess, Bend it Like Beckham, Brown Eyed Girl
    • Employed by Zack: The Anti-Tomi Loren, Love of my Life, Baby
    • Employed by Billy:  Girl Wade Wilson, Deadpool, Smiley (She smiles a lot around Billy, something that still makes Jason a little suspicious because he’s a jealous binch when it comes to Billy)
    • Employed by Jason: Oliver, Tommy honey (used when trying to stop her from actual murder)

These are NOT all canon, this is just for fun! Feel free to add to it!

My Husband’s Brother- Tommy Shelby/ John Shelby

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(Both gifs by @bonniebird)

Request// A peaky Blinders imagine where the shelby’s father comes back and he assumes you’re married to john even though you’re with tommy because everyone always assumed you and john would end up together. And it brings conflict between the brothers.

*Did, I write this on my phone while I was busy at school? Definitely. Is it riddled with typos just because of this reason? Of course not. Hope you enjoy! xoxox*

“Tommy,” you whispered to him in giggles, brushing your fingers through his hair, “We’ve got to get up.”

“Says who,” he grumbled out against your stomach, placing a kiss on the small bump that had begun to show behind your nightgown.

“Says me. We’ve got a family meeting at noon and Polly’ll have your head if we’re late.”

“It’s probably just about Billy Kimber, and that will be taken care of soon enough.” Tommy rose from the bed in all his naked glory, and you couldn’t help but blush when remembering the night before and recalling every inch of his body that you held to memory.

“I don’t know, Tommy. I’ve… I’ve just got this feeling. Something is happening, and it won’t be good for any of us.”

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  • Rose: I think it's time to tell all my cousins that we're dating.
  • Scorpius: I don't think that's a good idea. Do you remember what James did to your last boyfriend?
  • Rose: No.
  • Scorpius: Tommy McAllister disappeared for two days! For TWO DAYS no one could find him.
  • Rose: Tommy had dragon pox. He was isolated in the Hospital Wing.
  • Scorpius: Oh. Looking back that makes a lot more sense. Whoops.