tommi photography

[the Restorer]

Fields of flowers bow to me when my bare feet touch the wet soil of the battleground.
Delicate white petals dancing on a crimson swamp; the intoxicating scent of rusted iron and musky sweat impregnated air.
The sky weights heavy and their bodies lie barren; a withering horn of plenty longing for earthy renewal.
I don’t walk on hooves, I don’t wear horns,  I don’t carry a tail.
A very small wish of my dirt soiled hand that plucks the most beautiful flower as porcelain white petals caress my skin. The severity of a world is the transience of a single blossom.
A gentle breeze kissed the flowers farewell and as they leave so do I; taking the storm with me.

My kiss invokes rebirth
and my sickle cuts through grey-clouded sky for
I am the stormy altar,

I am the easeful sickle,

I am the lamb for I am the shepherd.


Now that Montreal’s all snowed in (yes, I had thought it was spring too…), thought I would share my Tommy cafe pics with you. Throwing it back to a beautiful day in March that gave me way too much hope on an early spring… Nonethess, such a cute spot in Old Montreal to check out! It’s really one of the best in the city. <3

Sidenote: The acai bowl wasn’t mine. My friend asked a stranger to Instagram his aesthetic food. 

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