tommi gunz

Over the past few months, I’ve been heedful to how much love I show for myself. I smile more,exercise my brain by reading & writing, eat healthy and pay more attention to my good and bad habits. But most of all I show more appreciation to human nature and diversity of everyday people. I wake up thankful for the sun that shines on my bed. I start conversations with strangers by saying “Hello” or “How was your day?”. I genuinely listen to people when they need to be heard. And I’ve created an even better bond with my family,and I love it! I’m just overfilled with joy that I now know how to make people happy by just following simple human values. I wish I had done this years earlier. I’m just grateful that I have the discipline to create a better person out of myself now. 

I just thought I should express that. Thank you for reading. =)

Love & Peace with Yourself

I just want to show as much love as possible to the ones I actually care about. And I don’t want any of them to feel obligated to do the same for me. You may say it sounds twisted but its not. You can’t force someone to love you. In fact, that shouldn’t even be the focus. To beg & plead for love is being selfish. Love yourself. And if you show love & care to other people I’m sure someone will show some type of appreciation for your love-doing. I just want people to understand that.

-Tommi <3