tommi cosplay

Thinking about doing a T-Shirt of the Colorform Cut-Outs. Simply for that Toy Store, Cartoon, Woolworths vibe.
I still say these color variations of the outfits would make amazing Cosplay Outfits. All you need is an additional friend to play ‘The Mad Rock Promoter’, and you’ll be the hit of the Expo.


I had the pleasure of working with @kimurakoichi and her Digimon Frontier cosplay buddies during AnimeNEXT 2016 the other weekend, which was a dream come true honestly. Digimon Frontier is my personal favourite out of all of the Digimon seasons, and it was so amazing to actually see a full group of the main characters! It was such a pleasure to get to shoot with them, so I just had to share some of my personal favourites from the shoot up on here with you all! @kkouichikimura is the Tommy cosplayer, and the rest of the cosplayers don’t have Tumblrs or pages to my knowledge! If they do then I’ll update the description on here!! If you’d like to see some hi-res photos I have them up on my Flickr account!

You always see people dressed up as KISS at Expo’s, Shows & Conventions….How cool would it be for a group of Cosplayers to add a Fifth member, and come as THE COLORFORMS, including the “off-color band member schemes” with the plus one dressed as “The Mad Rock Promoter”?
Guaranteed to be the hit of the event.
Someone needs to do this…