Christmas Eve!

It’s Lucas’ first christmas eve and we’ve just let him open his christmas eve box and seen Santa fly across the sky! How exciting.
He is now sitting with his Nanna and having a bottle of warm milk in his new gingerbread christmas bottle.

He waited patiently for everyone to be ready to open his box and then he attacked his label.

He looked so cute as he peered into his box.

We then put his new pyjamas on, that were in his box.

Which he was really chuffed with, then we went and saw santa fly over, dressed in pyjamas we went to the green next to my mums and watched it and got excited. Hearing all the other children that had also gone to watch screaming, giggling and singing christmas songs to him as he flew past made my heart melt.

We then lit the “christmas eve” yankee candle and put the cookies and milk out!

Put Santa’s magic key out,

Then finally Lucas had his warm milk and has taken his Teddy to bed!

I hope your littles have gone to bed early and are behaving themselves. I hope you all have an amazing christmas and it’s truely magical.

We’re off to midnight communion (Lucas is staying at my mums for the hour, with her boyfriend and my brother) in a while and then will be going to bed ready for an early exciting christmas day and Lucas’ first christmas!!

Merry Christmas from 
Myself, Brad and Baby Lucas!

Christmas eve box

I love Christmas traditions

I love celebrating the holidays, especially christmas, and now I have Lucas it’s more exciting than ever before.
Last christmas, I gave you my heart, i’m only joking, it was mine and Brad’s second christmas together, we have never really made any traditions with us two, but always wanted a tradition for Lucas.
I set off on my search throughout the wonderful world of Pinterest and found ideas from…

  • Advent books - 24 new books to unwrap. one a day until christmas eve.
  • Special tree decorations.

They were all lovely ideas but expensive with 24 new books and we already have tree decorations for Lucas. I came across the Christmas eve box and decided to do something like that. It was mostly boxes for toddlers up on pinterest so took some of the ideas and then added in some of my own too.

I found a big box and wrapped it in christmas paper from next and this is whats in our box…

A my first christmas teddy - bought at a table top sale for 50p (It was in brilliant condition and with a wash it’s all good as new)

A christmas eve candle from Yankee candle -To burn on christmas eve to get into the spirit.

A christmas DVD from Amazon and A christmas book from Amazon

A tommee tippee christmas bottle from mothercare

Santas magic key, to hang on the front door as he gets older from B&Q

Christmas pyjamas from next

Finally I will put in a christmas gingerbread man in for him to eat christmas eve with some warm ovaltine in his bottle. 

I am so excited for christmas. 

What do you think? What are your christmas traditions?