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“Okay great! Because I have a challenge for you.”

Harry swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous. He’s been the victim of many of Nick’s challenges time and time before. He knew how brutal they can be, and he was already scared about what he was about to say next.

“Okay…?” Harry prompted.

“Well according to Miss. Tina his debut match is this Sunday.”

“And…?” Harry prompted again.

And I challenge you to go to Louis’ debut match.”

Okay this isn’t too bad. Harry thought to himself.

But there’s a twist. You have to hold up a sign throughout the match and you have to get Louis to notice it.”

anonymous asked:

Okay so here's the thing. I fucking hate Louis tomlonson. He is so fuckinbf gorgeous. And so fucking good at singing. And philanthropy. And kindness. nd love. And he met the fucking love of his life when he was a fucking teen. A nd they fuckig adore one another, and it's fucking obvious even when they're suppose to downplay ot. Meanwhile I am gay sexting w two ppl from Tinder at the same time. Fuckig why can't I be Louis. He is so wonderful and lovely. They can throw as much babygate (1)

(2$ bullshit at him as Simon likes, but he is still louis😇😇😇😇. He is still clever and quippy and warm. He still is utterly lovely to his family. He still is patient w gobs fans even when they aren’t respectful of healthy boundaries.He still is LOUs. the most deserving person in 1D to have a  solo record deal. Yknow what I would give for a Louis written Louis sung albun. A fuckin kidney. He just has SUCH a lovely voice! Why the fuck isn’t everyone beating down his fucking door for an album

(3) contract??? He is so fucking GIfted. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - he has the fuckin perfect voice for Broadway. And the way he composes - the way he turns his feelings into lyrics ??? He is a GIFT. He is a treasure. He should have a fucking knighthood. A. FUCKING. KIDNEY. That’s all I’m gonna say. Fucking exquisite Lomuids. I want a love like he has (and well deserved) That’s all I’m gonna say.

(4$ Okay THIS IS honestly the last thing I’ll say. When he has a kid. An ACTUAL kid. He’s gonna fucking love and shower their kid with so much adoration and support. He’s gonna bew every bit as loving and sensitive w their kid as he is with every other kid we’ve seen himwith. Because he is Louis. treats everyone wonderfully. Except instead of just a couple minutes, that luckyv child will gets wonderful ness for all its life. Along side Harry’s eonderfullness. What a #blessedlife (now I’m done)

i read the first two sentences and i literally had my finger hovering over the block button but this turned out much better than i expected <3 he’s the absolute best and i agree with everything you said.

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