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I fuckin feel ya on the old thing... I work with a bunch of 16-18 year olds and I got *only* 6 hours sleep last night because of my chest infection and I was like a zombie for my shift. I explained the sleep issue and they were like "wtf 6 hours is fine" and I just defensively screamed "when I was your age I used to sleep every few days leave my old ass alone" and they don't seem to realise ten years makes SO much difference.

omg yep

Harry Potter, man..
  • “Do you like having this special connection or relationship or whatever..?” (Hermione to Harry about his and Voldemort’s special connection or relationship or whatever)
  • “I hate the fact that he can get inside me.” (Harry about Voldemort. Well.)
  • “So what was Albus doing if not comforting his wild young brother?” (…)
  • “He wants you too badly, Potter!” (About Lord Voldemort)
  • “I’ve come back, if you still want me.” (Ron to Harry)
  • “Well, he’s not my type, but he’ll do.” (Harry about Ron)

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As someone who used to be the healer in a group of guys that had never BEEN healers before so they did not understand all the shit i had to do for them and considered it an easy class, I am so so sorry. Every guild has a slubling.

Nobody understands how hard it is to heal, esp healing a group of people who think they can fuck up all they want and it’s your job to make sure they don’t die. then go “don’t we have a healer” when they die. ooooh man that grind my gears. Esp healing in VG (I’ve only done VG and Sloth and a smidge of Gors so idk about other bosses) where I have to heal, watch circles, keep up the fury stacks with pet f2, keep up my astral force, keep up 3 grace of land stacks nearly constantly on zerg, and i just aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

fuck you and all you stand for slubling