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I fuckin feel ya on the old thing... I work with a bunch of 16-18 year olds and I got *only* 6 hours sleep last night because of my chest infection and I was like a zombie for my shift. I explained the sleep issue and they were like "wtf 6 hours is fine" and I just defensively screamed "when I was your age I used to sleep every few days leave my old ass alone" and they don't seem to realise ten years makes SO much difference.

omg yep

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As someone who used to be the healer in a group of guys that had never BEEN healers before so they did not understand all the shit i had to do for them and considered it an easy class, I am so so sorry. Every guild has a slubling.

Nobody understands how hard it is to heal, esp healing a group of people who think they can fuck up all they want and it’s your job to make sure they don’t die. then go “don’t we have a healer” when they die. ooooh man that grind my gears. Esp healing in VG (I’ve only done VG and Sloth and a smidge of Gors so idk about other bosses) where I have to heal, watch circles, keep up the fury stacks with pet f2, keep up my astral force, keep up 3 grace of land stacks nearly constantly on zerg, and i just aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

fuck you and all you stand for slubling

tomlipinskisfreckles replied to your post: I’ve had problems reaching orgasm with my boyfriend in the past, most of the time because I’m not mentally in the moment. He gets the same way sometimes, so he understands, but every so often he’s so disappointed in himself for not getting me there that he shuts down for a few minutes. It kills me to see him beat himself up over it, so I have faked orgasm a couple times. I feel like that’s the wrong answer, but I don’t know what else to do, and I’m afraid to tell him the truth.

I’ve faked a few and it always makes me feel guilty, but it’s usually the point when I want to give up and don’t even want to continue but I know he’ll be disappointed and I just can’t be bothered to explain.

I’ve faked a few orgasms too, back when I first started having sex. Now I’m like, “How well do you follow directions? If the answer is "not very well,” then sit back an enjoy the show.“