Harry Potter, man..
  • “Do you like having this special connection or relationship or whatever..?” (Hermione to Harry about his and Voldemort’s special connection or relationship or whatever)
  • “I hate the fact that he can get inside me.” (Harry about Voldemort. Well.)
  • “So what was Albus doing if not comforting his wild young brother?” (…)
  • “He wants you too badly, Potter!” (About Lord Voldemort)
  • “I’ve come back, if you still want me.” (Ron to Harry)
  • “Well, he’s not my type, but he’ll do.” (Harry about Ron)

tomlipinskisfreckles  asked:

As someone who used to be the healer in a group of guys that had never BEEN healers before so they did not understand all the shit i had to do for them and considered it an easy class, I am so so sorry. Every guild has a slubling.

Nobody understands how hard it is to heal, esp healing a group of people who think they can fuck up all they want and it’s your job to make sure they don’t die. then go “don’t we have a healer” when they die. ooooh man that grind my gears. Esp healing in VG (I’ve only done VG and Sloth and a smidge of Gors so idk about other bosses) where I have to heal, watch circles, keep up the fury stacks with pet f2, keep up my astral force, keep up 3 grace of land stacks nearly constantly on zerg, and i just aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

fuck you and all you stand for slubling

Travel time!

I’ll be off to the UK with my cherry pie, to visit the anchor lover. I’ll be back on Monday evening/Tuesday and yes, that is a coincidence, we didn’t book our flights so we could watch Teen Wolf.

Any requests that don’t require me to use Photoshop on my netbook (I tried that once, little Frodo can, but it is not a fun activity) can be dropped in my ask. I’ll have a lot of time travelling via plane/bus/more bus that I will be using to write.