I’m a larrie and i don’t like Eleanor but this whole thing was just as unfair on her and that should be said. He got arrested for protecting himself and her when she was quite literally attacked by a fan who literally believes she and Louis are in a relationship and got up on E because she was “stealing him away”

This is fucked up on all levels and neither of them deserved that. Louis didn’t deserve to be arrested and Eleanor did not deserve to get attacked because regardless of what you think of her she’s still human and no matter what you believe her role is in all this shit she should be respected.

Sharing Rooms

Remember how over the years Louis and Harry sharing dressing rooms has turned out to be an actual fact and not some fan scripted illusion ???

Lets see, starting from that time when nick and his crew went to see one direction.

According to Nick and Tina, harry’s dressing room- Dark in there, black sheets over the walls, scented candles, plush dark sofas, dark velvets and house plants !!!!

So, its dark in here, the walls have black sheets, i see scented candles and plush dark sofas BASICALLY A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD !!!

Hence harry’s dressing room.

Oh there’s that HOUSE PLANT IN THE BACK !!!! And there’s LOUIS too in the room.

With his best friend’s father-in-law …and his football shirt hanging. ( *in harry’s dressing room*)  

Louis also did shoot a video in *harry’s dressing room*

Lets focus on this picture posted by their stylist, where both harry and louis’ clothes and shoes are kept side by side .

And here “L and H” sitting in all its glory !!

Now, the time in 2015 when it seemed like Larry were gonna come out and we had all these new facts and information given to us, one that adds to this “sharing the dressing room” is the information given by the tour rider that even the media picked up on.

Unrealitytv !!!

Sugarscape !!!

Hollywood life !!!

In conclusion - Louis and Harry shared the dressing room …resting on those dark sofas enjoying those scented candles they fought over which house plant to get.


NEWS: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles spotted together out of the gym in London. They look so cute and good!

Remember when harry kissed Louis’ picture and louis kissed harry’s doll during video diaries !!!!

Remember when harry used his arm so he could watch louis discreetly …..its painful to watch 😥😧 ( gali l )