Since Louis and his team are rolling out promo, naturally my mind goes immediately to The Breakfast show.

For starters, how do they greet one another? Hug? Hand shake? Back slaps? Please. You know they would both pull the most ridiculous stupid faces for the photos that will force me to lay down. I’m not even ready for the thought of live video. The giggles. Voice inflection. Raised eye brows. Pursed lips. Head nods. Choked laughter. Eye rolls. Small smiles.

This is not even about tomlinshaw as a fantasy ship. It’s about my love for Louis and Nick as individuals and how they communicate and use their humor, sarcasm, self deprecation, charm, voices and ENTIRE FACES during interviews. Like. It’s too much. So much.

In the past, Louis has gone soft during Breakfast interviews, deferring to Nick and the group. During the X Factor their brief exchange was cute and friendly. But this would be a fucking solo interview. With the goal of entertaining and leaving an impression. Their actual personalities meshing. One on one. Documented. Oh Jesus. It could go so many ways.

I’m going to die if it doesn’t happen, but I’ll also die if it does. Of anticipation and happiness mostly.

start me over   (44k, explicit, Nick/Louis)

“Nick’s funny when he’s not being a knob, and has good taste in music and Louis really likes his hands. Not to mention that he’s tall, tall enough to have made Louis spend a minute or two imagining what it would be like to have Nick pin him to a flat surface and snog him senseless. The only thing keeping him from a full grown crush at this point is sheer will and the threat of humiliation.

So, Nick’s a dickhead but unfortunately Louis is kind of into that.”

Read it here on the AO3. Artwork and manip by @iamdelouded

if i had a boat, i would sail to you (nick/louis) (75k)

Nick’s never been in a relationship like this, all whirlwind but somehow one that still feels right. That’s how it’s supposed to feel, isn’t it? Like everything’s slotting carefully into place, like Louis is just meant to be here. He wants to hold onto this feeling and never, ever let go.

or, nick and louis get married and everything’s good until it isn’t.

written for the @1dbigbang​: round five // moodboard by @iwasfinebeforeonedirection​ // playlist here

affectionately nicknamed divorce fic and now it’s ready to be posted. enjoy xx

anonymous asked:

Hey remember that time when someone was on Nick’s show and they said that Louis was pretty and Nick AGREED? That was so great.

You know what? 

a) Louis is pretty

b) Nick agrees that Louis is pretty

c) Nick has considered Louis from all angles and has concluded on more than one occasion that Louis is pretty

d) Nick drunkenly texts Louis in the middle of the night to tell him off for being pretty

e) Louis screencaps that text

f) Louis texts Nick back to tell him he’s drunk

g) Nick replies, agreeing, but pointing out that doesn’t mean Louis isn’t pretty

h) Louis feels warm inside

i) Louis deletes his response and doesn’t send anything back

j) both of them pretend it never happened

k) Louis gets drunk in LA and it’s the middle of the night and he texts Nick asking if he really thinks Louis is pretty

l) Nick is at work but he texts back yes

m) Louis texts back did think or still think

n) still think

o) Louis falls asleep trying to screencap the text

p) when he wakes up he’s accidentally sent his screencap to nick three times

q) Nick’s texted him back saying are you trying to tell me something

r) Louis sits on the floor in his kitchen and doesn’t send a message back

s) the next time Louis is in London he sends Nick a message that just says u over me yet

t) wasn’t ever under you

u) Louis rolls his eyes, knocks back a shot of firewhisky, and texts back you could be if you wanted followed by that’s an offer in case it’s not clear

v) there’s a pause

w) Louis’s phone beeps and Nick’s texted what exactly are you offering

x) Louis doesn’t text back the world but after a minute he texts his address instead

y) Nick doesn’t reply but an hour later there’s a knock at Louis’s door

z) he ends up staying.

anonymous asked:

Amber help! I asked Alice a Tomlinshaw rec for a beginner but 1 i can't find the post anymore nor remember the title 2 i need more optionssss! Please help me, rec me some Tomlinshaw please and thank you


Start with Promise Not To Stop When I Say When. It’s a stylinshaw, but it introduced me to the Nick/Louis dynamic and got me hooked, so if you haven’t yet, please read that first.

Now, on to Tomlinshaw for beginners.

I recommend everything K has written, but start with lost my senses, I’m defenceless - it’s my favourite. Then read her other works. She writes Tomlinshaw perfectly without too much angst, it’s exactly what you need.

Then, Wild Is A Fire. Super hot, super well written. 

Another good one is footie!Louis and Nick, love and kickin’ (it’s a series, read all of it). 

I can’t forget the GBBO AU: Butter With You

Then, when you’re ready for the real complexity and glory that can be Tomlinshaw… Have the fic THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Read I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow. And then the sequel: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me 

(and then read everything sunsetmog ever wrote afterwards. You won’t regret it. Though I have to warn you for Not Your Fault But Mine, please read the tags and be aware that it hurts.)

When you’re done with these, I have more, but these are a first time must-read <3


Nick Grimshaw Appreciation Fest 2017

The full details of the fest can be found on Archive of Our Own where all the fanworks will post. The fest welcomes fic, art, Nixtapes (fanmixes), reclists, podfic, vids, graphics and so on. However, the prompting post is designed primarily as a jumping off point for people creating art (including graphics, mood boards, vids and other media) or fic.

Please send all prompts using the ask function to @grimmyappreciation

You should include the prompt (which can be a quote, lyric, scenario etc.) the preferred pairing(s) or charactersany optional extras which might be relevant and your tumblr name and AO3 name if you wish. This fest is open to all characters and pairings (and threesomes/moresomes), provided Nick or the Nick related pairing is the focus. AU prompts are welcome. There are no content or rating restrictions so feel free to prompt in any and all genres from dark horror to fluffy romance or crack.

I will be collecting the prompts and updating this google document every couple of days. I have included a couple of example prompts of my own to get the ball rolling.

Prompt as many times as you like. You may prompt anonymously if you wish but there is absolutely no obligation to do so. 

Please help me promote this fest by sharing this post widely.


threw one box of tea at me // i strongly deny that

underrated songs that are definitely about nick and louis, separated by mood

threw one box of tea at me [listen]

lights - toes
april smith and the great picture show - stop wondering
coin - talk too much
gabrielle aplin - together
bastille - things we lost in the fire
misterwives - reflections
john newman - losing sleep
gabrielle aplin - miss you
hometown - where i belong
april smith and the great picture show - movie loves a screen
misterwives - our own house

i strongly deny that [listen]

amber run - i found
gabrielle aplin - hurt
dodie - sick of losing soulmates
lights - drive my soul
dotan - hungry
james vincent mcmorrow - if i had a boat
ruth moody - cold outside
oh wonder - white blood
oh wonder - livewire
marcus foster - i was broken

Fic: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me (6/?, Nick/Louis)

Fic: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me (6/?, Nick/Louis) by sunsetmog

Sequel to I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow

The first time Louis had kissed Nick Grimshaw, Louis had been dressed as God, he’d never wanted anything so much in his life, and he’d never hated himself more for giving into it.

That part at least hadn’t changed.

Or: Nick and Louis like each other, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Thanks for bearing with me, guys. <3

Than A Man Swear He Loves Me

Harry with Grimmy saved the decade… Niall with Grimmy was all I could have dreamed… I am sure Liam will be just as great but guys… guys… just imagine how it would be with Louis… just imagine the banter… the teasing… the tea spilling… the impress contest… the lowkey flirting… just… everything… for the love of everything… for all I have had to put up with in this fandom with this band… give me this one (1) thing