Tom Leykis: A Technology Pioneer for Content Distribution

Men see him as a role model; women see him as an asshole;  I see Tom Leykis as a pioneer for content distribution. 

Leykis is most famously known as a radio personality and his last job on the radio was on 97.1FM in Los Angeles. In 2009, Leykis got the axe, but was paid out the remainder of his contract. Because Leykis had a non-compete clause, he could not do another show until his contract had expired.  

In March 2012, Leykis spent over a million dollars of his own money setting up the New Normal Studios in Burbank, CA.

Leykis gives a tour of the New Normal Studios in Burbank

Instead of tuning into a radio station to listen to Leykis, you can now listen to the New Normal, which includes the Tom Leykis show, through multiple smart phone apps, such as Stitcher, Tune In, Shoutcast and his website, live Monday through Friday from 3-6PM Pacific. 

What is so thrilling to me about this is you no longer have to be inside your car to listen to Leykis. He’s on your phone, so you can take him anywhere. The New Normal internet feed is crystal clear, smooth and my personal favorite, uncensored.

Associates who Leykis had shared his internet radio idea with told him that no one would call into an internet show, but Leykis proved them wrong. His phones ring off the hook and his fans are excited and even star-struck in some cases to talk to him. Because the show is streamed through the Internet, Leykis, and his callers are completely uncensored.

The content provided by both Leykis and his callers is so much more raw then ever before because now he doesn’t have to filter himself or censor the callers. When everything seems to have become censored and everyone is always trying to be politically correct, the Tom Leykis show is a breath of fresh air.

Leykis also lets the listeners know what’s going on behind the curtain. If there is a glitch, he says exactly what is going wrong and doesn’t try to cover it up with longer commercial breaks or by being a word smith to make up a quick cover story. 

Leykis has leveraged social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread the word about his show returning to the the Internet radio. In January, he ran a YouTube contest asking fans to create videos about The Leykis show. There were 5 finalists and 1 winner was chosen by fan votes.

Leykis still has some of the same shows that he previously did on the radio, such as Money Mondays and Leykis 101, but because he’s now on the internet, he was able to add back new shows that could not have been done on the radio, such as Be Funny. This is a show where callers call in and can say or even sing anything to make Leykis and his crew, Dino, Gary and Art laugh. He also does unscreened calls, which no radio show would ever be able to do.

Leykis is so technologically-hip that he purchased a Tesla Model S, which features internet that streams directly from the car’s dashboard, instead of having to plug an aux cable into your phone and your car. (This is my dream car also). Leykis admits that his ultimate dream was fulfilled when he got his Tesla and could listen to his show stream live from his dashboard, just as you can with radio.

Leykis has had callers ask how they can do something similar to what he’s doing. Leykis’s advice? “Make sure you have compelling content,” he says. 

Leykis thought out of the box and created something that his fans truly wanted: compelling content that they can listen to wherever and whenever. The Kicker: it’s free to listen live every week day from 3-6PM PST from anywhere in the world! After the show finishes at 6PM, the show will continue to repeat until the following day. If fans wish to access older content, they can by subscribing to Leykis also generates revenue from advertisers as well as his Amazon link. 

Leykis continues to create his own compelling content and although he claims he is not yet profitable, that he will keep going until he stops having fun. In the meantime, he’s got some serious eyes on him from the radio industry, and my guess is that the big wigs will soon begin to copy his model in hopes of creating a similar method to distribute their audio content so they can reach the same audience that Leykis has captured through the power of the internet.