I thought I lost this. When I went to Japan the first time in 2005, I met this kierin racer named Tomity. He gave me this polished 13t Durace njs cog with his name engraved on the side. When I got back to SF I put it on with a 54t chainring and tried to ride down Hyde. Big mistake! That’s why this looks so crispy. I only used it for 20 min. #tomity #japan #durace @mikextran @nozerone

anonymous asked:

who is tomiti?

He’s my Purpleblood!  I don’t have his bio done yet, but he’s a subjuggulator with chucklevoodoo’s that works on himself only.  He live in a big castle that’s falling apart but is held together by his dryad lusus’ roots and vines!  He’s p chill unless the empire sends him to collect you up for insubordination.

this is him:

He uses a giant cage as his strife and is very into welding criminals into the middle of metal sculptures built around cages and leaving them in the sun I mean what.