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blog 5/10 - Final day

Yesterday we successfully finished off all 16 performances of Fairy Tail stage!

I’m really glad that we managed to reach the goal in Tokyo without any injuries.

The feeling that we completed it is really strong, LOL
But there’s still the performances in China. We’re still more than a month away from those, but I think it’ll be like we’re building up a new Fairy Tail stage from scratch to show off this production with a power up.

Tomi-san who played Ichiya-sama.

Loved by everyone! Ichiya-senpai is really like an idol to everyone. Acting full of great foresight, facial expressions, gestures and persuasiveness, he really is a veteran! As a member of Ichiya’s team, I really, really want to follow his example. I was really helped by Tomi-san as Ichiya (^_^)


Manaka-san! Manaka-san who gives it her all! LOL
Although I’ve troubled her a lot, her real strength is that she can back you up and give advice about anything! Thanks! Thanks!
And then there’s the fact I got to sing together with Manaka-san, and that I got to hear her song from up close, and that I got to strangle her, LOL
I don’t have these kind of valuable experiences often. I was very lucky.
Did everyone know? I actually also sing in that song, LOL
That was me. Maybe no one noticed. It was me. LOL
I had a duet with Manaka-san!
Check it on the DVD, alright, LOL

It’s a nice sight, isn’t it~ Nao-san, LOL

And then

Shuuto, thanks for the good work!
Shuuto emits something that makes people smile brightly. I’m sure everyone thought the 16 non-stop performances were very tough. But thanks to Shuuto and his passionate face, everyone got through it with smiling faces!
I really like and have a lot of respect for that part of him. We’ve co-starred for the first time in a long while, it became a stimulus for me! Let’s do our best in Shanghai too!

Everyone who gave their support to Fairy Tail stage
Everyone who came to see it
Thank you very much!!