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I am so sorry you are still getting harassed by the YOI fandom. They are really crazy and toxic

IKR? People apparently don’t know Tomi Lahren or know that columnists exist. For example, I never said people should kill themselves over liking this show, they did:

But sure I am the next Tomi Lahren. I never spewed hate, like these lovely anons have, but sure I’m the next Tomi Lahren. 


i did a goofemup on tomi lahren again

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Don't know if you'll know the answer to this but maybe one of your followers will? I was gonna get the Tomie Complete Deluxe Edition from Amazon but I already own Museum of Terror V1 and 2, do you know if the Deluxe Edition has the stories from Tomie Again? I don't wanna buy it if I already own all the stories if that makes sense? Thank you

First off, let me apologize. I have no idea when this message is even from. I’m usually on mobile which apparently is eating my messages.

Anyways, if you own Museum of Terror 1 and 2, you already have all the stories. Those two combined all 3 parts of Tomie. The deluxe edition is the same, but all of them smushed into 1 book.

So basically, what you have and the Deluxe Edition are exactly the same.

“Wae.” Woojin perked out his lips for a moment, looking down at the younger female. “I’m not posing for you again, Tomi. There’s no benefit there for me.”

       Lips thinned while the younger girl let her posture slump in defeat at his words. “Not even a little? There’s a high demand right now and your body type is perfect for the lead male in this.. I promise it’s not something super weird like…” Her words trailed off momentarily, red strands of hair falling to surround her still full figured cheeks as she looked over each shoulder before continuing her sentence. “ Last time.” It’s true, her profession may seem weird to outsiders who did not know the girl seated in the booth at the furthest corner of the shop, but he knew.  He accepted her and all of her ‘qualities’, yet gave her shit shit any chance he could, which of course elicited childish tangents that consisted of, and not limited to: pouting, whining, furrowing her brows as she glared at him, small pinches at the skin of his arms, and more whining. She decided to start there. “Yah… Woojin oppa! You were fine with this last week…” Her bottom lip began it’s rehersed tremble, slowly making itself known all the while staring intently at his features, waiting for the break in his composure. “Why did you even have me show up here if you just wanted to play around? You know I have a lot of work to do..”


Rejoice! They showed Chanko’s performance straight out of the PriParis movie on the PriPara anime this week! I thought we were going to have to wait two more months for the DVD release to see this again. 


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Oh gosh, you're one of my favorite blogs. I love horror manga, but I've felt bad about it for the longest time. But after some time, I finally got comfortable with it. And i found this blog. You've shown me so many amazing series when the only horror anime/manga I know of with zombies was Highschool of the Dead. (I Am a Hero is AMAZING, thank you!) Plus this is a one man run show! That's impressive! Thank you for all your work! (especially for your tagging! i don't have to hunt for titles)