Tomicon at Nerd HQ 2013

I’m typing this as I watch Tomicon on Youtube, so please forgive me if I start rambling.

  • He’s so fit. SO. FIT. I can’t stop staring, actually. Couldn’t help noticing the same thing when he first appeared in the Loki costume yesterday too.
  • He thinks it’s normal to be able to speak French (or any other language he knows, for that matter) fluently. He even went, “Oh, come on!” when people started cheering once he broke out into a bit of French.
  • I love how he doesn’t put on airs and he’s always ready to crack jokes about himself.
  • He makes it a point to make eye contact with whoever asks a question, even asked, “Where are you?” when he couldn’t find the girl who’d asked it. I can’t stress enough how unbelievably sincere this is, ‘cos most people would just take a question as what it is - just a question. They don’t recognise that a person has put in so much thought into forming one and finally gathering up the courage to stand up in front of hundreds to ask it.
  • He really thinks hard about each question he’s given! Like if he feels he hasn’t answered the question properly, he doesn’t give up and fob it off with a generic answer. No, he gives it more thought and tries to give it the best answer he can.
  • He’s not afraid to interact with the audience and asks for their honest opinion.
  • He’s so charismatic, isn’t he? Always throwing out compliments, not knowing what it does to the fans. Lol.
  • His impressions of Zach and Chris. Spot on!
  • Kneeling for the audience was epic!
  • Never, never stop touching your chin/neck/chest, Tom. Never.
  • I screamed when he did the velociraptor impression. Couldn’t stop screaming actually. IT. WAS. PERFECT. The fingers, the huffing (what’s the word to describe that noise anyway?), the prancing across the stage. Perfect.
  • Tom, I think you forgot your phone when you left the— Oh, there you go.

I think I basically started fangirling halfway through. Please don’t judge me.