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Where could I get a Greninja like yours? I haven't been able to find any online.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a Greninja at this point. The current largest figure is a very rare Japanese import figure. Simply called a “pose figure” It was relatively common (especially the full set of 4) but now no more ebay listings remain. On the bright side, Tomy has confirmed they will be releasing a 5″ (thus more in scale) posable Greninja figure Summer 2016. you should be able to find it in Toys R Us and maybe even Walmart or Target. Greninja is my favorite new Pokemon and Smash Bros. Fighter, so I will be posting here AS SOON as they are spotted in the wild. 


i have been waiting for this kind of video for so long actually omg thank the christ

Happy birthday, Mewtwo! It’s so appropriate that February is Mew month, haha. Since I collect both psychic kitties, you can see my Mew collection post here!

Going through the three rows from left to right and top to bottom:

Mewtwo candy figure: I wound up with like 3 of these because they’re sold at my local con pretty much every year, haha. It’s from the 90′s and originally came with candy, which stuck to some of the figures. Yay for gross old candy

European Mewtwo McDonalds figure: I got this in the 2015 springtime secret Santa on pkmncollectors (where I get most of my Poke-merch)! Definitely a unique post, haha.

Mewtwo Gameboy and cartridge: Burger King did some lesser-known Pokemon toy promotions aside from the big one we all remember, where the toys were Pokemon-themed Gameboys. In North America, they also came with a cartridge you had to put in to make the Gameboy light up or whatever, plus a little battery pack that fit in the back. This one only comes with the cartridge, but still needs it to be inserted for Mewtwo to light up (which it still does!), so I think this toy might be European? idk

Mewtwo Burger King figure: from the original promotion! I had to get this from pkmncollectors, and he no longer lights up. Still cool, though!

10th anniversary Hasbro Mewtwo figure: this guy was part of a lineup of figures released in North America for the 10th anniversary! He comes with a Hyper Beam he shoots from his underarm, but when I bought it it didn’t have the projectile

Mewtwo Amiibo: I did not own any Amiibos, or a WiiU or New 3DS at the time, but I still wanted it to badly that I arrived at Toys R Us 45 minutes before it opened to secure one. Now I have a WiiU, and I will open it…someday.

Mewtwo zukan from Pokemon Fan Magazine: I had to order a Japanese magazine to get this figure! It came with a red Genesect figure that I haven’t touched, haha. This and the following two Mewtwo figures are all to scale with other zukan

Attacking Mewtwo zukan: fun fact: the first time I ordered this figure, the package arrived at my house already open, with no contents. Luckily, my friend who runs the online store Electric Sheep Factory helped me get a new one! He is supposed to be charging a blue Shadow Ball, but I lost it literally the day I got it XP

Original Mewtwo zukan: my friend from ESF also sold me this guy! He is very rare nowaways, though he doesn’t have a peg, so I have to very carefully balance him on top of his mountain, haha

10th anniversary Mewtwo and Ash zukan: for Pokemon’s 10th anniversary, they released figures of legendaries sized accurately next to Ash! When I was in London in 2012 I luckily found a store with a bunch of these! They were blindboxed, so an employee helped me to find Mewtwo, Mew and the Latis!

Metal Mewtwo keychain: this was from my SSS in 2014! It’s a really nice, sturgy keychain, but I’m afraid to use it because…

Sealed Mewtwo phone strap: I originally had an unopened one that I had attached to my pencil case in college, but I lost the pencil case and now I am basically afraid of using any of my merchandise :D I got this becasue local mall happened to have a gashapon machine with a ton of legendary Pokemon phone charms (including Mew)! I spent a lot of money buying out the machine.

Mewtwo phone strap: also from my 2015 SSS! This one isn’t as nice as the previous one, but I really love phone straps and am still happy to have it :D

Pokedex Footprint Mewtwo: this guy is supposed to come with a base that has his info and footprint on it, but alas. I think he looks pretty cartoonish, haha

Mewtwo Clipping figure: this is a really nice figure despite its size! Luckily you can’t lose his Shadow Ball, haha. I even kept the box for this guy because it’s so nice

Mewtwo bottlecap figure: I got this in a trade with a member of ! It was available in North America in TCG boxes, but since I don’t collect the cards just getting the figure was awesome

Clear Mewtwo kid: this guy also came with Pokemon Fan Magazine! I didn’t plan on keeping it, but I cannot say no to Mewtwo :x

Mewtwo Tomy: the only Mewtwo toy I had as a kid! My friend and I used to play with our Pokemon toys all the time - I had Mewtwo, she had Mew, and they engaged in many shenanigans together

My one and only Mewtwo plush (which is also a backpack)! Play-by-Play is a Canadian company known for making really weird Pokemon plush, including this guy. He was a birthday gift from my late grandma; she took me shopping at Toys R Us and let me pick whatever I wanted, and of course I wanted Mewtwo (but the Mew backpack was also tempting)! This guy is very rare now, but his value is more sentimental than anything else. And yes, it is absolutely a functional backpack with two straps and a zipper compartment…that can fit a single Gameboy cartridge at best. Still awesome, though

Mewtwo flats! Of course there’s the promo card from Mewtwo Strikes Back, and some weird Topps cards. As a kid, I bought a pack of Pokemon cards, assuming it was the TCG, and was very confused when they depicted scenes from the First Movie. Today, I’m kinda happy I got them.

Mewtwo movies! I don’t think I had ever heard of Mewtwo Returns until I found it on VHS while on vacation in Florida as a kid. Because we had driven there from Canada and had a TV in the car with a VHS player, I made my siblings sit through it while I got to watch it for the first time. It was amazing seeing my favourite character’s story continued. :D I later bought Pokemon: The First Movie and Mewtwo Returns on DVD from a closing Blockbuster. The latter DVD even has The Birth of Mewtwo on it! (Please ignore the Miramax 4-pack DVD, even though it is awesome.)

Of course I have at least one piece of Mewtwo clothing! I initially saw this on the Facebook page of a local geek clothing store, and was so nervous they would be sold out by the time I got there. But lo and behold! I love wearing this belt because it’s kinda subtle - a lot of my shirts cover it up, so I’m like a covert Mewtwo fan. Often when I lift my shirt to show it off to people they assume I am about to show them a Mewtwo tattoo. While this would be kinda awesome, I am much happier with the belt. XD