Chapter 5 "Wishes Do Come True" A Tom Holland Fanfic

The first few classes took forever to end, but I survived, it was finally lunchtime and I was walking over to a lunch table so I could start eating. But I had a feeling someone was following me. When I finally arrived to the table I sat down and a few moments passed. When suddenly a guy popped out of no where and sat in front of me. He had glasses, black hair and brown eyes.
“Hey Gabby,” the boy said in a cheerful way,“You know Jocelin, right ?”
“Yeah, and how do you know my name ?” I asked.
“You’re in a few of my classes,” he said, “and I’m Jocelin’s cousin, Daniel.”
“She never told me you’re her cousin,” I said very surprised,“Why didn’t she tell me ?!”
“Maybe because I wasn’t here yesterday ? Anyways, my name is Danny.”
“Ohh and where were you and did Jocelin tell something ?”
“Woah, calm down, she sent me a .text right now and said she’s coming to school tommorow because she feels better already and I was gone because I was sick the past three days.”
“Good, I thought she was going to abandon me for a week.” I said in a sarcastic wat when I heard him chuckle.
“You know, Jocelin was right, that I was going to get along with you very quickly. You are just so hilarious at some points. Call me Danny though.” he said while I smiled at what he just told me. I knew we were going to get along very well. That made me really happy. We kept talking and talking until it was time for us to go back to class. It was nice knowing that we I had only two classes left until go home. For the rest of day I didn’t bump into Alley again. That’s something good so far today. A few hours passed, even though it seemed forever to end. It was time to go home and get ready to meet Tom. I passed by Jocelin’s house and her mum opened the door for me again.
“Well, hello there sweetheart. Come in, come in, Jocelin wants to show you something. Also, tell your mum that I say thanks for the lovely cake she baked for us. Its lovely.”
“Of coarse ma'am, I’m happy that you and my mum got along well.”
“Yes, she’s a wonderful woman, and go on ahead. Jocelin is in the room to the left.” Jocelin’s mum said pointing into the hallway. It was only a story house. So it wasn’t very big. I finally reached her room and knocked.
“Come In !” yelled Jocelin in a very cheerful way. I just thought to myself how could she get well so quickly.
“Heey ! I heard you wanted to tell me something.”
“Ohh Yes! My mum told me that you’ve always wanted to go to piano lessons and sing.”
“How does she know ?!? I also wanted to go to drama class. I really like acting. But my parents say it’s easier to sing and play an instrument. So I ended up liking to play the piano on my own. But I never had the chance to go to any lessons. I taught myself.”
“Okay then, your wish has come true ! I found this letter in the mail saying that they want someone who can play a piano and sing so they could give a little concert around town just for fun along with a guy that plays the guitar, its like a special guest. I just don’t know who it is,” Jocelin said handing me the piece of paper. I was reading it carefully and wondering who the guy would be. I was sort of excited and nervous at the same time. What if I messed up if I entered ? What if I don’t get along with the unknown guy ? I kept thinking until I realized that this might be my last chance to be able to have an opportunity like this, “Alright, I’m in, the auditions start in two months. So, I better get ready. Thanks for telling me this, I have to go. I need to get somewhere. I’ll see you later. Bye!” I said in a hurry because it was 4:30 and I had to meet Tom in the park in half an hour. I quickly got out of her room as I heard her yell goodbye and when I passed Jocelin’s mum I also said goodbye to her in a hurry. I finally entered my house and went straight to my room to do some homework very quickly before leaving. I hope I don’t leave Tom waiting to long because when I finished my homework I headed to the park ver quicky and it was already 5:20. I hope he waits for me.


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