I just got back from an incredible three weeks in Australia. Two of those weeks were at The Comic Art Workshop, a new artist residency with the goal of providing mid-level professional cartoonists and graphic storytellers a place to hone their craft and workshop works in progress. The residency took place on remote Maria Island, which is an island off the east coast of Tasmania, which itself is an island off the island continent of Australia. Aside from Tassie devils and a dazzling parade of wombats and other marsupials (I’ll get to those in a later post), I found, in many ways, my people.

To start, here are some drawings and notes of mine on the two head cartoonists/educators who were invited to come to the residency, all the way from their school in Florida: Leela Corman and Tom Hart. And their adorable daughter, the wee Molly Rose. Who loves wombats and baby devils.