How James Bond Could Head To Warner Bros With Christopher Nolan
With Sony's distribution deal ended, the James Bond franchise has been on the auction block amid a studio bidding war to secure the rights to the blockbuster series.
By Mark Hughes

Warner seems the most likely to bring Christopher Nolan aboard the franchise, and that’s a big chip in the studio’s favor. Sony was interested in Nolan taking over Bond at one point, but the prospect of any deal evaporated when Sam Mendes returned for Spectre. So there’s a chance that situation could taint any attempts to secure Nolan if Bond remains at Sony.

Nolan’s schedule gives him plenty of room to fit in a Bond film, and surely if the offer became official then he’d make any necessary adjustments to ensure he could take on the project. But if Nolan for some reason was unable/uninterested in directing a Bond movie or two, then the studio’s relationship with George Miller might become a trump card. If you can’t have a Christopher Nolan-directed James Bond film, then a George Miller helmed Bond film — with Tom Hardy in the title role perhaps? — is a pretty amazing backup possibility. Or consider a one-two punch of Nolan launching a new Bond series, followed by a sequel from George Miller. That’s the sort of advantages that arise from the long-term relationships Warner has built with filmmakers over the years.

Tom talking about reading all his dialogue for Locke off the autocue (from an interview in Total Film magazine):

“It was quite experimental for me, in a way. I knew the rhythm, don’t get me wrong. I could tell you what the story was about. I could explain to you who’s on the phone and each arc. But I didn’t know the words.

The versatility of being able to adapt to whatever Steve is going to give me is what I needed to work with. And that was very exciting.

It took the fear and the stigma out of having to look at the autocue. And remember, you’ve got these brilliant actors at the end of the phone feeding me emotional content, constantly.

You’re not watching one man in a car, you’re watching somebody’s thoughts, and how they’re listening, reacting and responding to the articulated word, which is being spoken to them. It’s like disarming a bomb—psychologically. He’s a shock-absorber.”   (x)

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Tom Hardy |  I’m not worrying about my diamond-studded shoes or, you know, my privileges. That would be ridiculous. I got lucky. I love what I do. I’m going to fucking ride it until the wheels fall off. Do what you love doing, do it well—everything should fit into place. And if you happen to make money doing it, lucky cunt. But there’s no difference between a $5 performance and a $50 million performance to me. You know what I mean? My work wouldn’t change depending on how much money you gave me. I have no desire to be a star. I’d like to be normal. ‘Cause I’m already nuts anyway. I don’t fucking need to be any further crazy. (insp.)