Firstly i want you @tomgreystone to see how much i treasure your gift!! Everything you sent me including your incredible handcut envelopes are now inside a sealed & glass frame. Guys n dolls #tomgreystone has only made one of each king. Im sure he has one for himself hidden somewhere ;) But technically has only made 4, and he hasnt sold any of them. He has given his art to those who he feels will honour it & Tom i surely do!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Ive taken a million photos of it already, loool! :D

‘Man paints with his mind, Not with his hands’ - by @tomgreystone How true is this statement?!! This little package arrived last week, from the incredibly talented #tomgreystone I can’t express enough how honoured i am to receive this item! It took me a week to find a suitable frame & finally now i can show it off to you all!!! :D