Tomes and Scrolls | Lucifer and Steve

Going to prison sucked for a lot of reasons. There were the obvious ones of course, but being incarcerated often meant that one’s dickish family sold or gave away the lion’s share of one’s large book collection. They hadn’t gotten rid of everything, but Lucifer discovered upon becoming a free man that he had a distressing amount of books he had to buy again.

Luckily, Tomes and Scrolls - specialist bookshop - took special orders. He’d come in at the start of the year with a list of things to order, and apparently the first wave was in. Lucifer entered the store and caught the eye of an attendant, who explained that his large order was in the back and would need ‘just a moment’ to prepare for him. That was twenty minutes ago.

After ten minutes, Lucifer had started grabbing books at random and reading them until they ceased being interesting. The professor was leaning against a shelf, ignoring everyone who walked by unless they were wearing the store uniform. That is, until someone politely said “Excuse me”, and Lucifer realized he was blocking a large section of books.

“Whoops,” Lucifer said facetiously as he slid to the side and waved hand dramatically, as if presenting the books to the newcomer.  

Fred Weasley Imagine: “Hogsmeade”

An imagine where Fred is trying to hit on a Hufflepuff girl down at Hogsmeade?

Requested by anon

Notes: hufflepuff reader, duh!

His eyes were fixed on you. All the time. No matter where you went. He was following you around: first to Honeydukes, then to the Three Broomsticks, to Tomes and Scrolls, to Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop… Everywhere. Tired of it, you excused yourself and left your friends behind, approaching the Weasley boy who seemed to hound you.

Putting your hands on your waist, you demanded, “Something wrong?”

The ginger boy looked baffled for a second. He sure hadn’t been expecting you to be so blunt. His shock didn’t last long though, for he smirked and replied, “You know, (y/n), you had me worried… For a moment I thought you were blind.”

He was referring to all the times you had crossed looks and still ignored him and you felt your cheeks turning pink in embarrassment. You usually didn’t behave like that… You were kind and amiable, but you had really looked forward to visiting Hogsmeade. You wanted to spend time with your friends. That was why you had tried to pay him no attention until now, when you just couldn’t take it anymore. 

You opened your mouth, but no words came. In fact, you seemed to be incapable of articulating a complete sentence. His intense brown eyes were locked in your (y/e/c) orbs, and somehow it made you feel butterflies in your stomach.

“You know, (y/n), you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen…” he babbled, “And your (y/h/c) hair looks very soft…”

Your face flushed even more at this. What was he playing at? Was he hitting on you? You seemed to recover your voice and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Bloody hell, (y/n)! I’m trying to flirt with you! Am I that bad at it?”

His frustrated face was hilarious. Your lips unconsciously cracked a smile and trying to hold back a giggle, you answered, “Well, I’ve seen worse…”

You had tried to encourage him, but the truth was that he was pretty bad at flirting. First, he besieged you, and then he tried to compliment your eyes and hair. How original. He saw right through your little lie and groaned as he covered his face with his hands, “Ugh! I am awful at it! George was right!”

Frowning, you wondered, “What does your brother have to do with this?”

“Nothing… He just told me that I am so bad at flirting that it would take a miracle for you to notice me…”

You suddenly felt bad for him. Did he really think you didn’t fancy him? He was funny, brave and noble. And he wasn’t bad-looking either…

“You know what? Your brother was wrong…”

Before he realized the meaning of your words, you turned around and joined your friends. There, you had flirted with your crush. And your crush seemed to like you back. A stupid grin was plastered on your face for the rest of the day. You had never thought that a gryffindor could ever fall in love with a hufflepuff… But then again, Fred Weasley was different.

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Godtier aesthetic changes

So I was in a discord server and we were talking about cool shit you get for going godtier. It is based around your class

Seers have their eye colors change
Light gets glowing eyes
Spaces gets the night sky

Knights get badass armor, obviously

Pages have an aura of their aspect

Mages can summon up spell tomes and scrolls containing insane levels of knowledge as well as magic spells

Heirs get intricate tattoos related to their aspect

Lords get a cloak tied to their aspect

Any ideas for the others?

Say Something - (Young)Severus Snape Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! I am back! sorry for that minor setback ;)

first of all I would like to thank everyone who messaged me for having a bad day and making me feel better! you guys are so amazing you don’t even know! your messages brightened up my day sooo much! I love you all :) and now… for the request in the matter…

Anonymous said:Can you do a snape Imagine where I’m his friend and I stand up for the marauders teasing him and when the start calling out for about me being his girlfriend I kiss him and flipp them off ao they shut up and we get together after ? 

hope you guys like it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Say Something

(Y/N) was walking through the busy streets of Hogsmeade looking for her best friend, Severus. They were supposed to meet at Tomes and Scrolls because apparently, a new Potions book had come out and Severus needed to have it. She didn’t really mind. The truth was, for a while now she had liked Severus as more than a friend. Alright, she was in love with the boy. But the problem was, he didn’t like her back. And how did she know that? Because it was more than obvious that he was still hung up on Lily Evans. She didn’t really mind, though. There was not much she could do about it. He was still her best friend and she loved him no matter what.

“Hey” he greeted her at the entrance of the bookshop.

“Hi, Sev” she said walking over to him and hugging him.

“Come on, I need that book” he said as excited as a five-year-old at Christmas. (Y/N) couldn’t help to smile.

“Slow down, Sev” she said giggling. “I doubt they’re going to run out of it” she told him as they walked inside.

Severus decided to ignore that and just made his way to the Potions section. As Severus stocked himself with the new book, and apparently six more books, (Y/N) decided to walk around and find something for herself. She was a few halls down from Severus when she accidentally bumped into someone.

“(Y/N)? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there” she heard Remus Lupin’s voice as he helped her up.

“Oh, hi, Remus” she said smiling. “That’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention either” she told him.

“Thinking about Severus, perhaps?” he mocked her.

“Shhh! Shut up! He’s not too far from here” she told him.

“Why don’t you just tell him already?”

“You know why” (Y/N) said sadly.

“Well, I still think you should tell him” Remus said smiling.

“I’ll think about it” (Y/N) told him.

“You always do” he said laughing. “Well, I better go before my friends find your friend” he said before walking away from her.

“Hey, there you are” Severus said appearing with even more books making (Y/N) laugh a little. “Did you find anything?”

“Actually, I did” she said with a shy smile. “But I can’t reach it” she said pointing at the book on the top shelf. Severus rolled his eyes smiling putting his books on the ground.

“Which one?”

“That one” (Y/N) said smiling and Severus stood on his toes to get it down for her. “Thank you, Sev” she said kissing his cheek.

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Day 23


R0berta was fluent in over 100 idioms, knew all constelations, exceled in all subjects - a walking search engine for all needs, all thanks to her status of verified book worm in the T0mb0 T0wer archives sector. She had only one job, the one of reading all books, tomes, parchments and papyrus scrolls, and compile them as digital PDF knowledge onto the 1 billion zettabytes hard drive she carried as a backpack. She couldn’t manage her emotions as she glances the first lines of Romeo and Juliet, too much for her romantic steel heart to handle. 

          though she was staying at hogwarts for the christmas holidays, she had taken time out of her sketching to walk to hogsmeade, all bundled up in  a winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves. her eyes surveyed the quills on display in scrivenshaft’s quill shop to the books in the window of tomes and scrolls. lora was in the midst of her thoughts as an older wizard zoomed passed her, the satchel on her shoulder spilling her sketching supplies and book into the snow below with lora quickly following in a panic,  oh no…oh n-no…

The dream came swiftly that night.

The feeling of fresh earth beneath his claws.

The smell of his prey invading his nostrils.

The wind rushing as he tore through the forest.

The exhilaration of snatching his prey between his jaws.

The spurt of fresh, hot blood as his fangs ripped into the jugular.

Ren woke up, disorientated from the dream, his heart pounding as it took him a moment to fully remember where he was. Tomes and scrolls laid through his den as he must have fell asleep while researching the curse. He ripped the bandages off his left arm to see the bite marks, a cruel reminder of what was to come.

The worst part was, part of him liked it.


Closed RP


“Just a minute,” Abbi yells from the other side of the door. 

The light was pouring into her inn room through the window panes, so the interior looked almost as bright as the outside. Various scrolls, tomes and notes were laid all over the floor, her bed and her table. There is an elaborately carved chest opened slightly in one corner of the room. 

She gingerly steps over some of them and gets to a small “carved” path that leads towards the door. She cracks the door open, her voice slightly tired and with visible dark circles under her eyes.


When she sees Dhun standing in front of the door, she opens them completely. 

“Oh, Dhun. Come in,” she says as she gestures him inside. “What… What can I help you with?”

Behind the Ear

They assumed this position almost every day. Pouring over the ancient tomes and scrolls they had amassed in the archives was as vital and commonplace as breathing. Sometimes Abbie would be ensconced in front of her laptop screen while Ichabod searched for exactly the right book. Other times they’d be standing next to each other, discussing something of note as it pertained to whatever case they were working on.

Today, they sat Indian-style and opposite of each other on the floor; each of them looking for the answer to today’s mystery. Ichabod glanced up to ask his partner if she had found anything when he stopped. Abbie’s head was bowed over her book. Though her hair was pulled back in what she referred to as a “ponytail”, a few stray strands had defied their confines and fallen forward, slightly obscuring her rich hazelnut eyes.

Without thought or an explicit command, Ichabod’s right hand raised. He captured the strands between his index and middle fingers, feeling their silky-soft texture caress his skin. Gently, he brushed the hair back behind her ear. His fingers brushed her skin in a feather light kiss as they came down along her jaw.

Abbie raised her eyes to his from beneath her heavy lashes. A slow smile graced her lips.

“Thanks, Crane.”

“My pleasure, Lieutenant.”

Hogsmeade || Open

“You’d think the shops would have died down somewhat after Christmas,” Vic said, propping her chin on her hand, and placing her elbow on the table of a restaurant across the street from Tomes & Scrolls. She stared longingly at the store’s expansive line out the door. “I only wanted the new edition of Miranda Gowshawk’s charms novel.

Bookshop, Hogsmeade | Late June

Two months, that’s all I’ve got… *Louisa’s scribbling ideas down on a piece of parchment. The words “Reasons I Should Go to Hogwarts” are at the top of the page, underlined multiple times. Hearing someone come in, she looks up.* Hi there! Do you need anything?