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For my 100th post, a study on Spirou and Fantasio hugging, almost-hugging, semi-hugging or quasi-semi-hugging.

You can see that most of the time, it’s Fantasio’s initiative (7x to 5x and 3x both at the same time). Spirou is crushed three times, probably for the comical effect. ‘Mon vieux’ is said three times by Spirou, 'mon ami’, 'mon frêre’, 'mon poteau’, 'mon cher ami’ and 'vieux frère’ is each said once by Fantasio. Two times, it’s suggested they are going to dance (the waltz and the tango). The main reason for hugging is having not seen each other and being worried (6x), followed by being scared or startled (3x). Yes, I really am this obsessed.

There’s nothing unmanly about hugging!

Sources in order: Spirou et les héritiers, Le prisonnier du Bouddha, Les Petites Formats, Bravo les Brothers, QRN sur Bretzelburg, Des haricots partout, Qui arrêtera cyanure?, La Vallée des bannis, the cartoon episode 'L'ecole des petits genies’, the short story Back to the Rédak, Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par Émile Bravo: Journal d'un ingéniu, La femme léopard and Paris-sous-Seine.


Gaston spéléologue, de Franquin

Boulet (sur son blog en nov 2006 et janv 2009 repris dans La galerie des illustres)
Collin et Zabus : Les planches secrètes in Spirou #3914
Conrad et Yann : Haut de page #480 in Spirou #2264
Dino in Spirou #3762
Janry et Tome : Le petit Spirou #8 p4
Libon : Calendrier in Spirou #3950
Libon et Salma : Animal lecteur #298 in Spirou #3828 repris dans le #3 p67
Melaka sur son blog le 27 mars 2005 repris in Spirou #3499
Willoe : Rodolphe in Lanfeust #167

I always thought the French title of this album, Vito la déveine (“Vito the Unlucky”) was rather boring. In Norwegian it’s called På dypt vann (“In Deep Water”), and in Swedish Skumt spel i Söderhavet (“Shady Business in the South Pacific”).

So what would be a better title than Tough Luck Vito? (My suggestion: Spirou & Fantasio Sleep with the Fishes.)

ironnatalia  asked:

Could you compile a list of a list of French comics you grew up with and loved? :) Or current favorites? I want to widen my artistic pool and enjoy some french work while putting my french skills to the test, haha!

<3 Of course!

Ok, so for the sake of this list, I’m gonna lump Belgian and French authors together (what we call franco-belge). I’m also gonna throw in a few european authors that publish in french. Hope that’s fine with you :)

Also DISCLAIMER: If you want to buy french comics, IZNEO is a great online reading platform, like a french Comixology. Worth checking out.

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