Waverly Cemetery Weeds by emmett anderson


Digital Tombstones stuff!

SwampSkull- Redneck hunting in the swamp died by having his boat toppled over, attacked by alligators, and then having whatever remains being apart of the swamp.
Abilities: Plant manipulation, vine whips, powerful jaws with razor sharp teeth, enhanced strength, durability and agility, dense skin, sharp claws.

She-Scar- Beauty pageant Hairstylist that died in a freak accident involving scissors cutting her body causing her to bleed out.
Abilities: Incredibly sharp, razor-like claws, enhanced strength and durability, powerful wail/shriek.

Prickerbush- Punk kid thrown into a juvenile penitentiary tried escaping by climbing over the barbwire fence, only to get tangled up by the barbwire, having it wrap around his neck cutting it deep and suffocating him simultaneously. After passing out due to blood loss, he fell in the thorn bush below, left to bleed out.
Abilities: Enhanced strength and durability, spike manipulation, spike projectiles, powerful spike punches, barbwire tendrils.

Obnoxious Gas- Scientist that died by exposure to a vast amount of toxic chemicals after his hazmat suit ripped apart.
Abilities: Has control of toxic chemicals, enhanced strength and durability, vastly intelligent.

Roadkill- A Biker that died in a horrible, bloody motorcycle accident causing him to be mangled with motorcycle parts.
Abilities: Enhanced strength, durability, speed, agility, spews gasoline from left arm & fire from the right , expels noxious gas from exhaust pipes, motor oil slick spit.

Slugzilla- Lazy coach potato that lived a sluggish and junk food-filled life. Spending his days watching mindless television while cramming food down his gullet. Eventually gaining too much weight, his deteriorating health got the best of him and caused him to slip into a coma and die.
Abilities: Powerful bite, Resilient teeth, Slippery slime, Noxious burps, Able to eat large amounts of just about anything.


Weeds on the Knox statue by gajtalbot