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Pokeaniweek day 2

I gave the top spot to not just my favorite character in Pokemon, but one of my favorite characters of all time. My absolute queen: Misty.

Misty is why I love Pokemon. When I was a kid, there couldn’t have been a character more tailor made for me if they’d tried. I was a tomboy, she was a tomboy. I loved romance and pretty things despite that, she did too. I was a swimmer, she was a water type trainer/swimmer. I had reddish hair, she was a red head. I had a temper and was very bossy when I wanted to be, same for her.

Seriously, it was insane the level of similarity.

So to have the female face of something so popular be someone who was basically an animated version of myself…pretty huge.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover her character/role in the show.

Misty and Ash were the bane of each other’s existence. Their dynamic was absolutely hilarious in the 90s, and actually much more nuanced than any of us were capable of grasping as kids. I watch it now as an adult and I fall even more in love with the spirited girl who just wanted to prove herself. The girl who wanted to help, but didn’t really know how. The girl who could communicate just fine until something happened that unbalanced her and she retreated into sarcastic snaps and angry retorts (oh, am I projecting again? For real. Can’t. Stress. This. Enough. I AM Misty.)

But here’s the kicker. She got to grow up a bit. She learned how to communicate more effectively. Somewhere along the line she began to actually care about the crazy kid she followed around. She actually became the mom friend to some extent (the big sister friend?). She kept Ash, and even Brock really, grounded. And by the time she appeared in Hoenn and again in Kanto during Battle Frontier…she was this amazing girl. She was kind, but still snarky. She was gentle but still tough as nails.She was a confident and responsible gym leader, but still joked around with Ash and Brock.

I stopped watching somewhere in the middle of Johto, but I came back to it after a certain green haired lad I’ll discuss later reeled me back in, and somehow, shockingly, she managed to have grown and changed in a way exactly parallel to myself as I became a teenager…I just…gah.  She was so well rounded. I can’t understand how people just decide she’s nothing but angry and abusive. It physically hurts my soul. Look at this girl…

I just…I could go on for hours and hours, pages and pages about how much I love Misty, and how much she means to me personally, but I think I’ll leave it here. I wish they would’ve delivered on her potential as a character, and I’ll always be a little (okay, a lot) annoyed about that. 

But hey, just remember, an all out offensive with water types is ALWAYS the best strategy. Peppers and bugs ARE totally nasty. (I actually love carrots lol). And being a tomboyish mermaid is the best way to be!

This has been bugging me a bit but I’ve decided to finally put it in writing. Eighteen episodes into Pokemon XY and I’m beginning to have this train of thought. Namely, does Serena seem like she was constructed as a foil to Misty?

Perhaps that’s a preposterous notion to make, especially since Misty has been gone for so long. Arguably she wouldn’t be on the radar or zeitgeist of the production team at all due to how irrelevant (perhaps that’s too strong of a word) or simply, non-bearing she has on the current storyline.

But I honestly don’t think I’d be making this comparison if it wasn’t for this one simple fact: both Serena and Misty are the only main girl characters to have officially written romantic feelings for Ash.

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                                                        “The Tomboyish Mermaid!”

“Hi, you’re a new face! Only those Trainers who have a policy about Pokémon can turn pro. What is your approach when you catch and train Pokémon? My policy is an all out offensive with Water-type Pokémon!”